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    Re: Tiny bees-type?

    a side by side would be a informational and very useful pic for those of us who have never seen a natural or regressed bee.
  2. Re: Irrational Response to Hurting a Bee?

    once you fully accept that the hive is a supper organism and not individual bees just livin in a community you will get over your emotions and also put your self in mind set to manage them better. If...
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    Re: New Queen getting balled

    You can make an introduction cage or buy one. I don't know how they would or would not work for you but at least you get to see the acceptance or rejection.
  4. Re: Multiple Breeds in Apiary a Problem?

  5. Re: Serious allergy scare during hive inspection

    why on gods green earth are you going to see bees that you don't know with out proper PPE.
  6. Re: First-Time Beekeeper, new package installed

    bees normally wont take syrup until the mid 50's plus warmth is also a factor for them to work the comb. I don't know if feeding dry sugar is something you can successfully do well with a package but...
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    Re: When to start Spring Feeding
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    Re: Beekeeping in 20 years?

  9. Re: Just when i thought my bees had made it through the winter..... UGH

    Thanks for your self evident wisdom in this matter, your contributions to the intended purpose of this board does not go unnoticed.:thumbsup:
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    Re: Best Topical for Bee Sting

    I am going to try this with some of MB Plantain in the wax stick..Plantains are also not bad on a salad. At least my kids think so.
  11. Re: KelleyBee's Phone Support, which to choose to check out my order?

    I am not sure where you are in Iowa but Dadant is in Sioux city. I think their prices are really high but if you need something in a pinch they are near. I have had good luck with Walter T. I know...
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    Re: Want to make just a few queens

    I plan to use the Hopkins system with a cloak board.
  13. Re: At a loss...I just don't understand

    I could not sale my brackish setup that I was putting together so... I just kept it. I still love puffers.
  14. Re: Bee Keeping Accident: Could have been FAR WORSE IMO

    You had me at "meat head" and "dead lift". I am a student of D.I. Hepburn and M. Rippetoe and the fact that your impatient of people not doing what they say and you keep bees...we would have a lot to...
  15. Re: At a loss...I just don't understand

    I appreciate your enthusiasm to get this problem whipped but I would recommend that you slow down and take the time to understand the problem. There are tons of website that cover varrora as a...
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    Re: Wood Pellets for smoker fuel?

    cardboard-ish egg crates and green brome grass works for me. I plan on building one of theses
  17. Shaking in nurse bees from another hive.

    When you are building a cell starter can you shake in additional nurse bees from another hive? Will there bee any in fighting?
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    Re: 8 to space?

    I plan to sand down my frames and get 9. I have one hive that likes to get a bit crazy on the foundationless up in the brood chamber so I will see if this helps....
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    Re: Grants for beginners

    Man I want to bite that baited hook so bad.. but it would add nothing to the conversation:( on thee other hand if you wanted to PM for a response to open up a respectful dialog on the topic of how...
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    Re: Grants for beginners

    maybe the responses from a few of the bee keepers have to do with chapter 6. Yes I know it has to do with getting money for farming and not bees but it still is relevant in my opinion.
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    Re: What to do after winter?

    OAV.. treatment as their realy should be no brood to speak of. Then either pray for thanks or more wisdom the next time around..based upon the out come of the hive.
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    Re: Vegans don't eat honey?
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    Re: oxalic acid

    Mode of Action

    Many plants use oxalic acid, and/or its oxalate salts, to discourage insects...
  24. Re: Is this noraml behavior with bee suppliers?

    Things ended up well for me as far as getting bees last year when all was said and done and I am blessed. I think Langstroth saying to the effect that "love of bee often cause love of home and many...
  25. Re: Is this noraml behavior with bee suppliers?

    Not wanting to really drag out a dead horse but I just got a notification from face book on a review that I left on this suppliers facebook page back in MAY OF LAST YEAR which was to inform me that...
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