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  1. Re: The simplest bottom board used with top entrance only

    Keeping the flat bottom off the ground will help prevent rotting and keep extra moisture out of the hive. That can be with a stand or a bottom rim.
  2. Re: Beek Visiting New England and need local beek advice....thanks!

    I'm in the next town over from you. My understanding is that we have a reasonable spring flow everywhere and then a dearth in the end of July/early august. In early August through late September,...
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    Re: Bees PACKED into queen cage.

    Yeah. I had this happen. Except I left the cage in for 7 days. I think it's because, for whatever reason, the hive just won't accept her. But, they can't kill her as they can only trickle in (think...
  4. Re: Who just ordered a MAXANT 3100 powered extractor?? This guy, thats who!!

    I just went up to their facility for a few replacement parts and they welcomed me in and gave me a free tour of their workshop. It's a beautiful shop and they're really great people. I hope you like...
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    Re: Help Identifying this bee?

    From the OPs description, there were a bunch in an apple tree. Sounds like a communal dweller - which might rule out the cicada killer.

    Edit - it also appears to have hairs on its head which to me...
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    Re: Help Identifying this bee?

    I believe it's a sweat bee. There are a number of them which share those colorations but I'm not an entomologist and don't know ranges.
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    Re: Trying Apivar this season. Any pros and cons?

    I used apivar last fall and both hives survived. Just make sure you use it early enough that at the end of treatment it's warm enough to go in and take out the strips. It's a 40-50 day treatment...
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    Re: Opinions/Options for ~18 frame extractor

    I can't speak comparatively, but the maxant machine is really beautiful. The people are really nice and helpful, and I live in state so I've seen their factory.

    I have that 20 frame and I love it....
  9. Re: Supercedure cell? 3rd week into new install (pic)

    Bees regularly make queen cups and then take them down...or leave them insurance. Keep checking it for a larva and food. If your hive is queen right and they have room to grow...then there's...
  10. Re: Any ideas for bee friendly hedge plantings in the midwest ?

    In southeastern massachusetts, one of the singular best nectar sources is clethra. It needs water, but I saw a guy who had a hedgerow of it shaped and blooming. I hadn't thought that possible, but it...
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    Re: Trouble with new packages

    Typically when I've seen feeders used like the one you describe, they put on the deep(s) and then an inner cover and then an empty super on top of that, with the feeder resting on the inner cover....
  12. Re: kill all my queens in production hives for maximum production?

    Well, the only thing I'd mention is that queens surviving nuptials and becoming functioning laying queens are roughly a 70% proposition. So you might need some backup queens for any hive that fails...
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    Re: I'd like to Introduce myself.

    What a nice introduction. Good luck on the upcoming season, man.
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    Re: Pollen sources now in the northeast?

    Add to that aspen and willow. They're early and in bloom here (Massachusetts). Forsythia if it's up there.
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    Re: Please identify this wildflower for me!:-)

    Looks like golden aster, to me.

    The parent directory of that link has a comprehensive list of wildflowers by state, so see...
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    Re: End bar router blowout

    I just made 50 boxes and I did them one by one on a table saw with a dado. I was using eastern pine, but I did the end bars one at a time, using a guide fence that came out partway over the blade.
  17. Thread: Honey pumps ?

    by hedges

    Re: Honey pumps ?

    As someone who's not a commercial beekeeper, I'm not an authority on any of this. But seeing that no one else is answering, I'll share what little I know. I worked a commercial operation last fall,...
  18. Thread: Frustrations

    by hedges

    Re: Frustrations

    The guy who taught me about alcohol washes takes a frame, makes sure there's no queen on it, then takes the jar and tilts it slightly, and scrapes down from the top with the outside lip...gently. The...
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    Re: Ultimate hot weather bee suite

    A great trick I heard about is finding a fishing vest and carrying around a cooler full of cold packs. The cold packs fit into the pockets of the vest and you wear it under your bee suit.

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    Re: Upper entrance ?'s

    I'm experimenting with top entrances this year. Michael Bush's website has a great piece on it.

    I like it because I can use queen excluders and...
  21. Re: foundation prices and question about increasing hive counts

    I'm a new beekeeper, but my limited experience and understanding is that wooden frames with plastic foundation is the best for brood. The wooden frame holds up well over time, and you can scrape off...
  22. Re: Has anyone bought a package from Gold Star Honeybees?

    I bought a package from them last year. It was a healthy hive and despite coming in mid may (I ordered late) I got about 20 lbs from it. But it bears mentioning that I don't believe her packages were...
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    Re: Supplements for weight loss and more.

    I take your point about this being an off-topic forum. But I still think it's slightly off to advertise here.

    That said, if my criticism is inappropriate , my apologies. Just make sure you know...
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    Re: Supplements for weight loss and more.

    Well, to be perfectly honest, I was just making a glib joke in response to something I saw as spam. Glad to see you enjoy beekeeping.

    I'll tell you though, while I'm happy that you've found some...
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    Re: How much flow from blueberrys

    Yeah, I think you usually have to feed while pollinating blueberries.
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