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  1. Re: One more reason to keep bees...... hair loss treatment?

    "When the researchers tested propolis on mice that had been shaved or waxed..."

    How's that for a job description - "Mouse waxer"
  2. Thread: hive scale

    by GaSteve

    Re: hive scale

    This looks like an interesting hive scale. Apparently you insert the angled piece between the bottom box and...
  3. Re: Two general questions for seasoned beekeepers (for fun)

    1. Don't try to carbon copy someone else's management techniques.
    Even if they are very successful, blindly copying their actions without understanding what's behind them probably won't be...
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    Re: Paradox? Hive & Swarm trap location

    I'll second that. Even in GA, I've found that bees in full sun have fewer problems (especially small hive beetles), are more productive, and have a better temperament than those in the shade.

  5. Re: Frame top bars popping off, seeking opinions from the group

    In addition to the horizontal nails that go through the end bar under the ear of the top bar, you can also put horizontal nails through the edges of the "fork tines" of the end bar into the top bar. ...
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    Re: creamed honey setting solid

    I read an article once on how an Australian company produces creamed honey. They warm all their jars of creamed honey at the end of the line. Apparently once you warm it to soften it up once, it...
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    Re: film on wax after boiling

    I see stuff quite often on the bottom of the wax after it hardens over water. Most of it looks like sand. I just scrape it off the cake with a hive tool.
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    Re: 1 lb. Panel Bear - IN STOCK NEXT WEEK!

    What is the size of the front panel? If I can fit my regular 1 lb. jar labels onto the panel and do away with the unique size 12 oz. bear labels, you have a new customer.
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    Re: Cleaning queen excluders

    These QE cleaning tools work pretty well. Still a manual process, but it's better and faster than a hive tool because...
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    Oxalic Acid Vaporizing vs. Dribbling

    Apparently both methods can achieve an efficacy rate in the mid-90s if done correctly. Pros and cons as I understand them:

    Vaporizing is fast but requires a heating element and an energy source...
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    Re: Certified Sourwood Honey?

    As is usually the case with beekeeping, nothing is clear cut or straightforward. I have read if at least 51% of the pollen in honey is from a certain source, you could claim the honey is that...
  12. Re: Charge for placing a hive at someone's garden?

    That's good advice that I didn't follow. I 've tried the hive rental idea with a couple hives. It sounds great on paper, but much different in reality. Even at a couple hundred bucks a year rental...
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    Re: Bee on reallllly small cell

    Was there Queen music coming out of the speaker?
  14. Re: Eating Fresh Pollen Year Round - What should I expect?

    Pollen is strong juju. IMO 1/2 cup per day is a HUGE amount. I eat a spoonful nearly every day sprinkled in a salad, smoothie, peanut butter sandwich, etc. I don't care for eating pollen by itself.
  15. Re: Africanized honey bees reach and over winter in Palisades, Colorado

    I get the idea that hot hives are hot hives regardless of genetics. But left on their own, some hot EHB hives won't result in every feral EHB colony being hot. AHB genetics will totally dominate...
  16. Re: Africanized honey bees reach and over winter in Palisades, Colorado

    I agree. I would be skeptical of the assertion that AHB can overwinter in CO. I'm also curious what test they used to determine they are AHB. The article says "genetic testing", but later it talks...
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    Re: Passive clearing of honey supers

    Yes but the upside is that during the time between trips, the bees will clean up all the honey from the busted burr comb between the supers from installing the escape board which can save some...
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    Re: Why use more than one brood box?

    While there may be 6500 cells on a frame, after some honey and pollen storage there's probably 3000 or less available for brood. Also, I wonder if some of the big "boomer" hives you sometimes see...
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    Re: $229.00 for a package of bees

    You can always put your $229.00 bees in your $350.00 hive.:rolleyes:
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    Re: Bubbles on surface using Mann Lake molds

    175 is plenty hot. Try pouring slowly and smoothly so the wax doesn't splash at all and pour it straight to the bottom so it doesn't touch the sides on the way down (at least as little as possible)....
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    Re: Capped brood problems! Something's not right!

    I have seen bees rip brood out of an observation hive trying to get at hive beetle larvae tunneling through the brood comb. I guess it's being hygienic, but it's definitely destructive.
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    Re: New Beekeeping Association Guidance

    I have been involved with setting up a couple. Here are some tips.

    1. Have reliable meeting date, time and place and stick to it.
    2. Don't start off with a lot of formalities like strict...
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    Re: wood for cooking

    Myron Mixon of BBQ Pitmaster fame swears by peach wood.
  24. Re: Georgia Beekeepers - anyone seeing swarms yet?

    I'm in Macon. No swarms or swarm cells yet, but probably won't be long. Lots of capped drones. Then there's one hive that had a bunch of drones already emerged back on 3/2. They must be working...
  25. Re: Do Feral Bees Build Comb Warm Way or Cold Way?

    Adrian's bees are definitely guilty of DWF -- Drunk While Festooning.:rolleyes:

    This is a fuzzy pic of a cutout I did several years ago from an old shed. Brood combs were behind the entrance and...
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