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    Re: Wasp in hive top.

    Thanks, does that discourage them from coming back or kill them off?
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    Wasp in hive top.

    Has anyone had a problem with wasp in the tops of the hive body. We discovered yesterday the 26th that we lost a hive that had a wasp nest inside the top. There were 4 more with them also but they...
  3. Re: UPS Not Delivering BWeaver Packages

    Queens only. They came next day.
  4. Re: Funny thing / bottom of comb holding emerging bee in.

    My results came back from the Texas inspector at Texas A&M. Seems this is the "waste" from wax moths.
    Glad i removed the frames from the hive.
  5. Funny thing / bottom of comb holding emerging bee in.

    I inspected my quarantine yard today, hives i have cut out of various locations are placed here and "not" at my main yards. While doing my weekly inspection i found a few dozen hatching bees seeming...
  6. Re: 2 meter boxes: Never done one before

    Take pics and post, could be interesting to see :)
  7. Re: Gotta vent about customers' expectations of charges

    Karma, PatBeek :).
    I did a swarm removal from inside a tree of an older woman that kept kids for income. She was afraid that they would sting the kids and she would lose business. She said the same...
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    Re: Apologies!

    Commerce, Texas. It got up to 100 today :)
  9. Re: Horrible sight bees abscounded and hive robbed.

    I agree with both answers. Just for some info for a cheap stand for the hives is a wooden pallet up on some concrete building blocks and a hive in each corner with entrances facing opposite...
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    To anyone that i may have angered in past threads (one i can think of) i do apologize. This no excuse but i am an old man (66) and sometimes my mouth goes off before engaging my brain. I have read...
  11. Re: 2 meter boxes: Never done one before

    I actually reversed engineered my BushKill Vac and made a spare or to have another in case we had to do two cut outs in one day...which has happened twice this spring/summer, only cost about $30 in...
  12. Re: Gotta vent about customers' expectations of charges

    Truer words never spoken......
  13. Re: 2 meter boxes: Never done one before


    I am in no way working for Bushkill, but i built one of the "box in a box' Vacuums and used it for 2 hives. My kill rate was very high 45%.

    I read about the Beevac sold by Bushkill and...
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    Re: Splits from a cutout

    Agree with Mr. Beeman. That way they are settled down a bit and easier to handle.
  15. Re: What is the latest you have done a trapout?

    I agree with beesohappy. Try and set a empty hive box with some open brood, sugar water up on a shelf, ladder post up as high as their entrance. Just for good measure get some "Lemongrass Oil" and...
  16. Re: Gotta vent about customers' expectations of charges

    We have been going through the same here in Texas. My partner and i started telling them than we would do the cut out for $50......but they would have to get their "own" repair person to repair what...
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    Re: Hive swarming

    I was and am concerned about saving the bees. If i stepped on any toes by being direct for an answer that had "nothing" to do with my issue then my sincere apologies to you. And "no" i have NO chip,...
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    Re: Hive swarming

    Couple of questions and reasons why i did.

    1) Why no screen bottom board? I use one for air flow through the hive during this Texas summer heat.
    2) Why not too much brood? The reason i do this is...
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    Hive swarming

    Hello everyone,
    I have been doing a lot of removals this spring/summer.
    First off i have 17 hives that i have had for the past 2 years. This year i and my partner decided to do swarm removals....
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