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  1. Thread: S.Carolina

    by Bkwoodsbees

    Re: S.Carolina

    15+ inches of rain in 3 days and doing well. Bees faired well also. Water everywhere and roads closed but no flooding issues for me. Hope everyone else is doing well. Robert
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    Re: I broke a cardinal rule in beekeeping

    Dan I believe you will be fine. I am sure you will make up for lost time. How many hives do you have now? I know it is serious business for you but you got to stop and breathe sometimes and yes...
  3. Re: Can I use an extractor to spin cappings.

    Maybe ...hint, hint...Maxant might make a basket that could go into the 20 frame extractor for spinning caps. Just like a tractor with different implements that are interchangeable. Maybe Jim Lyons...
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    Re: Whats the mite treatment?

    I chose to buy the varrox and do oa vapor. I started out like you wanting to be as treatment free as I possibly could. I nearly lost 2 out of 4 hives the first year. I would not just let them die. I...
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    Re: The road to treatment free...

    Waynesgarden...u think aunt Betty and myself just happened to trip over this in the recent post section...not bashing or picking fights just saying as we see it . We all see things in a different...
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    Re: The road to treatment free...

    That all sounds good and makes you feel as if you are really somehow helping your bees. In reality you could be giving them a death sentence. With all due respect to M Bush beekeeping is region and...
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    Re: First ever screwup of this type

    You all got me scared, I can see myself making that mistake. I may take my 20 frame extractor and set it I side a.kiddie pool next year. I always have 10 things going on at once.
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    Re: MAQS or Apiguard

    Jw ..I follow the oxavap method that Old timer uses. Old timer (thanks Old Timer) treats every 5 days for 4 treatments. The 7 day 3 times wasn't nearly as effective for me as the 4 treatments every...
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    Re: Changing Ultrabreeze zipper to plastic

    I have 2 ultra breeze full suits and never had any problems. I was initially impressed that they come with brass zippers. If I may make a suggestion. How about a full suit that has a zipper (brass...
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    Re: Varroa treatment results

    I suggest treating each hive every 5 days for a total of 4 times for each. Then a single treatment during brood less time.
  11. Re: What will happen if queen cells emerge in a hive with a new queen already in?

    If you want the best odds for a honey crop next year your best odds are with a mated queen. A poorly mated queen will likely go down hill halfway through the honey least a couple of my...
  12. Re: What are your goals as a first year beekeeper ???

    Learn from the hives that done well and learn from them that fail. Remember this from Keith Jarrett .....low mites, good feed and young queens.......low mites, good feed and young queens. Look at...
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    Re: Alsike clover

    Wish I could grow it here down south. Our pH ranges from 4.5 to 5.5. I have a acre of Durana clover going strong in soil I limed it's pH is 6.0. The durana has bloomed since February even through 100...
  14. Re: Re-queening in Fall: how late is too late?

    Wilbanks aparies in Claxton ga has queens. I bought 6 in July and all are great layers. Ordering some more next week after tropical storm moves out.
  15. Re: What will happen if queen cells emerge in a hive with a new queen already in?

    Best scnerio is 1st one hatches kills the other queens and against all odds becomes a really productive queen. Realistically it's late in the year to be raising queens . Unless of course you are a...
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    Re: Need some advice about queens

    I say the hive swarmed. July 26 you saw queen cells and then waited a month? Why? This is the wrong time of year to let hives swarm. If you don't see any eggs in a couple days I would get a mated...
  17. Re: Question RE: Bee Behavior after OA application

    I haven't seen any unusual behavior. I do my treatments just after daylight. The forgers get impatient either trying to leave or get back In. I treat spring, late summer then early winter and so far...
  18. Re: brushy mountain oxlaic acid vaporizer?

    The varrox, from very well made. Plus SNL can answer any questions you may have.
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    Re: Adding bees to a nuc

    When I need to add to a hive this is what I do. Take a frame of capped brood with bees , check for queen then empty hive body. Put an empty frame back in donor hive. Take frame with brood...
  20. Re: What do the big boys do for mite treatment

    I would think spraying the bees with 50/50 bleach and water would kill the bees. I do put bleach in syrup with no ill effects.
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    Re: When is it too late to split?

    If you have drawn comb and access to mated queens then now is a good time.
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    Re: Sunflower patch

    Nlk..I have done a lot of gardening and small scale farming for 40 years or more. The gmo ..Monsanto hype has really got a lot of people super paronoid. Some accounts rite fully so. Hybrid plants and...
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    Re: Sunflower patch

    Pest resistance would be a problem to any pest trying to eat the plant.
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    Re: everything that could go wrong...

    Although setbacks can be very discouraging they are valuable if you learn from them. I have had my fair share and looking back I am glad I had them to learn from. If everything goes right the first...
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    Re: source for #8 hardware cloth

    Talk to someone at Ace. They can order some usually takes 2 days and no extra cost for you.
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