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  1. Thread: Mad Bee.

    by MrHappy

    Mad Bee.

    I like this one I took. I kind of want to add a caption that she is mad about the pesticides.9913
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    Re: Question ...?remove this burr comb?

    You probably, like most people, have foundation in the frames that were there. It seems like they want to make drones and have no drone size foundation to put it in, so they made it there. I would...
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    Re: Close hive entrance?

    If you haven't checked on those boxes lately, I would think there is also wax moths in there already also. You will need to probably freeze the frames for that anyways, so go with Michael and setup...
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    Re: Splitting new Nucs

    I did things a little different last year and got 6 hives pretty quick. I did wait till I had a full brood chamber just to make sure the first hive could recover quickly. Also, I have 3 med boxes...
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    Re: Queen Questions...

    I think that most beekeepers should get a couple cardboard nucs, just to catch swarms. You can then use this to also move a couple frames into to make splits like this. But I know that some of the...
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    Re: hauling out fresh pollen

    Maybe they can smell a problem with it? Maybe the smell that it has car pollution, poison, or something else on it. Just guessing. Here we have so much pollen that I have to take full frames of...
  7. Re: Time to change the signature line in the interests of full disclosure

    One thing I'm going to try, to combat the pesticide collection, is to try to take out all the honey in the entire hive about a month before it gets cold (Aug or Sept here) and start feeding sugar. ...
  8. Re: Caught and installed swarm from my hive. Now what?

    I'm thinking another thing that can be done is to swap the old and new hive. So put the new hive in the old location. This will return most of the workers to the old queen. Right now, with only 3...
  9. Re: Time to change the signature line in the interests of full disclosure

    A few things I can think of are

    Wind Blocks (one near fence or something, another in the middle of yard)
    high ground, low ground (if yours are in a low spot in the field, then the cold could...
  10. Re: Caught and installed swarm from my hive. Now what?

    Yeap, I've seen it a lot. If you don't give them a new hive, then they will leave again. They are already in swarm mode and looking to find a new place to live. Also, if you kill all the queen...
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    Re: Best way to trim down wax

    Great, Thanks all. Yeah, I've just been chopping it off with a knife now, but it's all ragged. The bees do clean it up quickly, but I'd like them to build out new frames instead of cleaning up old...
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    Re: Smoking the hive...or not

    I agree. I actually did not smoke any of my 15 hives last year and got by just fine. I'm not saying that it doesn't help, it does. The girls eat a bunch of honey and they are so full they don't...
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    Best way to trim down wax

    I have heard a few things, but wondering how people trim off wax. What I'm talking about is that some times the bees will draw out extra wax into a blank frame or if the frame is the last one they...
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    Re: Package Question

    I agree. I would leave them in the box in the garage (cool, dark, and not freezing) until afternoon when it warms up. I would also wrap the hive to keep it warm since they don't have enough bees to...
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    Re: Did you get honey your first year

    I got 2 boxes the first year and got 25-30 frames from each. I lost them and so I started from scratch with 4 more boxes. I got 45-50 frames from 2 of them, and 12 frames from the other 2. ...
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    Re: south or east ?

    I have a few hives, and 3 are facing south-east in the sun, and they did about 4 gallons of honey last year. Then I have one that is facing north-west under a tree. It only did 1.5 gallons last...
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    Re: Best ventilated bee suit?

    I have the Mann Lake one, and I'm really happy with it. The only thing I hate is the hood! It is REALLY narrow. My head is pushed against the back of it and my nose is almost touching the front. ...
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    Re: How long does 1:1 sugar water last

    Like others have said, there is a lot of things that affect it. If it's a new install of a box of bees, it will take a while. If it's a new install they will actually slow down on eating the syrup...
  19. Re: What is everyone paying for a package this year?

    Our guild, Santa Clara Beekeepers, got about 200 boxes last weekend from Oliverias. We had to drive up to get them and they cost us $85 each. Last year it was $75.
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    Re: Maxant extractor question

    I'm a little late to the thread, but I know what you are saying and have another explanation. If you think about taking off the cover of the hive and looking down on the box, you will usually see...
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    Re: how long do I need to feed new hive in texas

    My Area is kind of like yours, and I sell nucs all the time, so I have dealt with lots of people that have asked these questions. The bees will have a frame or two with honey, so the feeding for...
  22. Re: First Swarm Caught In Trap Within 24 Hours- Questions

    One of there greatest things I got is the front entrance queen excluder. I put this on the front of my hives for the first week of any swarm I catch. This makes sure the queen can't get out after I...
  23. Thread: Honey Supers

    by MrHappy

    Re: Honey Supers

    Yes, I would add just like normal. If you see that they have filled most of the top box, go ahead and add another. I've seen hives that store everything in the upper boxes and have the bottom...
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    Re: Pollen versus Nectar?

    One thing to keep in mind is that the bees feed the brood both pollen and nectar before capping it off. The mixture of pollen and nectar\honey is called bee bread. So yes, they need nectar for...
  25. Re: How Does One Know When To Change From Small Entrance to Large?

    I think my area in Cali is about like yours in that it warms up really early. I think of the entrance reducer as just a way of helping your hive protect itself. If you think they are strong enough...
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