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    Re: Dead hive, I will never understand

    Thanks harry, I do plan on trying to learn from this. Once some of this weather passes I will bring the hive into the garage and go through it. I hope to post some pictures and maybe get some...
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    Dead hive, I will never understand

    Kinda sad but I watched this hive die over the past month or so. I've been keeping for about 4 years. I have 4 hives and the only winter I have ever not had a hive die was the first year. Each year I...
  3. Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporizer Results - Users post here!

    I plan on getting the Varrocleaner. Is there a way to convert the house AC to DC that will work with the vaporizer? The hives are right in the backyard and it would actually be easier to run an...
  4. Re: Solar wax melter not melting brood comb

    Same thing here....I've been trying to get a bunch to melt on some nice hot days here with no luck. Anyone ever try it in a smoker, either by itself or with some other fuel??
  5. Re: What would you guys do? Springtime issues...

    Never thought of this but great point. Definitely appears as though she may be pacing herself until the nurse numbers are up.

    Tried this once and it started a huge robbing frenzy. None of my...
  6. What would you guys do? Springtime issues...

    Very tough winter here in Central NY. One of my hives came out of winter very weak. I have 2 maybe 3 frames worth of bees in there right now. The queen is present but it seems like she isn't...
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    Will candy board go bad??

    I made a couple candy boards last winter to overwinter with. Your typical sugar, water, and some MegaBee added in. This past spring the bees didn't seem to be touching it so I chipped it all out of...
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    Combine or Condense??

    So I have a very weak hive. I was thinking about combining them with a stronger one however I kinda hate killing queens to do so. I was also toying with the idea of condensing the 10 best frames of...
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    Queen Mating "Window"

    I actually observed a queen hatch on 9/15. There were a dozen other queen cells present some that looked hatched already. I checked today and no eggs. I did not see queen but I was busy scanning...
  10. Captured queen cell hatching!! and a question...

    So unbeknownst to me one of my hives was queenless. I actually pulled 2 supers of honey off this last week, but I haven't inspected it completely in quite awhile. I went out to the yard today to...
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    Re: Bearding and humid weather

    I'm in Hastings by the way, nice to meet you.
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    Re: Looking for a little guidance

    Thanks for the suggestions. I went out at 7 this morning and put a couple robbing screens in place. I still have the feed on. The 2 hives are covered with bees. There are tons of bees flying into...
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    Looking for a little guidance

    So last winter I lost 2 of my 4 hives, definitely a starvation issue, my fault. The other 2 came out of winter ok and I was able to split and recoup my losses. I vowed to not make the same mistake...
  14. Adding hive body with foundation already drawn...

    So I have seen a lot of posts on here asking the question "when do I add a second hive body and/or super?" What I have right now is a bunch of deeps and supers with foundation already drawn from...
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    Re: What to do with candy board

    Do you just chip it out of the cover to melt it down?? Its pretty hard right now, just wondering how easy it is going to be to get it out of the wintering cover......:digging:
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    What to do with candy board

    So I made candy boards for the hives for winter. The boards are the typical sugar syrup and pollen substitiute, and are made in a wintering cover from Brushy Mountain. I have a few of them that the...
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    Dead Hive....diagnosis??

    I knew this hive was dead. I stopped seeing activity and didn't hear the buzzing when I knocked. I was waiting for a break in the weather to take a peek. All bees were dead but there were not very...
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    Spring seems so far away!!

    This is what I woke up to this morning. Knock, knock, they were still buzzing. Thought I would put a picture of the car in there too so that you all may share in my to shovel :w:
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    Loss of hive...opinions?

    Well I guess if you do it long enough its bound to happen. I have been at it for 2 years now and have never experienced the loss of a hive. I have 3 hives all wintered with 2 deeps and a shallow,...
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    Cells hatched but no queens??!!

    Decided to post a new thread just to keep things tidy and separated here on the board. I thank all of you for your insight on the cloake board issue, tons of great information. My queen cells were...
  21. Re: Cloake board question....all cells tore down

    So today was nuc day. All 6 cells still there although they did start building some comb on a couple of them. I was happy. This time around I was on top of feeding them and I did not use any cell...
  22. Re: Cloake board question....all cells tore down

    OK, re-grafted and checked for queen. If she is there, I surrender because I did smoke down through the excluder and checked and double checked. I did not see a queen. After grafting again I had 6...
  23. Re: Cloake board question....all cells tore down

    Absolutely, 100% positive, saw her myself.
  24. Cloake board question....all cells tore down

    So I tried the cloake board for the first time. Grafted my very first 12 cells and had only 3 accepted. OK for the first time I guess. Once capped I removed the board and made the hive queenrite...
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    Re: Homemade extractor question...

    Here is a couple pix...


    The frames are clamped in with a wing nut between to the 2 slotted angle iron. Here is a pic of the bottom of the rod which I just capped with a cap nut to...
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