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  1. Re: Hole Saw Sizes for bee escape and feeders

    I use a 2 3/4" holesaw to cut migratory covers for regular capped mason jars, if you don't put screen over the hole, you can put any kind of jar or bucket over the hole as a feeder. When not feeding...
  2. Re: Will Bees make a hive in burnt wood?

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    Re: Mean Bees

    I think you should look at what you're doing first. Are you giving them a puff of smoke before screwing with them? If I stick my hand in an entrance or pull the top off a hive, I expect to receive a...
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    Re: SHB populations low this year?/Controlling methods suggestions, please/

    I have seen much less SHB this year. I believe its due to a wetter, colder winter and changes in the way our local cucumber and melon crops are managed (in their native africa SHB are only an...
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    Re: Hi new here from SC

    Welcome, I'm about 140 miles SE of you, down on the edge of the Pee Dee and Low Country. Since you're a welder, you're accustomed to doing things with your hands. You can make most, if not all of...
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    Re: Growl???

    I had seen the other thread. The sound in the video sounds like a frog to me, not like mine. Mine is like a dog growling at another dog, like he's gonna try to take his food. Not loud; low, long, and...
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    Re: Growl???

    No airflow. Solid bottom board. Definately coming from between two frames. Stops when you start separating frames.
  8. Re: Treating Japanese beetles without harming bees

    Schmism, I think you misunderstood me. The phermone is the beetle sex phermone. Therefore the attraction of the "horney" japanese beetles. The phermone brings beetles from all my neighbors propertys...
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    In the last two weeks, when checking a certain hive, I have heard a low pitched "growl" coming from in the hive. It sounds almost like a possum or coon growl. Nothing in the hive but bees, I checked....
  10. Re: Treating Japanese beetles without harming bees

    I've used the phermone traps like the ones above for years. They catch lots of beetles, but they attract every horney beetle for miles! I find that if I put them about a quarter mile away in every...
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    Re: 2014 VSH queens for sale

    PM sent.
  12. Re: Vinyard a good place to put hives or not?

    If the vineyard is managed by the recommended spray schedule of fungicides and pesticides, I would keep my bees far far away.
  13. Re: Mosquito control in backyard apiaries??

    I've got a barn full of bats (several hundred at least) within a couple hundred yards. They drink out of my pool every evening. I still have mosquitos until I put out the BT dunks.
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    Re: Jacket and veil or whole suit

    tulle veil, a long sleeve white under armour tee shirt, BDU shorts, and flip flops. I do have a Mann Lake ventilated jacket, but am cooler in the UA tee. I keep a tyvek jumpsuit in my truck, but...
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    Re: My first glove free inspection!

    I rarely get stung through nitrile, but if you do, pulling the glove off takes the stinger and venom sac with it. Keeping the venom you get to a minimum. Golf gloves and baseball batters gloves work...
  16. Re: Mosquito control in backyard apiaries??

    Its never hurt any here.
  17. Re: Mosquito control in backyard apiaries??

    Coopbee is dead on the money. Get rid of any standing water, no matter how small. Put one of the BT products in what you cant/don't want to empty, ie birdbaths, fountains, etc. Mosquitos will...
  18. Re: Bees no Longer Required to Pollinate Almonds.

    "The test is conducted on almonds Prunus dulcis that are pollinated with honeybees Apis mellifera 1.75 hives per acre and nine frames of bees per hive."

    Double dipping.
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    Re: JZBZ queen cage and attendants?

    I get a couple of queens a year in jzbz cages. Normally there's two attendants in with the queen, and a couple of dozen loose in the larger orange box. Mine have always arrived as rweakley said "fat...
  20. Re: The Joy of lighting your new smoker

    Someone buys dryer lint? Really!?!
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    Re: Duck Dynasty honeybee question

    We had one last year in a live oak tree in a cemetary. The caretaker said it had been there through 1 winter, but that winter was mild, even for us. I couldn't get to it due to the grave placements....
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    Re: Wild Bee Issue

    A sprayer full of soapy water may to the trick. I would try to find a large sprayer mounted on a tractor or truck to put as much solution on target a quickly as possible. I'd also hit them right at...
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    Re: Foundation-Less Frame?

    Amen, one wrong turn of the comb and it hits the ground!!! Not good when you're in shorts and flip flops. I've got a few frames that I put long bamboo bbq skewers from end bar to end bar. It was...
  24. Re: Are Magnolia trees benficial for bees?

    If you leave the limbs all the way to the ground, you can run the mower around the tree and blow all the leaves and pods back under the tree. No mess, no maintainence. Plus they look like a huge...
  25. Re: Backyard Beekeeper that develops bad neighbor relation issues ... to the extremes

    You are a far better man than I. They would have at the very least paid for the bees and contaminated equipment. The last property problem I had, I never said a cross word. I called the sheriff, and...
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