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  1. Re: Are Queens for Sale: Colorado Frontrange??

    Unlikely there will be locally mated queens from this year yet near you, our first queens will be picked in about two weeks.
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    Re: Pollination Advice

    It all depends on the three W's what where and when. If you miss your main honey flow and lose half your hives then it might not be. Some brokers are bad plenty are good. Even with the same crop...
  3. Re: Any word on when bees could be released from almonds this year!

    Some growers near us released last Friday already
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    Re: Cleaning Bee suit?

    Their website says the suit is machine washable, and to wash the veil by hand.
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    Re: The best way to deal with bears.

    Crow out of my almonds
    Jack rabbit
  6. Re: What should be the most efficient way to deal with queen cells - no drones in sit

    I agree with jrg and ray even though you don't necessarily have drones yourself there is a pretty good chance that somebody else around you has some hives with mature drones ready to take the flight...
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    Re: open drum feeding

    One of the best bee guys I know does openfeeding at a round up yard. Throws straw in the container for the bees to sit on. If we did that at our yards we would lose more sugar to the other bee guys...
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    Re: Solid Brood - as a bad thing?

    When we select our breeders we look for a solid brood pattern, but do a hygienic test to check them as well. Many queens with solid brood patterns get rejected for just that reason.
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    Re: TBBH #2 Is Almost Complete

    Looks like it's easy to extract
    1remove bees
    2 smoosh comb
    3 open cap and pour into quart jars
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    Re: Packages and Queens

    The southern and eastern breeders will likely be set back some . California's breeders should not have a problem with mature drones early on. We personally have had drones all winter. Which outfit...
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    Re: Weasle in the henhouse.

    Would lend you a shotgun and some traps but there is a pesky border between me and you. We go through the same issue year after year in one of our mating nuc yards with are own variety of varmints (...
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    Re: Need a projector to do Powerpoint

    it may work fine but I tend to be leary of electronics that have no brand name. Not even a generic brand name. The resolution is odd and if it does break good luck finding a new bulb for it. ( then...
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    Re: Free Books - Teach yourself!

    Here is another good book on diseases for s beginner. You can read for free and print off, or buy it if you like a fancy binding....
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    Re: inner cover plugs

    The will eventually deteriorate. I takes a few years though and they do a good job until that point. Here we have a family of raccoons that likes to climb on top of our hives and pull them out.
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    Re: Built comb with new package bees

    It can be done although it seems to take a little more then a gallon of syrup to draw out a deep frame. We have drawn out 2 deeps with a three pound package in a summer and still made honey ...
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    Re: Autozone hive tool

    Near identical tools are often sold as paint scrappers as well, though they don't always have a nail puller hole.
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    Re: Mean bees

    Southern California has Africanized bee, but except for the occasional hive brought in from elsewhere Northern California's breeders are African free.
  18. Re: How much can be extracted in 1 day with a motorized 6 frame extractor?

    Like the others said depends. Do you have an automatic decapper, are you using deeps or shallows, how long are you willing to work in a day, how warm is the honey, how often does your kid come in and...
  19. Re: Skunks digging holes, and scratching up hives.

    If you do trap them and plan on releasing them elsewhere you should check to make sure you are legally do so. Around here we can trap em but can't release em elsewhere, which is fine by me because...
  20. Re: Nitrous oxide and virgin introduction... just curious.

    i guess the idea was to get the smell of the queen in the water. i'm not sure how it worked exactly and it could have just been luck. i did it in smaller mating nucs i don't know how well it would...
  21. Re: Nitrous oxide and virgin introduction... just curious.

    once i had a dozen cells that hatched out before we could throw them in, swirled them in a cup of water then poured the water on the bees and let the queen into the hive 15 seconds later, had a...
  22. Re: Question - Leftover bees from two package intallation?

    you don't really need to plug your hive entrance if you install your package at dusk or night which is what i assume you have done. The bees don't really belong to a hive and will likely be accepted...
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    Re: may have lost my queen

    If the queen is clipped then shes likely in there. If she is there and you introduce another queen then 99% of the time one of the queens won't make it, more often the new queen ends up dead. If you...
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    Re: Using 2X lumber for boxes?

    kiln dried, not a lot of knots, not quick grown plantation wood. most of my families boxes are made of ponderosa pine, though we use MDO paper two side for the lids. quality is expensive in the short...
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    Re: Using 2X lumber for boxes?

    When you start pulling 50+ full honey supers in a day your back will tell you why, and in the long run quality wood will be your friend. I've worked with boxes from the 40's that are still in good...
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