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    Pollen Trap Plans?

    Does anyone have any plans for bottom entry pollen traps they'd be willing to share? I'd like to try making some if they work out to less than $55 (the current Dadant price). Thanks in advance.
  2. Help Wanted March and April 2012 in Florida

    Looking for help during March and April 2012 in Central Florida.
    Pulling nucs and honey
    Room and Board provided.
    Wage based on salary.
    May turn into a long term position.
    ***Must currently be...
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    Comb Honey- Orange Blossom?

    I am interested in producing Orange Blossom Comb Honey. It seems ideal as the orange flow is intense, but the fact that I don't already see it on the shelf has me curious. Is there a reason why...
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    Hive beetles in Mating Nucs

    I run 10 frame mating nucs partitioned three-ways. I am currently finding quite a few small hive beetles in each partition. Can anyone suggest a way I can make a trap to go into each partition using...
  5. Seasonal Part-time position offered in Maine

    We are looking for a single person to work this 2011 season about 15 miles outside of Augusta, Maine. Duties will include: smoking bees, medicating, and extracting. Position may become full time for...
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