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    Re: Time to start thinking about winter.

    Yes. Bees that are weakened, by varroa or nosema will be the ones that have the problem moving a short distance to honey during very cold weather. Small clusters may have the problem also, but many...
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    Re: Time to start thinking about winter.

    Well in my opinion it's too late then. You have to start in late summer and early fall to make sure that your hives have large clusters (equalize) going into winter and they are not weakened by...
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    Re: Anyone seen large queen losses/supercedures

    I have bees here in Camas and in Elmira, Oregon (about 40 hives). I raise my own queens and haven't had any problems. Queens look good and all returned from mating flights. I mark my queens and...
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    Re: Inspections with the heavy honey supers on?

    Unless I see something that looks out of the ordinary, after the honey supers go on I don't go into the brood portion of the hives.
  5. Re: What do u do with your honey supers after you extract?

    I used to let the bees clean them up but after ripped up comb, dead bees and robbing now I just store them wet for next spring (no fall flow).
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    Re: Selective Breeding

    I suspect that if it would work you would never find a queen that didn't get mated because of weather. She would just mate in the hive since pretty much all hives have drones.
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    Re: Storing capped honey frames

    I think that the best place to store capped frames is on a hive. I would just put the other box of empty frames on the hive (on top or below your capped frame box).
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    Re: Western Washington Beekeepers 2014

    Mine is being capped fine. In both Camas and Eugene. Cut comb supers are ready.
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    Re: Checking hives without gloves?

    I stopped wearing them when I started raising queens. There just isn't any way that I can do the things that I need to do with them on. For a while I took my wedding ring off, but my hands don't...
  10. Re: State suspends pesticide operator's license after bee deaths

    The apartment management requested the spray because the trees were covered with aphids that were causing sticky residue to get on tenants cars. But he should have known better. Particularly after...
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    Re: Bee's favor top entrance on one hive

    I was going to respond to your earlier post about them always preferring the upper entrance. I leave an upper entrance on most of my hives over winter. A few will start using it as the main...
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    Re: Cloud of bees near hive

    Orientation flights? Was it in the afternoon?
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    Re: Nuc vs. 10 frame deep question

    I haven't been able to tell any difference in how well they do. So now I put them in single deeps unless I'm out and then I put them in stacked nuc boxes.
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    Re: How long can brood survive

    You guys that worry about bees at 75 degrees crack me up. I've had lids blow off in the 40's with rain for at least a day. I put the lid back on and they never missed a beat.
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    Re: Capped Honey Frames

    They also won't cap frames that have cells that are not full. So if you put a drawn frame on at the end of the season and the flow stops when they have the cells half full, I haven't seen them cap...
  16. Re: Bigger IS better for mating nucs - or so the numbers seem to indicate...

    I guess all I am saying is that the fact that large hives have better mating success may not have as much to do with their size as the fact that they get more chances of success with different aged...
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    Re: Advice on the number of nucs I can make up.

    I agree that calling 10 frames of bees a nuc is misleading. Not just in this thread, but many on Beesource it seems. To me a nuc is 4-5 frames in a nuc box and 10 frames is a single. It would be...
  18. Re: Bigger IS better for mating nucs - or so the numbers seem to indicate...

    I'm not so sure that is the case. I think that either the bees protect some cells from the virgins, for at least a while or because of different aged larva used for supercedure/emergency that the...
  19. Re: Introducing Queen to hive with queen cells

    If it's been capped for 12 days, you can probably remove it and see what is inside.
  20. Re: Introducing Queen to hive with queen cells

    After a queen cell is capped for a day or so you shouldn't be in the hive until it's a day or so from hatching as they are quite fragile. I can't tell for sure from your post how often you are in...
  21. Re: Bigger IS better for mating nucs - or so the numbers seem to indicate...

    What do you mean when you say the large hives made queenless were successful on the "first try"? My hives will make several queen cells when I kill or remove the queen. So if the first queen...
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    Re: Bees are "scrubbing" entrance

    Washboarding. I don't think anyone really knows why they do it, but they normally do it when the flow is over.
  23. Re: Best way to add bees to small nuc safely?

    Part of my swarm control is to take capped brood and bees and give it to weak overwintered hives. So as I remove frames from strong hives, I put them in an empty box. After I have my frames...
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    Re: Why are my queen cells so small?

    I take out a few frames (I use a 10 frame cell builder) and shake bees into the hive. I add the frames letting them float down into the bees. When I add the frame of grafts to the last missing slot...
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    Re: Why are my queen cells so small?

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