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  1. Re: Bumblebee attacked one of my bees and carried it off!

    I've seen Bald Faced Hornets pick off my bees and carry them off, but never a bumblebee. Are Bumbles "meat" eaters as in eaters of other insects? BFHornets are black and white, are you sure it wasn't...
  2. Re: State suspends pesticide operator's license after bee deaths

    Like Beedeetee mentioned, this incident is particularly upsetting since we have a Pesticide company so ignorant as to repeat the EXACT same thing (application of neonics to a blooming Linden Tree)...
  3. Re: snelgrove board with a 2 brood box hive???

    Below is a link to an excellent article on using the Snelgrove board and I was able to follow their directions with my two deep brood chambered hives:
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    Re: Is is bad to put on too many supers?

    LeonardS, that wasn't Hilreal speaking there to you you know, lol. That was a quote from George Imirie (a well known beekeeper/writer). And BTW thats how he talks in his writings all the time...does...
  5. Re: Queen Rearing Difficulties - Day 13 Purple Eyed Pupua Stage

    Thank you John, that makes me feel better. That crossed my mind when I was trying to figure out what to do, wouldn't the bees sense that there is something wrong and tear them down? Makes me sick...
  6. Queen Rearing Difficulties - Day 13 Purple Eyed Pupua Stage

    I am on my second attempt this year trying to raise queens. Both attempts have had similar results. I graft, my cells are built out and capped, and on around day 13 to 14 I check them and the queens...
  7. Thread: Used stuff?

    by CircleBee

    Re: Used stuff?

    That is not true. Bleach will kill AFB spores if its concentrated enough and is in contact long enough. The problem with bleach is it only kills spores it can reach and I wouldn't put much faith in...
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    Re: Once every blue moon sting reaction?

    I would never tell anyone to Not see a doctor in the OPs case, so dont take the below to be advice to not do so. Dodger, in your case, you most certainly need to see a doctor/allergist, your next...
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    Trapout and Cool Weather Question

    Got a tree with a bee hive in it and the owner wants them gone. They don't want the tree cut at all (one of the biggest beautiful cedars Ive ever seen) so I figure they have two options - kill them...
  10. Thread: oxalic acid

    by CircleBee

    Re: oxalic acid

    This statement is true for "OA dribble" method. The OP was asking about the Vaporization method which is done 3x each at 7 day intervals to get those mites coming out as the brood hatches.
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    Re: was offered free bee equipment....

    I would quote directly from the bible of AFB, "Elimination of American Foulbrood Disease without the use of Drugs" by Mark Godwin, but I'm not sure if its legal for me to do so. So I'll paraphrase...
  12. Re: Lots of Bees but no brood.. what happend?

    Do you have another hive that you can steal a frame of eggs from? If you don't then Id go with what has been suggested. If you do then put the frame in that hive and if they make queen cells they are...
  13. Re: Protecting the queen while reinforcing weak hive

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the replies. I did the shake half at each Nuc front on a board move. Had completely forgotten that option. took about 15 minutes and they eventually all went in each...
  14. Protecting the queen while reinforcing weak hive

    Forgive me if this has been brought up in the past, but when I do a search all I am seeing is direct releasing queens in regards to packages. My situation is different because I have two over...
  15. Thread: Balloon hand

    by CircleBee

    Re: Balloon hand

    This article has been very helpful to me as a fellow large local reaction sufferer!:,%20Allergy,%20and%20Treatment%20%20(Marterre).pdf
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    Re: AFB Transmission via Extractor to Frame

    Thank you AR and Tenbears, can't tell you how much I appreciate it. First, Tenbears I don't think this guy will resist on destroying the hive because when I informed him of the condition of it he...
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    AFB Transmission via Extractor to Frame

    First, if its felt that this should be posted in the Disease section, I apologize. I just wasn't sure. Sorry...

    Now before I get to my problem, let me just preface it by acknowledging that there...
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    Re: Apple trees and bees

    When I moved into my house 4 years ago we inherited an awesome Gravestein apple tree. At that time it had really bad apple maggots, like the pictures above (and you ain't gonna just "pick them off...
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    Re: Bee Deaths During Cold/Wet Spells

    Hey Uplandsandpiper, or should I say neighbor! Yeah, isn't this weather just grand? Anyway, I think what you are probably seeing is the normal attrition of foragers/older bees that would normally be...
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    Re: Cant find the queen and my hive will swarm!

    One question about your Queen Castle there, which BTW looks really good. It's hard to tell by the picture but are your entrances for each section all on different sides of the box? If not, they need...
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    Re: Virgin queen in hive?

    No disrespect here Walt, but maybe you should read the entire OP before jumping Beepro? I have to say, I'm a little taken a back by the response, what are you suggesting he do then? I'm not being...
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    Re: Problem with new queen in split

    Disclaimer here as I am no expert on the subject as I've only raised queens once last year (successfully i might add, they are doing great this year!!) and my memory is not the greatest... but I do...
  23. Thread: EPI Pen

    by CircleBee

    Re: EPI Pen

    To the OP - checking out the expiration date of the epi pen you buy is a good idea. mine was only good for maybe a year when i first got it. they expire fast!

    I too was given a prescription by my...
  24. Re: Does swarming reduce honey harvest for non migratory colonys?

    I can tell you as a nonmigratory, who has been unable to control swarms well in the three years I've been beekeeping, that yes swarms most definitely do ruin your honey harvest. Around here our main...
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    Re: Over Fed NUC, yes? No?

    Thanks SPRUCE BEE, appreciate the perspective, especially from some one close to my area! Yes, I think I will take the middle frame out and replace it with one from one of my larger hives. I'll find...
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