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    Re: EMERGENCY queen cell help!!!

    On Day 8!!! You need to see how many frames you can remove with a cell. On day nine you make that many splits, less one for the original donor. Brush and place the frames before day 10 into the...
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    Re: Requeening with a ripe cell

    Its like making a split w a cell, or killing an evil queen. Acceptance is very high. Its my favorite way, saving much time. But remove the queen or she will kill the cell.
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    Re: Hive too hot - hive combination question

    It will go better when population is lower. Faced with the same situation, I resorted to making small early splits with good bees. Killing the mean queens, removing small brood, and placing a split...
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    Re: Proof you dont always need a suit or smoker!

    My calmest hive was on full alert yesterday. Usually its ok to look into it. Yesterday, it was instant defense mode. I always wear a veil. I got stung on my eyeball 5 yrs ago. It was blind for 5...
  5. Re: Given that you could design your own beehive, what would you do different?

    I use many Warre hives. I make swarm lure boxes with 12 or 13 topbars. I then transfer to hives. This could be an excellent long hive if made up to 48" long. Long boxes work well as "Long Lang" if...
  6. Re: Vitamins, electrolytes and PH in winter feed

    Ive had good luck with vitamin C complex. Regular C is good too. Vitamin B complex, and protein or amino acid supplements. This makes great spring build, and amino acids balances lots of poor...
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    Re: Switch? Or not. Warre versus Langstroth

    @ asd, a beginner beekeeper can mess up any type hive. But a beginner can learn, fast. Worse, is someone that follows some fad, and isn't interested in actually Learning beekeeping. They think they...
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    Re: Switch? Or not. Warre versus Langstroth

    Your bees will do better with regular care. No matter what they are kept in. I know a beek that does "hands off " with 10 frame L hives. He has most of the problems it's possible to have. AKA,...
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    Re: I probably shouldn't tell this......

    If you have a truck with hives in it, after dark all the bees that fly out at the lights in the gas station, will clear you 4 or 5 pumps. You never have to wait.
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    Re: Adding brood box from bottom

    My foundationless frames are complete wired frames. Pretty good ....once built. The bees just build around the wire. I started with that because of plain foundation being sold out one spring....
  11. Re: OK Charlie, Fire Away...Old Man Funky Beekeeping At Its Best

    Luvlee Betty, I am a problem solver!😎😈. Truly i have done lots of things worse than rig up a feeder, & if it works... an inner cover for Warre hives works just as good in there as in a Lang. Jar...
  12. Re: OK Charlie, Fire Away...Old Man Funky Beekeeping At Its Best

    The inner cover design for Langstroth hives works well fitted to Warre hives. I make them for new swarm lure setups. Just put a box over it. I build a feeder into the quilt. Its a highly modified...
  13. Re: OSB Cover for Swarm Traps Gets Well Propolized

    When i clean up gear the propolis ,dirty old wax chunks, bits of pollen laden comb, any thing that will come out of there,,, is formed into a crude log. Warm it with a small torch flame and make some...
  14. Re: How far can I move my bees without disturbing them?

    When i had to move more than 8 or 10 feet I'd see a pile of confused foragers where the hive was. My buddy told me to put a large cardboard square at the original hive place. Then just dump them on...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    This area has a very dry spring, winter and fall. Around 4th of july we have a real Monsoon season until around Sept 1st. Really. Otherwise this is high desert/plains. Late rain late buildup and...
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    Re: Yellow Jackets & Onslaught

    They were so bad one year I screened my hives, for 2 days. I made a feeder, and used a pesticide Y J's would eat, non repellent, to make syrup. After 2 full days letting them eat all they could the...
  17. Re: ? - Developing Warre comb in advance using Langstroth hives

    @ Bernhard, regarding fearless beekeeping. Local bees here usually carry some AHB. genetics. As most of my bees are wild caught, occasionally a colony will make you Very afraid, without the beesuit....
  18. Re: How does one selectively "exterminate" mean guard bees with soapy water?

    A small split from your most gentle hive will make queen cells as long as you keep giving it fresh brood and removing nice ripe queencells. If you keep up on it it can be your own personall queen...
  19. Re: Treatment Free Successes and Failures in a Cold Climate Zone

    Most low level mite treatments are twice a year. I have had good results with essential oil in spring. It delays mite reproduction. But I will be getting out the strips in fall. Or earlier if...
  20. Re: Strange Hexagonal Aliens in our beehive cells. What could they be?

    EFB can melt the larva. It will be like stringy snot. If it is humid it may not dry. AFB will make thicker goo ,more "ropy". Both smell, hence the name. A tooth pick or grass stem is a good probe....
  21. Re: Had alergeric reaction, how concerned should I be?

    If you wear the thick winter sox, that look like terry cloth inside, the bees don't sting thru it. Pull over your pants leg, THEN put on your bee suit. 2 layers always, no shorts. This works on...
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    Re: Swarm, rain, swarm, rain, on and on

    I have had swarmy hives that were extreme. They make so many eggs you can make Lots of 3 frame splits. And thats a good way to cope with it. Once they get going some will make 6 swarms apiece and put...
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    Re: Andro poisoning?

    I use Amdro for ants because of 1 reason only: it has an extremely low effect on bees. It will not kill a colony. They don't eat it.And has a high effect on ants. Some others are the opposite if used...
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    Re: Swarm commander: Does It Really Work?

    I did lots of research on what esters and fatty acids are in Nasonov. The reason lemongrass oil works is that it contains the same essence as Nasonov. The synthetics online are made from blended...
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    Re: Police made me move my hives..

    Relax, thats just a snarky joke. And a waste of good lure.
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