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    Re: Comb organization for winter.

    my guess is you have warmer winters like I do in Virginia. The books will tell you to arrange the honey stores so the bees can travel in one direction. What I observed last year was that my bees...
  2. does crush 'n strain honey crystalize more slowly than extracted honey

    I know the answer will depend somewhat on the type of nectar, but does most honey crystalize because of the air that is spun into it by the extractor?

    I only ask because I have bought this...
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    Re: Normal Die Off?

    Hard to say how the bees are going to fair this winter, but I also noticed dead bees yesterday morning here in VA. Our temps are nothing like what you all are having, but it looks like some of the...
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    Re: Should a new beek start with langs?

    I started with 1 TBH last summer and am now up to 5. My only beekeeping experience is with the top bar and it has been a ton of fun. Please don't think that just because everyone in the bee club...
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    Re: overwintering top bar


    Fondant on a top bar comb. It has to be spread before the fondant sets up and hardens but not too hot that it melts the comb.
  6. Re: Have not even started and already discouraged...

    From my own personal experience, it IS possible to be a new beekeeper and treatment free. I don't know that the local bees I bought were necessarily VHS, but they made it through last winter just...
  7. Re: November bee retrieval: How give them the best chance to make it through the wint

    Great pictures! Thanks for the update.
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    Re: Left over 2:1 syrup uses?

    You should be able to add more sugar to it to make the sugar bricks. My fondant recipe is 4 cups sugar to 1 cup water. (some people use 5 cups sugar to 1 cup water). Heat the syrup slowly on the...
  9. Re: This is how I make a candy board for my top bar hive with old comb

    no, I've never tried that. Maybe will do one this year to see how well it works.
  10. Re: This is how I make a candy board for my top bar hive with old comb

    I have a screened bottom board in my TBH's, and I don't like adding papers into the hive (for the beetles to hide under), so the granulated sugar doesn't work too well for me.
  11. Re: marked queen in hive, not a single capped brood, no sign of eggs...

    You said you have multiple hives. If it were mine, I'd steal some capped honey stores from the stronger hives to give this one a boost and wait it out over winter. (this doesn't have to be done...
  12. Re: my Bees swarmed pre-winter?!? what happened?

    sorry to hear about that Beetlejuice. But your weak hive will get a boost from the stores that the swarmed hive has left behind. Find a way to get them in the weaker hive or freeze the frames for...
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    Re: Management Strategy Impasse

    I guess it was this little line that made us all think you were open to suggestions...maybe next time you need to make it a poll so all we can do is vote 1,2,3 or 4. ;)
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    Re: Management Strategy Impasse

    Is there a market for local packaged bees and nucs in your area? Could you break down some of the hives into nucs and packages and sell them to the local beekeeper's market? I would think you would...
  15. Thread: Stings

    by ruthiesbees

    Re: Stings

    you did the best thing with taking liquid benedryl as soon as you were stung. I too have long hair and have since learned to tie it back and always wear gloves, even when refilling the feeder. Even...
  16. This is how I make a candy board for my top bar hive with old comb

    Here is a picture gallery of how I like to make candy boards of fondant for my bees. I will put one or two of these in each hive depending on the amount of stores. It's been a rough year for...
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    Re: Building across bars

    I find the more frequently that I inspect a new hive, the straighter the comb will be. I guess because I am able to fix it while things are still small. My bars do have a small guide about the...
  18. Re: November bee retrieval: How give them the best chance to make it through the wint

    I too am wondering if the whole bird house is packed with bees. If so, you have a much better chance of wintering them as they are. I still vote for taking the 4 screws off so we can see the...
  19. Re: November bee retrieval: How give them the best chance to make it through the wint

    cool pixs. From the close up, looks like you could easily pry off the front to see how much they have in the way of stores/comb to determine how best to feed. Maybe it would be simple enough to...
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    Re: What a disappointment!

    do you have multiple hives? Is it possible for you to combine all the worker bees into one hive (minus the extra queens) for winter? Put all the honey stores in the one hive and take care of the...
  21. Thread: pollen?

    by ruthiesbees

    Re: pollen?

    pollen should be collected from the trap every 12-24 hrs as it is a perishable product. It can then go right in the freezer until it is needed. If it is for human consumption, you will want to...
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    Re: Deciding where to purchase first bees

    I also vote for local bees when you can find them. The local bee clubs will usually have a nuc program to help supply bees to the new members. I did end up purchasing a package from Mann Lake this...
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    Re: newbee winterizing questions

    Hey, Now I have a really good reason for why my tbh isn't perfectly level :D

    I have a screened bottom that is closed off all the time and the bit of moisture I do see (when I'm feeding in late...
  24. Re: Beehives and bee-keepers? Your experiences!

    Where is Coventry? By the looks of the hive choices on the survey, maybe in England? I wish you would add a top bar hive to you survey list...
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    Re: What to do with pollen cells?

    eat it. It's packed with nutrition.
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