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    Re: Pic of one of this years queens

    She's brand-new this year, one of my batch of queen rearing for this year. Don't know what might have happened to her wing, but she seems to be well mated and is laying up storm.:thumbsup:
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    Pic of one of this years queens

    My wife took this picture of one of our queens that I thought was pretty neat. Made it the background on my computer.
  3. Re: Learn wood working the best way... With mistakes!

    Experience is a rough teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards!
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    Re: is this normal

    It looks like normal play flights to me.
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    Re: 8 frame Medium Nucs?

    Michael Bush does; see I've been doing it this year as well, and it seems to be working out well. We'll see how they make it through the winter.
  6. Re: Queen Marking Fail -or- Can you spot the Queen?

    I usually do much better::thumbsup:

    or at least I did last year!
  7. Queen Marking Fail -or- Can you spot the Queen?

    Well, this was certainly the worst job of marking a queen I've ever done. However, that unfortunate incident occurred over 2 weeks ago when a thunderstorm came up out of nowhere and surprised us. ...
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    Re: Fighting the Rise of Bee Rustlers

    It is the perp's decision, not the victim, that determines whether a beehive (or anything else) is worth getting shot.
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    Re: Night Feeding

    I was under the impression that night feeding was simply to prevent robbing during a dearth.
  10. Re: has anyone ever heard of using compresed gas to calm or sedate bees

    That's what I said, glad you agree with me.

    Explosions only occur with the high temperatures in the manufacture of Nitrous Oxide because of impurities in the ammonium nitrate that serve as a...
  11. Re: has anyone ever heard of using compresed gas to calm or sedate bees

    Nitrous (oxide, N2O) is in no way explosive. It is used in internal combustion engines as an oxidizer to allow them to burn more fuel to create more power, but will not burn on its own. NO2 is...
  12. Re: What do you use for your tools at the bee yard?

    I use a square 5 gallon bucket with a tool caddy like you can get at any home improvement store. One of the best tool boxes I've ever seen belonged to D. Coates. He just used one of his famous...
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    Re: suggestions for cap and ladder mesh

    I use #8 hardware cloth, but just use a pair of pliers to pull off the last cross-wire on one side and insert them through the mesh on the other side and fold them over to secure the tube. Roll the...
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    Re: help to avoid queen rolling

    A habit that I've gotten into when inspecting to safeguard my queen(s) is to catch her in a queen clip whenever I see her and put her in my pocket. I then complete my inspection, put everything back...
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    Re: Your favorite (purchased) frames

    The triangles for the bottom bars are the scrap that is left after cutting the top bar bevel. (you get twice as many as you need, since you get 2 off of each top bar, so I use the other one as a comb...
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    Re: Your favorite (purchased) frames

    I was in the same boat as you, liked to make my own foundationless frames but kept running out of time. I've started using the Kelley F-type frames and like them OK. I've been considering buying...
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    Re: Swing Bucket Extraction?

    How about this?
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    Re: releasing queen into nuc

    I would definitely leave her in the introduction cage for 2-3 days.
  19. Re: Honey Hive Farms, Give away!!! Win One of Three Prizes for 2014!!!

    Just picked up my free package from Tim on Saturday in Lawrence, KS on his route down I-70. I had also previously ordered 2 packages, and he even had an extra package available for my...
  20. Re: Swarms Are Not Healthy Bees.......And Neither Are Splits!

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.
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    Re: Weird skin problem (or not?)

    This doesn't really answer your question but a quick way to change styles is all the way at the bottom of page on the left hand side; it's a drop down box you can use to switch between mobile and...
  22. Re: 4 lb package of honeybees arrives and 90% dead!

    You're from California and you can say that with a straight face?
  23. Re: Top Bar Hives -- The red headed step child of beekeeping

    Those who say it can't be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it.

    Joel Arthur Barker
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    Re: Veil suit. Thoughts?

    I love my mesh jacket, and I usually wear it during inspections. Except like today when all I was going to do was remove my entrance reducers. One hive didn't like it, got two stings, one in the...
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    Re: Brand new SS smoker giveaway

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