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  1. Sticky: Re: Diseases in Beekeeping; How to Identify and What They Look Like-Your Experince Wa

    Thank you Michael for posting the website with all of the pictures. How helpful!!
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    Re: hindsight and aggressive bees

    Thank you everyone!!
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    hindsight and aggressive bees

    Hello all! Thanks to you all for posting your wonderful info and experiences. I have been keeping bees for 5-6 years. I had an experience Sunday that I need your help on. A beekeeper friend that...
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    Re: Passing of Walter W. Wright

    so sorry for everyone's loss!
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    Re: no queen

    only if they had some eggs young enough to grow a queen. Otherwise you would need a new queen, or if you have another hive that has a laying queen and you could find some young eggs they may can...
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    Re: Varroa control explanation please

    I don't know the answer to that for sure. I was thinking if there were not eggs being laid for the Varroa to reproduce in they just stay on the adult bees. I do know that the brood break allows for...
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    Re: Oxalic Acid Treatment- Varroa Drench

    I have used the instructions from Randy Olivers website at the medium level for 3 years in the fall or late winter when there is very little brood. It has always been very effective for me and I...
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    Re: Small Hive Beetle

    Last fall some tests were done using the heavy duty disposable towels. They put a strip of them across the middle of the box. The thought was that hive beetles would get caught up in them and the...
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    Re: Small Hive Beetle

    I have a freeman bottom board (tray under screened bottom board that you can place veg oil, DE, soapy water, Propylene Glycol or whatever you want) under my hives and have some of those beetle...
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    Re: Hello From Arkansas

    Welcome to Beesource. I think you will find this website has alot of great information and good people. Hope you and your bees do well.
  11. Re: Seeking Bees wax and Olive Oil Lip Balm recipe

    I use small pipetts for putting the liquid into the tubes. It isn't messy. They are super cheap. I bought my from That is where I buy some of my lotion bar and lip balm supplies...
  12. Re: Feeding candy boards or cooked sugar bricks in winter

    I have fed the sugar bricks for the last couple of years, as insurance. Just to be sure my bees have enough. Sometimes I put some pollen sub in with the batch, before pouring into the molds. I...
  13. Re: Pre-winter query. What to have in inventory.

    I agree with the mite check. Those darn things will sure sneak up on you!! I don't know what the weight suggested for your area is, here in Central Arkansas its 60-80 pounds. I would check those...
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    Re: Plastic bags and PDB for Wax Moth ?

    Beware, I have stored super and brood frames in the large zip top bags. The darn wax moth have found their way in. Although I would love to have enough freezer space to freeze all of mine, I dont. ...
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    Re: Drone brood already in NW Arkansas

    I am in central Arkansas and also saw drone brood last Sunday while I was feeding. I am sorry I cant be of much help on the splitting. I have did split last year, but waited until queen cells were...
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    Re: Foundation - what kind do you use

    So much good info, thanks everyone! I am a 3rd year beekeeper, small (6 hives). In my hives is a mixture of duragilt and regular beeswax foundation, that are wired. All on wooden frames.
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    Re: Duragilt foundation- experience

    So good to know!! Thanks so much everyone for the info!! I appreciate your experience and input!
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    Duragilt foundation- experience

    Hello, I have always used beeswax foundation and wired. I a few frames of duragilt in some of my supers that were already drawn out. I was wanting to get some more supers and frames ready for later...
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    Re: Drone comb management

    I am in central Arkansas. I tried drone comb management for varroa mite reduction. I did find it to be somewhat successfull. I put in one frame with drone foundation in it (brood box) in each...
  20. Re: Sticky board - great directions here!

    thanks for posting!
  21. Re: Questions about oxalic acid drizzling

    I used oxalic acid dribble last fall and it worked well for me. It is only recommended to do one time, and works best at low brood times. It is not temperature dependant. That is one reason I...
  22. Re: OK, I now officially do not like Hop Guard

    Thanks for posting, its always good to see other experiences. I am sorry for your bad experience. I too have used hopguard several times. I applied 3 times only about a month and a half ago. It...
  23. Re: Wretched rotten SHB and traps that don't work

    Nastly little bugs!! I use the freeman beetle trap and also the clear plastic beetle jail. I have been happy with both traps. When I feed pollen I feed it dry outside of the hive, and dont use...
  24. Re: putting hopguard on the hives more quickly

    I have applied two different rounds of hopguard to my hives ( I now have 6). This last time on the first and second applications the bees rushed to the strips and we smoked them to get them off the...
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    Re: Uh, checkboarding is not working

    very interesting! Thanks for all the posts!
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