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  1. Re: how I can build A strong hive for the next spring

    Yes ....that is the link
  2. Re: how I can build A strong hive for the next spring

    First they all look like medium supers. Older people like using them as not as heavy to move. Four of those filled out would create a strong hive next year. I live in the North. I will be gearing all...
  3. Re: When to add second hive body to package

    You want to avoid them swarming. Giving them plenty of space to build into achieves this. Its also nice to have them relatively fill out the first super before adding the second, but you can always...
  4. How can this possibly Beeeeee? Way to much overwintered honey and Superior Numbers?

    I inspected a friend’s hive on Sunday, and I could not believe what I witnessed. He builds his own Langstroth hives, but they are, in my opinion, too tight, causing inordinate moister build-up. This...
  5. Shaking foragers and a Queen-will she fly back to original hive given a few hours?

    Hi All
    So tonight I borrowed a couple frames with bees from an apiary over a mile away from the house, and I brought it home (no brood borrowed......they are just starting to lay). I then then...
  6. Price to charge for one or two drawn frames with Queen? / Queens Castle

    Hi All
    I am heading to the garage this afternoon to construct the Queens Castle that I ordered through Brushy Mountain. I intend to raise some Queens for Fall introduction or emergencies in order...
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    Re: Stinky deadout

    Signs of Infection
    • Combs from an infected colony may show spotty brood (unevenly scattered empty cells). These cells, on inspection, contain scales that are a major source of inspection. •...
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    Re: Stinky deadout

    You should be concerned. It could be foulbrood that caused the death, in which case you need to consult an expert. Not doing the right thing could jeopardize a lot of other bee's in the area. As you...
  9. Saving a really weak hive / Ordered a New Queen

    Hi All
    I jumped on my weakest hive today. I found no broad, nor Queen, and figured I better order a new Queen. She is due to arrive Wednesday, but I now question whether I should have teamed...
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    Re: Do bees have a memory?

    Think about it for one moment, can we put all the information it took to send a man to the moon on a chipboard, say in an area no larger than the head of a pin? What makes you think that God could...
  11. Re: How long do you leave a swarm trap in the same location?

    You are hunting basically, so the rule of go early stay late applies. Get them up now at least 6 feet off the ground, baited with LG Oil, comb, slum-gum, and wait. Leave them just like odfrank says...
  12. Re: Combine queenless swarm with new split?

    Combining them without the newspaper will almost certainly kill the queen, and cause a war. The delay caused by the newspaper is the delay you need to assure the Queens life and blend the two hives...
  13. Re: Combine queenless swarm with new split?

    The answer is dependent upon what you want to achieve. Do you want more hives, or possibly a boat load of fall honey? Both answers above are valid. Combining now will yield an awesome display of...
  14. Re: Minnesota Method/New frames advice as old may be contaminated. / Not Mine I hope

    Yeah....I have never had any of the major diseases in my Apiary. I would toss black comb into the solar-wax-melter for sure.
  15. Minnesota Method/New frames advice as old may be contaminated. / Not Mine I hope

    Hi All
    In reading the Minnesota Method it states that it best to introduce all new package bees to bare foundation, and not reuse the old foundation. The rational was that after several years...
  16. Re: New Yorkers question about Minnesota Hygenic Queen procurment / Beekeeping in Nor

    Hey Maudbid...No I have not. Thanks I will Check It out.

    Huntingstoneboy, thanks.....this is what I am now leaning toward.

    Blute308...thanks for the link

    Cheers All.
  17. New Yorkers question about Minnesota Hygenic Queen procurment / Beekeeping in Norther

    Hi All
    So I spent the winter learning more about our craft. I exercised the Mountain Camp Thank God for this Website!
    I am now learning about the Minnesota Method of Beekeeping...
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    Re: Hello from frigid Upstate NY

    Hello and a warm welcome to you from Ithaca, NY. You will find this the most important link to Beekeeping on the net. Best to bookmark it with your user name and password. Sure you will enjoy the...
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    Re: Does anyone in the north use 3 deeps ??

    Last year I condensed my hives, and 3 of the four hand three deep supers on them. All hives made it through last winter due to enormous food stores and a large mass of bees. This year I have one hive...
  20. Re: Lost one hive and the other looks bad too....

    I would dare say that if you ran out of food that quickly that you simply did not give them enough sugar. Nor did you mention misting the newspaper before placing sugar on it nor misting top of sugar...
  21. Ultimate Hive Cover / HAs any one here utilized yet?

    Hi All
    I am ramping up for yet another expansion this spring. This week I will paint my bottom boards then order the Covers to get the rolling. I like Rossmans covers and inner covers as they...
  22. MountainCamp Method excercised today / Now what?

    Hi All
    It was a beautiful day today so I checked 9 of my hives. I am glad I did. One hive was a late season swarm combined with a buddies week hive, so on a one deep super hive, and I found them...
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    Re: Swarm Trap Plans

    For $29 or so I found that the Dadant Starter Nuc works perfectly. If you find a lot of scrap wood you can waste time putting boxes together that approximates the relative size of a starter nuc. The...
  24. Mountain Spin-Off Method ? Has anyone tried this ?

    Hi All
    I am more thinking out loud here, and soliciting responses. I have watched and may have to utilize the Mountain Method of feeding this winter, we will see later on, but it lead me to think...
  25. Re: Packing organic honey without certification

    LOL.......One of the Biggest Farces in the United States. I even witnessed fools selling in Ithaca, NY Organic Firewood at the Farmers market. Do yourself a favor. Look around where you live and ask...
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