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  1. Re: Why did my spring honey crystallize in the cell?

    Thanks for that list. A late freeze killed off most of the fruit tree flower buds in my area this year. Maybe dandelion is the culprit.
  2. Re: Why did my spring honey crystallize in the cell?

    Thanks for the info, but no canola fields nearby.
  3. Why did my spring honey crystallize in the cell?

    I live in southern New England. During my inspection today, I saw that a lot of my uncapped spring honey from this year has already crystallized in the cells. What would cause this? Are there any...
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    Re: Assembling the Top Bar

    I use screws only, no glue. Makes things much easier when you need to make a repair.
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    Re: Queen less swarm?

    Bees will not swarm without a queen. Dr. Seeley (author of Honey Bee Democracy) tested that and found that when the queen was tethered so that she couldn't fly with the swarm, the swarm would double...
  6. Re: Top Bars, solid floor, mites, and powdered sugar

    I started with SBB and switched to solid bottoms. I'm completely treatment-free, which includes not using powdered sugar shakes. I started with bees that have been kept treatment free for many, many...
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    Re: Should I poke the propolis?

    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I've never removed propolis from an entrance, and it's never been an issue. I would let them take care of the openings themselves. I figure they know more about hive...
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    Re: New to beekeeping

    Congrats on getting a feral colony. I wish we had wild bees in our area. Never even saw a honey bee until I started keeping them.
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    Pavement Roses

    I love rosa rugosa, and I know the bees do, too. However, I was thinking of getting the "pavement" hybrids for their compact habit. Anyone know if honeybees like them as much as the heirloom type?...
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    Re: Feeding advice

    Thanks for that insight! I was worried about chilling them too much, but it sounds like they can recover even from colder temps.

    Yes, I was planning on feeding dry sugar. I like to fill the empty...
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    Feeding advice

    I have a hive that swarmed late in the year last August. Because of the late winter we got, it's running low on stores (I can see the low stores through the observation window). So, I want to feed,...
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    Cutout in Wellington/WPB area in FL

    I have a friend who has bees in her house in the Wellington/WPB area of FL. Anyone interested in doing a cutout? Please send me a message for info. Thanks.
  13. Capped queen cells are empty. What gives?

    One of my hives swarmed & has a virgin queen. However, I noticed that it had about a dozen capped queen cells. Thinking I would head off any afterswarms, I decided to cut them out. However, every...
  14. Re: Hive Swarmed, Virgin Queen & Still Tons of Queen Cells

    I have a nuc that has a good queen, but she's been struggling a bit to rebuild since she was knocked over by a bear last month. In the event that the virgin queen didn't return, I was thinking about...
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    Re: Delayed or dud queen?

    That's really interesting. I'd never heard of that before. Could you elaborate on why this might happen? What is inside? A dead larvae? Nothing? Something else? This is fascinating! Thanks!
  16. Hive Swarmed, Virgin Queen & Still Tons of Queen Cells

    I'll be upfront and say that I really haven't been checking on my hives much lately. Then I noticed 3 capped queen cells through the obs window of one of my hives and significantly fewer bees, so I'm...
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    Re: Slow build up of stores

    This question is one that I asked myself a lot this spring. When Peter Borst spoke at my local bee club last month, I asked him what would be the ideal time to split in order to suppress swarming...
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    Re: I finally got bee's in my topbar

    Congratulations! That's wonderful! And doing cut-outs as brand new beeks, too -- wow! You guys are boss!
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    Re: Adding A New Queen To A Split

    Yes, you can add a queen to a split, and it's a very common practice. The bees should be queenless 24 hours to improve their acceptance of the queen.
  20. Re: Best methods of correcting cross / curved comb?

    Thanks, Sovek! It's always nice to hear feedback! :) I've been thinking about doing a horizontal Lang, but I haven't quite built up enough steam to start building that. I'm going to check in on your...
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    Re: problem staring a new colony

    Do you have a screened bottom? Is it open? That seems to be the #1 reason why bees abscond. The #2 reason would be too many interruptions (e.g., opening the hive, opening observation windows) while...
  22. Re: 64 years old and still learning! This is truly amazing.

    So true! I've only been beekeeping for 3 years now, but every day with them is a new learning experience. In some ways, I feel like I know less now than I did when I started!
  23. Re: Best methods of correcting cross / curved comb?

    I flip the bars around when it is just starting to curve. That makes the bee space tighter, and the bees will correct it. The best thing I've found though is to prevent it by making sure you always...
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    Re: Rearing queens for packages

    Thanks, Beregondo and ruthiesbees! Ruth, I think I'm on the same page as you. If they make queens on multiple bars, then definitely, I'll just split the bars up rather than cutting/inserting queen...
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    Rearing queens for packages

    I have two packages that I installed May 11, and I want to requeen them with local overwintered TF stock -- namely, I want to use genetics from another fantastic colony of mine that overwintered and...
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