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  1. Re: Hi from the Ice and Snow of New Brunswick

    Welcome. I am in Mactaquac. I have 6 now and 8 more on the way. We have a group that meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Agriculture Research Station in Lincoln 7:00 everyone is...
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    Re: New for 2014 - Bag 'O Bee Food

    I noticed that on Betterbee on their web site offers your product for sale. On the site it indicates that you need to add sugar and vegetable oil to create the patties. Is this the same product? ...
  3. Re: Dead bees around the hive in winter

    Any chance they maybe hungry? I am new this (only in my second year) but I have heard that if you see bees flying out the top hole it could be a indication that they are running out of food; since...
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    Re: Hello From Maine

    Hi and Welcome; I'm a new bee from New Brunswick Canada - 1 hour drive from Houlton, ME. Year 2 with 6 hives but looking forward to expanding in the New Year.
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    Re: Merry Christmas

    -9 Celsius here. Beautiful and sunny; just came back from visiting the girls - some were looking out top hole and some were hanging around the front door. 6 hives and all looking good! :)
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    Re: still swarmng

    I think we got around 15 inches of the white stuff today in Atlantic Canada :cry:
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    Re: Bee Hive Color

    I make a point every year to change color. Kind of like the queens - every year a different color. I Think of it as an easy way to "see" how many years I have been in the bee business.
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    Re: Wrapping and winter feeding

    This is basically what I do in New Brunswick, Canada; only I add a empty super on top of the inner cover and add in a piece of pink insulation in the empty super and outer cover on top and wrap it...
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    Re: Honey House

    From Dieppe to Houlton, Maine it is about 3 hour drive. P.S. I love your Facebook page......... keep up the good work :)
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    Re: Honey House

    You don't need a "Enhanced Drivers Licence" Just a 1/2 ton truck and a Passport. Have your items shipped to Houlton Maine - Houlton Power Sports is set up to collect shipments for Canadians. ...
  11. Re: When is it too cold to open a hive? 5 *F w/Wind Chill today

    Thank you all for your very good info. The link Seymore is great! I really don't need to look in...... just curious I guess. I fed them well with 2:1 sugar water in late fall and put a candy...
  12. When is it too cold to open a hive? 5 *F w/Wind Chill today

    I live in Atlantic Canada and just wondering is ever too cold to take a look inside? Winter lasts forever here! :scratch:
  13. Re: Hello everyone, just a few questions for you all.

    Here is a link to a online course that Penn State offers.

    Hope it helps.......... good luck!
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    Re: newbe bee keeper i hope

    Sounds like fun! I would really like to see pictures also. Welcome to beekeeping:applause:

    Beekeeping - Not about what will happen; but When will it happen!
  15. Re: V. Mites, Chemical treatments, small cell.............what to believe?

    Here was my treatment plan.......... I bought " Mite AwayQuick Strips " you can find them online at I am new to beekeeping so I did my homework and researched and came up with...
  16. Re: New Beekeeper, Why do I have lots and lots of dead bees in the snow???

    Thank you to all your words of encouragement. :applause:
  17. New Beekeeper, Why do I have lots and lots of dead bees in the snow???

    Hi Everyone; New to beekeeping this past summer. This is my first winter and I am noticing more and more dead bees.......... LOTS OF DEAD BEES I should be saying. I can see if they are cleaning out...
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