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    Re: How Do You Spell Honey?

    Northeastern NY - One of the best seasons I've seen in a decade. But its not only honey. Introducing queens, raising nice cells, and making increase with nucs and splits has been what we all want...
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    Re: Acceptable percentages

    I am working in a similar direction except will winter my colonies(nucs) 4 over 4 and as 8 or 10 frame singles. After this last winter I lost too many 4 frame nucs in March during one of three below...
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    Re: Acceptable percentages

    90% mated and laying is excellent. As far as what to do??.. Depends on what the intention was for the nuc. Its still early so another cell is an option if the nuc still has a good population of bees....
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    Re: Purchase Russian Queens?

    Coy's Honey farm I believe still has queens available for later the season.
    They are certified russian bee breeders giving you pure russian stock if that is what you desire. I have some of their...
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    Re: Question about Making NUC's

    Here in eastern NY (Champlain Valley) late June through mid July with cells and up to the first week of August with a laying queen. So much depends on the late summer flow, how strong the nucs is and...
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    Re: Sustainability in a small yard

    Your plan sounds as if it utilizes the basic principle behind the Juniper Hill Plan for Comb Honey or using a Cloake board. Just distancing the queen from most of the bees (by comb or honey supers...
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    Late summer swarms

    How many of you have had done everything right by your bees who helped you harvest a 100 pounds plus of honey only to swarm in August leaving two weakened colonies each of which reduced their chance...
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    Re: Package Bee Supplier

    A bee supplier I would like to do business with is in the same boat with a substantial delay and no information as to a possible time of availability. Good bees or not, keeping potential customers or...
  9. Re: Splits in 60-plus degree temps ? Is this OK ?

    I am hoping to make up six nucs tomorrow in anticipation of installing queens on Thursday. I will pull three frames of bees with brood/honey /pollen, shake bees off and place these above a queen...
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    Honeybee Headquarters ??

    Does anyone have any experience with this company and their service/quality of the packages they deliver?
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    cleaning out last seasons honey supers

    I have a dozen med depth supers of uncapped honey which I probably should have fed back to my bees last fall but..................So now I still need to take care of these before I return them for...
  12. Re: Anyone use or know where I can get the wooden square frames used for comb Honey?

    MB beat me to it. Find and read a copy of Carl Killion's Honey in the comb. The management of your bees the most important step in securing a fine crop of marketable sections. Very few beekeepers...
  13. Re: Transition to all (mostly ) Russian Apiary?

    Thank you all for the advice and encouragement. I have been doing essentially what you describe Oldtimer and do ave a handful of colonies wintering well, that have been gentle, and productive. As I...
  14. Transition to all (mostly ) Russian Apiary?

    Keeping bees alive in the frigid north has always been a challenge as this season has shown many of us. It appears as though my dark bees (mostly Carniolan origin and possibly some russian influence...
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    Pure Russian Queens

    For those who have experience with Russian queens, what are your reccomendations for sourcing good stock. My northern source is already booked full for 2014. thanks everyone

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    Re: Thoughts on a Fall Flow in the Northeast??

    Good point. The "invasive" species are simply doing what nature does best. Give an organism what it needs and it will thrive. It is also ironic that many of the invasive plants hold medicinal and...
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    Re: Api Life Var vs. Apiguard

    If you are seeing signs of Varroa or actually sampled or have screen bottoms to monitor then treating sooner than later would be a better move. Having said that, your southern location suggests a...
  18. Re: Latest date to consider mite treatments in the North?

    If you saw hives tucked behind a Big garden that might have been me:D

    I'm going to read what Randy Oliver has to say about mites and winter preps. Mid August (or earlier) has been good in the...
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    Re: Api Life Var vs. Apiguard

    Api Lie Var contains Thymol, eucalyptus Oil, Levomenthol, and Camphor. Api Guard contains Thymol in a gel suspension. My experience has been much better with Api LIfe Var though properly applied,...
  20. Re: Latest date to consider mite treatments in the North?

    If you get all of your honey supers off as early as you do you must not have to feed, I'm assuming? You should have good heavy hives.[/QUOTE]

    That has been the plan or the last 20 years or so....
  21. Re: Latest date to consider mite treatments in the North?

    I will be using Api Life Var 3 rounds over about a 21 to 30 day period. Since it is temperature dependent, I have started in mid-August. MAQS seem to be getting a lot of attention lately. I already...
  22. Latest date to consider mite treatments in the North?

    Normally I have all my honey supers off by Aug 15th. This year the bees still have many supers uncapped and I prefer to leave the fall flow to winter stores. What do most consider the latest safe...
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    Re: Wintering hive questions

    For what it's worth, I have wintered colonies on as little as 4 frames (2 colonies side by side in standard deep) as well as on 8 and 10 frames. What matters in no real order of importance; stock...
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    making strong winter bees?

    Since 'winter' bees tend to be physiologically different than 'summer' bees, how advisable would it be to supplement colonies with pollen patties or similar as part of winter preparations? Would this...
  25. Thread: Sumac

    by bxtplus

    Re: Sumac

    Just quick comment, staghorn sumac" Rhus typhina" actually is in bloom around the middle of June in my zone 4 location (northeastern NY). When in bloom the flowers are light or pale green in color....
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