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    Re: Bright red pollen?

    Here on the Az. Praries, we have lots of Mediterranian Cranesbill. A small invasive European plant, it has bright crimson pollen. It's often among the first pollen here. Some hives will get large...
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    Re: Assaulted by the opinion lady...

    There was a movement called, "Breatharians", that claimed one could reduce the need for food to nothing. I don't know how this was accomplished.

    Eventually practitioners would subsist on air...
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    Re: Assaulted by the opinion lady...

    Thank you Phoebee! This made me laugh out loud! This happened to me, this spring. That fella really wanted my #, because he "likes moonshine". I had to tell him twice, that it was for bees.

  4. Thread: Major Problem

    by jadebees

    Re: Major Problem

    Gopher gassers work well. The old way of harvesting skeps, was to hold them over burning sulfur. The sulfur dioxide gas fumes kill bees, but most important , leave the honey usable. I had to put one...
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    Re: Yearly Hive Loss

    I find losses vary from seaon to season. Some years , very high. Others, not many. One year, 100 %. survival. Another 50% lost. One winter I had foulbrood in 1 outyard, 100% losses. With any mites,...
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    Re: Wow! When should I stop adding boxes?

    De-stack them, 1 box at a time. Place them on a safe stand, full of bees, add your bottom box , and assemble the same way in reverse . Whether you want to add boxes or not, the bees need room to...
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    Re: Bee Boom and Bust?

    I was doing it long before CCD, Varroa or all the other things that are going on. Long before it was a fad I started catching bees. I got introduced to beekeeping 50 years ago. Pretty sure I'll just...
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    Re: The late summer "Emergency Queen" trap

    I have better results than "75%" doing ordinary splits. But they are fed continuously, and are not expected to produce much. One helpful thing is to raise queens/cells 7 to 9 days earlier, and...
  9. Re: Interior Humidity Buffering with End Grain Hive Covers (Condensaition Avoidance)

    I have some quilts full of chainsaw sawdust, (and random bark chunks, & grass, too).😞 A quiltbox isn't very fussy, it'll be functional.

    Solid softwood has an R value, of 1.5 per inch. Hardwood...
  10. Re: Interior Humidity Buffering with End Grain Hive Covers (Condensaition Avoidance)

    The original quilt box, for Warre hives , is a simple box full of shavings/ sawdust. Or other vegetable matter. It does the very thing you are seeking, with end grain. It transpires moisture,...
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    Re: Do oleander bushes make good honey?

    I was told that -Complete- composting also biodegrades the poison. This was according to my landscaper friend. He would just shred it, with all the other plant material. He would sell great garden...
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    Re: Do oleander bushes make good honey?

    When I lived in So-cal, 20 yrs ago, I never saw anything in oleander. Everything avoids it. I'd be terrified of it, if it made nectar. People have died from decorating a cake with the flowers, using...
  13. Re: What type of rubber/plastic plugs are people using on the top cover when not feed

    I place a square of scrap wood over the hole. Or leave the jar there.
  14. Re: So, what did you scrounge today? Braggin encouraged

    I do a flat warre topbar, 1" 3/8" 12 & 5/16" long. I glue a starter strip down the center , 8" long, 1/8" thick, cut from ordinary 1" lumber, approx 3/4". I dip 1 edge in beeswax, lumpy...
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    Re: Which way to go?

    Swarming starts somewhat late here. I trap all summer, and after evaluating for best colonies i combine 2 or 3 small late swarms into a size that will winter over readily. All the comb, brood,...
  16. Re: So, what did you scrounge today? Braggin encouraged

    Frames go well, if you have the tools. (And more time than money). If I do, it's all recycled wood. If all the shaping of 1 part is set up, it can be fairly efficient to do a few 100 pcs at a time....
  17. Re: So, what did you scrounge today? Braggin encouraged

    I'm building an entire shed from free pallets. The "today" part; I cut all the slats off of 5 pallets, to get the 48" 24's. I cut thru the nails, with a sawzall, and that keeps the wood whole. It...
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    Re: Straining melted beeswax

    I use window screen. I use most of it for my hives, so some propolis and pollen doesnt matter. I just remove bee legs & heads. If sold, usually it doesn't matter to a craftsman either. But its a...
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    Re: Bees building comb above the bars

    When using Warre hives, its best not to put empty boxes on top. You can see why, so after you harvest that full box, put the additional box below. If you add another box always place it below. The...
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    Re: any uses for fermented honey water?

    Spare leftover or stale syrup, cappings wash, mangled brood comb, crush and strain rinse from wax processing, ALL have been used to make the beer to go in a still. Sugar, is sugar. No matter where...
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    Re: Donate nurses or swap spots?

    If you are treating just with apivar you can easily have a high Mite load if they are resistant mites. That's one of the problems with some treatments the mites are completely resistant.
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    Re: Random black bee

    I caught a feral swarm last year, 90% all black. 5% leather brown, 5% italian golden color. No one bred that, and the black nurse bees were not robbing. It happens.
  23. Re: Had an interesting thing happen yesterday when retrieving a swarm

    I was taught to say what you mean ,and to ask for what you want, if you do want it.

    To be hurt, after offering someone a swarm, thinking they don't want it, is petty. No one thinks less of you,...
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    Re: I don't want to buy queens

    An easy way to raise more queens than you need for home use, is to make a strong split. Look in 1 week later, and you should see at least 1 queencell. Most often, there is 4,5, 7, sometimes 10 in...
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    Re: Could Brand of LGO Matter?

    There are better quality and lesser quality lemongrass oil on the market. Get an aromatherapy grade oil. It will be best quality, as it is meant to be vaporised into our environment, and inhaled. No...
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