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  1. Re: Why do these beeswax pellets smell bad?

    I find that rendered fresh honeycomb smells good and is a beautiful creamy color while old comb, especially brood comb smells not so good and is shades of amber in color. The stuff (slum gum?) left...
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    Re: A down side to beekeeping.

    Oh my that's bad. We hardly ever get bee poop. Our bees' flight path is up and away from cars. They have to fly over other neighbors backyards before they go over driveways. They are surrounded by...
  3. Re: Setting out drained crushed comb for bees to clean up

    Wow, my girls go to bed early. Ya'lls bees must be really hungry.
  4. Re: This is as close to Robbing as I want to get.

    Wow, that's impressive. I haven't seen anything like it around here and hope I never do!
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    Re: my honey has turned

    I can help you for sure. Send it all my way. I'll dispose of it. :D
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    Poll: Re: City bees vs. Country bees

    My hives are in three different locations, all backyards. Two locations did not see a dearth this summer at all. The third, I had hungry bees in July but they built up like crazy in August and have...
  7. Re: Setting out drained crushed comb for bees to clean up

    I do this all the time, well away from the hives (side yard opposite of where hives are). I rarely have any fighting/dead bees. Made the mistake of putting it in the backyard once. Learned quickly it...
  8. Re: Florida law helps fights to save dwindling honeybees - Miami herald

    I know Marcie from my days as a flame glass maker, way before bees entered my life. I had no idea she had bees. I also had a problem with a town where I placed a hive (a friend's yard) and the state...
  9. Re: Is Carolina Jasmine toxic to honey bees?

    I have bushes on the fence beside my hives. Never seen a bee on them either. They've been there almost 20 years and provide a great protective hedge the bees have to fly over. I always wondered why...
  10. Thread: WWOOFING

    by CessnaGirl


    Scooby's Farms in South Florida (Davie in Broward County, north of Miami) has bees. My beek friend trades work and bees for farm products. I don't know if they WWOOF but you could ask. It will be...
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    Re: Hi from Michigan

    Hi Debbie,

    Welcome. My hubby is from MI, too, but further south, near Detroit. Stay warm! We are still trying to stay cool down here in South Florida. Send some coolness our way. It's 90!
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    Re: how to kill hive of bees

    Works great and it's quick. Don't even have to wait overnight. This is what my friend did but for a different reason - her hive was clearly AHB, they were beyond aggressive. They were attacking farm...
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    Re: Foundation vs Foundationless

    I went through the same decision making process. I don't have vast experience, but this is my experience. I started with plastic foundation (Mann-Lake) because that is what my hives were on when I...
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    Re: List of Beekeeping Rules

    Love your photos. So pretty and new. I like the extended boards to hold frames. Me, I'd be knocking holes in my knees and shins.
  15. Re: What is up with this? Really, upside down?

    Snicker. :)
  16. Re: What is up with this? Really, upside down?

    I configured my supers this year with alternated foundation and foundationless frames. This upside down frame was built from a slightly wet super I had harvested and it was between foundation frames....
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    Re: Major SHB problem

    We have black landscape plastic under our hives. We have very few SHB. I thought it would make it too hot but it has worked out really well plus I can see exactly how many dead bees are in front of...
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    Re: A plan to increase honey production

    Here in SE Florida, we didn't have a Spring flow either. Was just too dry. I had a queenless colony last year in early October. I had a terrible time getting a properly mated queen. Crumby purchased...
  19. What is up with this? Really, upside down?

    This is a frame I pulled yesterday. Yes, the photo is right side up - it's the comb that is upside down. I found it 2 weeks ago but it wasn't capped so I left it until today, hoping it wouldn't...
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    Re: Cleaning Leather Gloves

    Washing machine for mine and then the dryer. I have small hands, so I want them to shrink, but they really don't. In size small, the fingers are still an inch too long for me. I get trapped under the...
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    Peachy Pink Comb?

    Earlier this summer, one of my hives had bright red propolis - it looked like fresh and clotted blood. Very sticky. Now it has aged and is nearly brown, but what I've noticed now in the honey super,...
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    Re: Input on expansion

    Yes it is bee central down here. I quit catching swarms this year because as soon as I put a trap out, bees moved in, usually within 12 hours. I was getting too many hives for me to handle.
  23. Re: Phrases I just wouldn't have expected to say till I started beekeeping

    "Woo hoo! I caught a swarm!"
    "Yeah, I caged a virgin and brought her home."
    "I love bees."
    "Kill the toads!" --not the native ones, of course, the invasive, poisonous bufos
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    Re: Crackling noise

    I asked the same question a couple of months ago and the responses I got were that the bees crackle when they are working the wax. And, I tend to believe that because the hive that was crackling was...
  25. Re: Can you usually keep more hives in a more urban area?

    I have bees in urban West Palm Beach. The state has rules on how many hives you can keep in one place based on acreage. Less than 1/4 acre is 1-3 hives with 3 extra during swarm season for 60 days....
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