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    Pennsylvania UFO caught on camera

    Here is another one
  2. Re: Phrases I just wouldn't have expected to say till I started beekeeping

    This is a bunch of stuff:)
  3. Re: What do you think this is? UFO Reported on the news

    Here is another one that was reported in the news.
  4. Re: What is it you love most about beekeeping?

    Being outside around them in general and being in the zone looking through them. I get into a thought flowing state of mind when I inspect them.
    Seeing a new queen that has arrived and laying eggs...
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    Re: Growing Hops

    I would agree Danno. I have made a few that were over bitter. A key thing to remember Barry is that once they get growing it is difficult to know what they are so what I did was I engraved into wood...
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    Re: Growing Hops

    I Planted in the spring about 7 years ago and they have done well since. They will get established the first year. After you cut them down and dry them you can put them in the freezer. They last a...
  7. Re: Phrases I just wouldn't have expected to say till I started beekeeping

    That's a wasp not a bee.
  8. Re: What do you think this is? UFO Reported on the news

    Small hive beetle. That is funny Greg:) I think it is cool that the news camera captured it in their footage as well.
    That's neat that you saw similar objects Lee. I have heard some credible...
  9. What do you think this is? UFO Reported on the news

    What do you think this is? UFO Reported on the news
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    Re: Flea Control in Bee Yard.

    This website doesn't require a prescription.

    We used Revolution and it has helped the cats with fleas and ear mites. The way that the tips on...
  11. Re: Is early August too late to start a split in the northeast?

    Go for it. If you feed them and provide some pollen supplement to get the brood rearing in full swing and they get stores and young bees you might just make out alright.:) I made one recently but I...
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    Re: Hives crashing, SHB?

    Here is a post from back when on small hive beetles.

    At EAS this past year Debbie Delaney said...
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    Re: Hives crashing, SHB?

    I try to kill any beetles that I see with my hive tool. I hope that you can salvage the hives by knocking them down to nuc sized colonies. It should work. I had some nucs in August that were bone dry...
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    Re: white eyed drone

    Very cool. Drones are awesome. Your bees look healthy:)
  15. Re: super slow motion educational bee film 2 mins long please watch

    Fantastic! When the bees were landing and fanning the hive it was super intense along with the soundtrack. I really like it! Great Job!
  16. Re: Been playing around with a label/t-shirt design...

    Can you make a version with a more sensual bee? That would appeal to me. I like your work but have a little issue in general with the portrayal of bees in advertising. I have been seeing bees...
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    Re: Light colored bees

    Sometimes you can get golden colored bees. It is normal.
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    Re: Bee Math-Queen

    Now you have a new queen :) Just when you think it didn't work it did:) Got any pictures of her? :)
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    Re: Colonies slow to build up

    I am south of you.... but I think that what you said about the colder temperatures had an impact. My bees are the slowest to build up this year in comparison to the last several years. Things look...
  20. Re: super is not getting drawn. Am I being impatient, or should I do something?

    If you have it.....? It was advised to me to roll some extra wax on new frames and that can help get them started drawing the wax out. Feeding is key also with one to one syrup. If it is a first...
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    Re: Dying bees?

    I think that they were starved and ate the brood for nutrients. If you feed them and perhaps give them some pollen they should turn around soon. Good luck!!!
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    Re: Now I know why beekeepers wear white

    I was all around my bees in a black shirt this weekend without a veil for a long while with no incident... but I was behind the hives. I was quite aware that I was wearing black and was cautious...
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    Re: Taking Photos

    Beautiful bees ForrestB
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    Re: Miller Bee Supply

    I got some nuc boxes from them this year when Mann Lake had them back ordered. The Nuc boxes are good and the shipping was quick. I was happy with Miller Bee Supply!!!
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    Re: should i add supers ?

    I'm with Greg Lowe on this one. I have some hives that are just getting started but I gave them supers. The oldtimers in our bee club always remind us younger beekeepers that you better get the...
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