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    Re: Egg laying drones

    "I have been beekeeping for five years now and have two hives. I have had a recurring problem with my hives and it appears it has happened again this year and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong or...
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    Re: Want to keep bees BUT for scheduling

    "Before I invest a LOT of time in studying and some time/$$ in building/buying, with my "travel schedule" is becoming a "beekeeper" even feasible?
    Can I expect that setting up hives and leaving...
  3. Re: Not enough spring management/Hive now out of control

    "Any advice appreciated."

    "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well It were done quickly" Macbeth. I would get it once, get it all, and get it over.
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    Re: Cost of Feeding Sugar Syrup

    Where you are, unless you have pulled honey from these hives, I would not feed the bees at this time. Nectar has flora, fauna, and enzymes that are better for the bees' digestive systems and diet...
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    Re: Laying worker hive with a queen cell

    "Other options?"
    I'm in the mood to trifle with wintering nucs, so I would shake all the bees out 150' from the hive and add a frame of brood and a few nurse bees. Otherwise, if I were feeling...
  6. Re: Bees clustered on front of hive by entrance

    "We are at 4800 ft here"
    I would just make sure water is handy.
  7. Re: Bees clustered on front of hive by entrance

    "Any thoughts would be appreciated."
    I think that they are regulating the temperature in the hive using the least amount of energy (honey) they can. It is normal here. It was cooler yesterday...
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    Re: Minor feedback requested

    "Since I am not set on harvesting any honey this year, if I switch back to regular frames, should I go with the standard wax foundation, or should I "risk" it with going foundationless frames?"

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    Re: Dead Queen

    "I have decided to try give them another one when my order arrives. Hopefully this time they will accept her."
    What happened to the nuc? Was there brood when you went back in, or did you...
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    Re: Removing old brood frames.

    "Should I put them above in a box with queen excluder between or just wait them out."
    If the frames were barely serviceable, I would move them up and then out to the sides over time as I happened to...
  11. Re: How to keep varroa at comfortable levels w/no chemicals????????

    "Can anyone how to keep varroa at safe levels without the use of chemicals?"
    We do not have nearby migratory bees. We have gathered most of our stock from old feral colonies, introduced a couple of...
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    Re: What's up with my bees

    "[C]an someone tell me what has happened to my once so docile bees"
    May be hive entrance low to the ground allowing varmints to molest the bees without exposing their belly to stings; over...
  13. Re: first inspection in 10 days.... here is what I found and did... close call.

    "I feel foolish right now and a little ashamed. I thought I was being logical and and my actions well thought out. turns out I was being very reactionary. The good that I can take from this... I just...
  14. Re: Ooops, I cant be the first one to do this...

    "Any of you experienced folks think the extra rabbeting is going to cause problems down the road?"
    I would flip it over and put the rabbet on the outside bottom.
  15. Re: first inspection in 10 days.... here is what I found and did... close call.

    "The main question i recon Is, from my description was I correct in assuming those were swarm cells ..."
    I don't believe so.

    "Aside from taking the frame with the cells and putting it in a nuc,...
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    Re: Struggling nuc

    "Should I give them brood frames from a production hive and more eggs?"
    I would add a frame of eggs and day old larvae from a flourishing hive and check on the hive in a week.
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    Re: Old Dadant 20 Frame Trouble Shooting

    "What would you look at to determine where or what the failure was"
    Worn carbon brushes in motor; too long of an extension cord; other high wattage items in circuit being used at the same time; bad...
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    Re: Grafting Problems

    "If anyone can help me please do."
    You may have laying workers by now and you have few nurse bees left. Dump every one of these bees about 150' from the hive, then take the bees that make it back to...
  19. Re: What do you all think of this situation

    Look for eggs or more larvae in the split from which you removed the frame. If there are none and if the period of "about a week and a half" was nine days or less, I suspect that the...
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    Re: Hybrid Lang/TBH

    "Any comments and suggestions are welcome."
    Add a trapout cone inside it, an inner screened box with a place to plug in a shop vac, some wheels, a J hook coming out the side, and a metal firebox and...
  21. Re: Getting ROBBED! Wet sheet deployed.....Now what?

    "When do I take the sheet off and do I do anything else other than remove the entrance feeder?"
    I would take the sheet off now, reduce the entrance to about 1 1/4 square inches, and leave the hive...
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    Re: 10 frame hive split

    "Is it possibly to split a healthy 10 frame hive into two nucs?"

    "And then face them at each other"
    I would have them both face toward the southeast if that is practical. I'm do not know...
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    Re: Trap-out or cut out?

    "I look at it this way. I would rather risk a few bees lives over my own any day."
    Well and truly put, Mr. Beeman.
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    Re: Trap-out or cut out?

    "Won't I run a high risk ruining the comb and killing most of the bees by felling the tree? I'd really like to save as much as possible, it's a good strong colony."
    You will run a risk of ruining...
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    Re: One deep or two?

    "Looking for some pros/cons on one deep versus two deeps."
    We use mostly 8 frame mediums. I would use two of your boxes below the excluder this year. Others would use one. How much honey you leave...
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