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  1. Re: I Would Like to Winter Some Hives in the South

    I have a friend who has about 35 acres of blueberries that would most likely be interested in a set-up like that . You can P.M me if you're interested in a east central fl. location
  2. Whats the best way to remove bees from a birdhouse?

    I have a bird house that has a swarm in it. I noticed it about 4 days ago. It's about 10' in a tree, but I can get it out fairly easily. My idea is to take a bottom board and cut a hole about the...
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    Re: Anyone sell honey from their yard? If so...

    There is a small town about an hour and a half northwest of me called San Mateo that has a local apiary with an ''unmanned'' table selling their honey and other related products.Sometimes while...
  4. Thread: New guy

    by M&DZBEEZ

    New guy

    First year beekeeper starting with two Langstroth hives,and one TBH.I live in east central Fl,with my beautiful wife and 3 wonderful kids.I am a self -employed carpenter,and my wife is a 6th grade...
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