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  1. Re: Help: I have pulled an Acebird

    + 1:thumbsup:
    In most case yes, but it my experience it depends on how frequent you want to visit, time of year, and size of colony. But I have only done two trapouts, and always suggest cutouts...
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    Re: building comb Indiana

    Silver dollar capped cells? Wow!! I wonder what that is :scratch: I would not put the 5th box on going into November. There is some r-value in the 4th box with drawn comb, but if the cells are empty,...
  3. Re: Foundationless Comb Management

    No, not that I have experienced, & no. As Vance G. pointed out she will find cells to lay in if/when she wants to lay.
  4. Re: I've got 1600 lbs of honey, now what?

    UHHH, do you really not know what to do with 1,600 lbs of honey :lpf:
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    Re: feral hives

    I do not know of any studies, but I do know CO has there fair share of feral colonies. Some of which I am sure came from managed hives. Greathorned, what makes you think this?
  6. Re: Swarm united with queenles hive FIGHT!

    Ahhh, yes, my thinking got ahead of what I read.
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    Re: New from Louisiana

    Welcome JMann, Will your bees haemolymph be purple & gold?
  8. Re: Swarm united with queenles hive FIGHT!

    Cleo I use double screens also, but mainly for overwintering smaller hives on top of larger ones. Never occurred to me that I could use them to combine hives. Obviously the two screens keep the...
  9. Re: Swarm united with queenles hive FIGHT!

    Those seasoned beekeepers :D, I am with Ruthiesbees & Rader, these are the only two ways I have tried to combine.
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    Re: Propolus 2/3 across entrance

    In my experience, yes they can remove propolis when they need/want to, and yes I would still put the mouse guard on with that much propolis. It's just as amazing what a mouse can eat through.:eek:
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    Re: Bee hive rescue

    Nater37, Have you seen comb under the mass? if so how many layers of it? I would go for it!
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    Re: propolizing the vent holes

    Look at it this way, they still work harder than most humans any given day, even with their reduced schedule. I have seen hives proporlize ventilation holes in my inner covers, then undo, then redo,...
  13. Re: Mite Count: What is considered "high" for those who do not want to treat?

    I just don't understand the logic of this. Why can't one go about this (learning about keeping treatment fee bees),,at the same time? I don't think Capps is trying to save the bee industry, but save...
  14. Re: Mite Count: What is considered "high" for those who do not want to treat?

    I am not so sure I would call that sound advice, because that is the same advice I got over, and over, and over. With the advice that if you don't treat your bees, they all will be dead in three...
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    Re: Hive removal ?

    It is more difficult and time consuming than meets the eye. I would recommend bringing another beekeeper with you (at the very least another person). I find it nearly impossible to do by myself, or...
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    Re: Bees in my outside walls

    How do you plan to harvest honey from them without opening a wall? Or is the plan to wait then open the wall and relocate them in a hive?
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    Re: Holes in comb

    A 22 bullet? :D I have found small holes (& some larger) in some frames, usually corresponding to holes in the next frame. I believe the bees do this on purpose to have access to the other side of...
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    Re: Pollen on a bee's back...

    I too have seen many of my workers coming back with pollen on their backs. I also noted that many of them did not have pollen in their sacks. Two for one
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    Re: Wintering an August swarm

    I am certain that I fall under number one :)always have, always will,,,so M.M., what have you decided to do?, time is of the essence?
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    Re: Wintering an August swarm

    :eek:Double post
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    Re: Wintering an August swarm

    Guess I am missing the point of moving them, if they are already in two eight frame mediums, and encroaching a third,,,?
  22. Re: Bearding or Swarm activity???

    tenderton, So you should be done wondering by now, and the bees definitely have made a decision? What was it? Did you intervene?
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    Re: Wintering an August swarm

    One might question my "more experienced beekeeper" label :), but here are some of my thoughts. Why not leave them as they are? I do not believe less wide and taller equates to winter survival,...
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    Re: Treat or not to treat

    Don't believe everything you read, or do everything you read in this case :no:
  25. Re: Confirmed swarm in El Paso FREE BEES! COME GET EM!

    Agreed, neither would I, No busting/grinding/degration from me, & I too suggested the Q go back up, just my experience. I have done & do cutouts for little to nothing, & even free, but I just can't...
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