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    Re: My 8 yr. old holding a frame

    It's pretty cool when you can get your family involved in you hobby. My youngest son (11 yrs old) is now working with me in the bee yards.

  2. Re: Get started right with FREE record keeping software

    I just signed up and love what I have seen so far. It could use a few more hive componets and maybe be able to set up nucs in your yard but other than that I love it. I am just a second year beek but...
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    Re: Candy: HELP!

    I made my first candy boards this year and I used 3 cups of water to 15lbs of sugar. I live in West central Indiana and had no trouble getting it up to 250. I have made 6 boards in 2 batches and it...
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    Re: HoneyBee Healthy

    I am a first year beek getting ready to start my second season. I have been using it as well and like dkvello, my bee go crazy for the syrup with the Honeybee heathy. I have been using it in my candy...
  5. Re: The differnece between starting with 2lbs of bees and 3lbs.

    I do plan to make splits next spring provided my present hives make it through the winter. I am doing everything I know to make sure they do. I am looking forward to next year to see where all this...
  6. Re: The differnece between starting with 2lbs of bees and 3lbs.

    As I have heard, ask 10 different beekeeper a question and you will get 12 different answer. Well I started this year with 2 3lb packages and 3 nucs. One package abscounded and one nuc failed all...
  7. The differnece between starting with 2lbs of bees and 3lbs.

    I have been looking at the prices of bees for next spring and found a supplier selling 2lb packages. What is the benifit of starting with 3lbs of bee vs 2lbs. I realize the colony will start out...
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    Re: David Burns queens

    I bought two packages of bees and one nuc from him. One of the packages abscounded but the nuc and the other package is doing very well. They built up well and produce a fair amount of honey for...
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    Re: Walter Kelly

    I am in my first year as a beek and have bought from Kelley a few times. I have been very please with the phone support. My first two orders I did not have a catalog just going off there web sight,...
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    Re: Custom labels

    Bought mine from Kelley Bees. They really look good. Also bought some labels with nutrition info on them.
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    Re: Why didn't I do this 30 years ago????

    I know what you are saying. I have thought about it for years and just kept putting it off because of one reason or another. Just start this year with 4 hives and now I am trying to figure out how I...
  12. Re: Can a hive be queenless but working/foraging?

    I have this very thing going on in one of my hives. I started 4 hive this year (1st year beek). While doing an inspection I did not find any eggs or larva and no queen in one of my hives. I was told...
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    Re: Starting to see ants

    I was told by a more experienced bee keeper to put some grass clippings on the inner cover to clear ants. I have tried this and it really works. No chemicals to worry about.
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    Should I try a split or not

    I started a package of bee the middle of April. They are doing really good and wondered if I should try a split this year or not. They are in 2 deeps about 2/3 to 3/4 full of brood and stores and 2...
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    Re: Heating Elements.... I need help

    Standard wire would burn through much quicker. The nichrome wire is specially designed for heating elements. You will need to find out what the gauge of wire is that you are presently using and buy...
  16. Club or group meeting in West Central Indiana

    I have just started bee keeping and would like to find a club or a group some what close to Crawfordsville. Anyone interested?
  17. Looking for a Club or Group of beeks around Crawfordsville, In

    I am looking for a club or Group of beek around the Crawfordsville area to learn and work with. I am a first year Beek and Beek in my area. Find out what is working and what is not.
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    Re: My experience with Walter Kelley.

    I totally agree. I placed an order a few weeks ago and there was a mistake with my side bars. I got shallows instead of mediums. When I called them they were very helpful and sent out the right parts...
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