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  1. Re: Replacing old comb built on foundation (rite cell)

    Thanks for sharing that. Seems the likely outcome of boiling would be warped foundation.
  2. Re: Replacing old comb built on foundation (rite cell)

    Sounds feasible. Thanks.

    In fact... I might take that a bit further and throw a bunch in a stock pot outdoors under a fire. Seems like the old wax should end up floating on top. We'll see how it...
  3. Replacing old comb built on foundation (rite cell)

    This probably applies to any brand of foundation, but I have used rite cell.

    I have a lot of older comb in my hive and would periodically replace an older comb & frame. I know the reason for...
  4. Swarm retrieval assistance using a drone (aircraft, NOT the male bee)

    OK this is a crazy thought but could a drone (aircraft) be used to help retrieve swarms?

    I was scatching my head while looking at a swarm 35 feet up in a tree and I think to myself..... if I had a...
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    Not catching swarms - what gives?

    I used to use those cylindrical type swarm traps that are made from some type of pressed paper and I would routinely catch swarms.... I have abandoned them since they don't last forever in favor of...
  6. Stacking nucs vs single deep for expansion?

    I have a nuc that's nearing time to expand to 10 frames.

    Wouldn't it make more sense, since bees naturally expand upward, to add a 2nd nuc box w/ un-drawn frames on top as opposed to moving into...
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    What comes first, royal jelly or the egg?

    If I see a queen cup in my hive and there is white fluid in the bottom of the cup, does that generally mean an egg is in it or do they put RJ in before and the egg is placed in the cell after?

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    Re: SHB in Central IL

    I am just southeast of you and saw my first this summer. Not enough to be of any concern.... yet.
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    Old swarm traps and mice

    For about 5 years I have used the swarm traps made out of the molded fiber material. Up until this year I've always had good luck catching swarms with them. This year I have not caught any but I...
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    swarm that got away

    Got a swarm call. When I arrived I found them in a pine tree at about shoulder height, so naturally I thought this would be easy pickens. Placed the box underneath and gave the branch a jolt and 90%...
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    mice in swarm traps

    I think I know the answer to this but I will ask anyway.

    Are bees much less likely to swarm into a swarm trap in where mice have taken residence? Seems the mice are very quick to move in....I am...
  12. Re: i have old comb, very dark and it feels like tar!

    Seems I've heard that eventually all brood comb should be replaced by the beekeeper but I've often wondered why bees don't take care of this.... or do they? In a natural setting I assume they...
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    Re: Back button highjacked

    I too am having back button (left arrow-upper left corner of IE screen) problems. Guessing it started about 2 weeks ago? Happening on both home computer and company-issued work computer. Work...
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    Pinched bad queen in hive

    I have a hive that overwintered but came out weak. I found the queen and also noticed she was only creating drone brood. Thinking she might be a dud queen, I decided to give her a few more weeks to...
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    Creamed honey frustrations

    Nearly all my creamed honey has developed some unsightly white stuff on the top. This happened as well last year but this year it seems to have affected about 90% of my containers. Tastes like...
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    Re: Warm weather - stimulate bood producton?

    I originally asked the question because I have hopes of having a larger population of bees once foraging weather returns. Where I am located, I expect that would be March. I was just throwing the...
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    Warm weather - stimulate bood producton?

    Here in central IL (as most other places too) we're experiencing a very mild winter so far.

    Like to know thoughts on taking advatage of this and stimulating brood production with pollen patties. I...
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    Re: storage of jar honey

    I am to the point of leaving it alone since it will crystalize anyway. If I am going to sell it, that's when I warm it - but only enough to liquify. I figure why waste all that energy trying to keep...
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    Re: Filling comb with sugar syrup.

    Or laying the frame horizontal and shaking granulated suger into the combs. Let the granulated suger harden by setting in a moist environment for a few days?
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    Old comb replacement

    I recall reading somewhere about dealing with older brood comb and now I can't find it.

    Are there any general guildlines about comb replacement? What if you don't... do the bees tend to abscond...
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    Moving queen to nuke - now gone

    Lat week I found some capped queen cells in a strong hive so thought I'd find the queen and move her into a nuke right next to the hive.

    Moved her with a couple frames into the nuke. There was...
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    Modified queen excluder

    Been wondering about this for a while and thought I'd throw it out there.

    Since queens tend to stovepipe up the middle of the hive, occasionally including honey supers, what if I had a smaller...
  23. Thread: mold release

    by katmike

    mold release

    Does anyone know if "mold release" is pretty much the same as silicone spray (which I have)?
  24. Top entrance made by modifying inner cover

    OK, thought I would create a top entrance for the bees for easy access to the supers (and also for additional ventilation). Now I thought I read where it's posible to simply modify the inner cover by...
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    Re: Queen laying in super - What should I do ?

    Did you notice where the queen was when you reversed? If she's in the lower already, no real need to reverse. Plus, the brood box that was full of honey (assuming it was full of honey when you...
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