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  1. Re: Be careful what you put in your honey FAQ page!

    Well it all sounds good. Makes me want to buy some of their vintage perennial garden honey.
    What's going to happen? Nothing....More sales if anything.
    It says they're certified by the USDA and...
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    Re: Should I be a packer? Need more honey.

    Are you going to sell the honey you buy from who knows where as your local honey?
    I hear China has tons upon tons of honey for sale.
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    Re: Hive Beetles...a few observations

    I have also suspected the beetles to be the cause of dwindling. From what I observe when this is happening the beetles scurry about from cell to cell and I think they somehow disrupt the egg/larva by...
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    1 lb Beeswax block production

    Is there a better way to make the wax blocks on a large scale, or do you just buy a bunch of the single molds? It seems like someone would have come up with something better.
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    Re: Crappy packages and what to do?

    Where at in TN?
    Sounds to me if they where out of syrup they were bought down south picked up brought home then sent to you by mail.
    Don't think that many would have died in five days. Funny how...
  6. City rooftop beekeeping / Trash cans & HFCS

    Just curious with all the buzz about big city rooftop apiaries.
    There has to be more trash cans per acre than flora.
    Would'nt the bees feast on all of the soda, and whatever else was in them?...
  7. Re: Bees are flying heavy today in East Tn...

    Bringing in a good bit of pollen here in Knoxville. Yellow to off white. I started with dadant winter patties this year and they seem to be doing great. I have not lost any yet.
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