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    Re: Clipping Queens and Hive Recovery

    I did'nt think a hive would swarm without a queen, how will they be able to build a new home without a queen. An if left in the old hive would'nt she kill all swarm cells as they hatch. What am I...
  2. Re: Queenless after swarm...two weeks have passed

    Maybe getting a package would be a little hard, but to get queens, Calif. is a major supplier of queens most of the bee season as well as down south.
  3. Re: Queenless after swarm...two weeks have passed

    I would not wait to order a new queen,if this is your only hive. Once your queens start to come out ,the first one out will kill the rest. Then will have to fly out an get matted, then return to lay...
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    Re: Lemon juice and Fumagillin

    I stopped useing fumagillin a long time ago,( my) opion is that fumagillin kills to many good things in the bee gut. I have been adding lemon juice to my 1 to 1 to lower the P.H of the sugar an it's...
  5. Re: Observed bees hauling out dead and flying far away

    It;s an inbread habit, like a dog that circles befor it lays down hard to kill any varmit on the ground. Bees carry away dead bees so other critters don't know there is a hive up in the tree or near...
  6. Re: Deadout questions - shavings; bees clustered at edge of super away from honey

    I have tried them all , what I found what worked for( me) was, large bubble wrap an then tar paper. The cold doesn't travel thru so fast. The bubble wrap seems to provide a dead space of air. When...
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    Re: Thoughts Upon the New Shizel Hive Tool

    I wish someone would put a( rubber bumper pad) at the end of these hive tools. No matter what hive tool I use, I always have to use my balm of my hand to drive in the hive tools between boxes. Sure...
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    Re: water spray vs smoker

    I use a water spray when bees get into the house or come in with the frames during extracting. I give them a spray when they go for the light bulb, an they go right down (can't fly with wet wings)...
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    Re: Honey separation in pint jars.

    Did you harvest stored sugar water from early fall feeding ? water being lighter than honey will float to top. Like oil an water.
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    Re: All is Lost..........

    I check for mites by placeing a board or cardboard same size as screen bottom smeared with a thin coat of vasilian ,use reg.without the baby smell. an place it under my screen bottom board for 3...
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    Re: Leaving Them Alone

    We call this the bond method, live an let die. As long as you have deep pockets,go for it. So if you see mites are by July taking down your hives one by one your just going to let it happen an do...
  12. Re: Getting attacked with new hive. Not sure what to do

    You did'nt mention smoking the hive befor opening up, either time. Did you use a smoker ?
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    Re: What type of extractor?

    I started out with a Dadant $ 199.00 two frame extractor, stainless. It worked out good enough. Now with just four hives, I have 120 super frames to extract, but remember you have to flip them around...
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    Re: Italian Extractor from Rossman Apiaries

    When they stop selling the Italian ext. who you going to get parts from.? Buy made in U.S.A.
    Theres not much out there that does;nt need parts sooner or later.
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    Re: Silver hive paint ?

    Reflecting heat off the hives. It's just paint .
  16. Re: How to minimize space to prevent beetle infestation

    You did'nt mention the use of beetle traps. And I think the bees use the corners to corral the beetles in one place. Till we open up for inspection then they run for it, an into a trap to hide we...
  17. Re: Feeding syrup to new packages when they already have capped honey

    I would feed a new package 1-1. This is what they will need to produce wax plates to build the comb fast enough to put there honey , pollen, an brood in. It might be weeks befor there is a good flow...
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    Re: Second round of BVT

    Hi: I do bee stings for people quite offen , an all the above answers are on the money. Try to work yourself up to maybe four stings at a time, an don't drink any alcohol for a few hours after...
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    Re: mite out break

    Latest issue of Bee Culture , has an artical on crowding out mites by keeping the hive as small as you can. Recommend 80% of frames should be covered by bees to help reduce mites.
  20. Re: Is it prefered that virgin queens mate with young drones vs. older drones ?

    A drones life span is 40 to 50 days. I guess the question is better put, are drones more or less potent as they get older for mating.?
  21. Is it prefered that virgin queens mate with young drones vs. older drones ?

    I was ask this today, an was caught off guard by a female nebee in my class. Even when they inseminate do they use young drones to older ones? Lets not go xxxrated to much.
  22. Re: Recommend an electric stapler/nailer for Frames?

    I could'nt wait to return my large electric stapler. Very heavy an hard to hold in place ,waiting for the kick back. My hand was tired just after the first ten frames. After I returned to the store...
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    Re: Cleansing Bottom Boards In Winter

    If your going to provide an entrance hole in an upper box ( recommended ) for bathroom brakes, during mild winter days ,I would'nt worry to much.
    But if thats the only way out, is through the...
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    Re: Bees on sticky board

    I'M trying to follow this, I have a screen bottom board an below that is my stickey board. How our your bees getting to your stickey board ? Mine can't fit thru the screen,only mites.If my bees...
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    Re: Mannlake Sticky Board Refurbishment

    scrap off with a plastic putty knife, then use a nice thin coat of vasiline .unscented. Forget glue or grease bad idea.
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