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    Re: Best ventilated bee suit?

    Ultra Breeze is great and worth the money.

    Mann Lake vented suit is cheaper in price and in quality (e.g. quality of zippers).

    But I am not sure I would say that the Ultra Breeze is $100...
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    Re: Your favorite brew supply store

    Everyone will have a favourite store that is specific to where they live.

    My biggest advice I can offer relating to making your own wine is to get quality juice. Don't start with concentrate...
  3. Re: Netflix Bee Documentary - "More Than Honey"

    Just to let all Canadians know, this documentary is NOT on Netflix Canada. I guess it is on the US Netflix only.
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    Re: 18/9 hand crank extractor worth it?

    How much does the 18/9 mann lake weight? Their website says it weighs in at 300lbs but your post says you carry it outside. I was considering this extractor but if it weighs in at 300lbs I think...
  5. Re: What is the best beesuit on the market for preventing bee stings?

    I third the Ultra Breeze.
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