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    Re: Top bar hive entrance front or side?

    total newbeee here.....I don't know much and have only one hive I started last year.

    on the feeding.....I just put the jar of sugar water right behind the cluster after I installed em last year. ...
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    Re: Queen rearing, cutting them out?

    I don't know very much about beekeeping so I just wanted to get that outta the way.....

    I was watching as many of "thefatbeeman" videos yesterday I could find and saw him cutting out quite a few...
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    Re: Anti-bear bee fortress; nearly completed. impressive. :-)

    I was envisioning those 2x4's driven into the ground encircling the fortress wrapped with electric barb wire.........motion lights set up on sirens......flash bang...
  4. Thread: Queen cells

    by newbeee

    Re: Queen cells

    nice. ya gonna cut a couple of em out and start a couple more hives? I was watching lots of "thefatbeeman" on youtube yesterday. ;-)
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    Re: 2012 Looking Better

    wow. great picture. makes me wanna dig up a field and plant wildflowers that'll sustain themselves every year.
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    Re: Extra Queen.....and 2 new packages......HELP

    first off lemme say that I am no expert. matter of fact I am pretty much a total newbeee. hehe

    I would build that nuc and make another hive. I recall reading on Michael Bush's site sometime...
  7. Re: what's the longest lasting clear exterior finish

    HA. Yeah, I suppose I could be asking for a bit much. :rolleyes:

    I'm checking out that Varathane right now. Thanks
  8. Re: Check out the new hive I HEAVY :-)

    I like that chicane entrance. That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

    Should I make the entrance larger than the average top bar entrance size? I used a 3/8" router bit and I think I went 16 cm long...
  9. what's the longest lasting clear exterior finish

    I am finishing up a hive and I need to figure out what to cover the exterior with. I've been doing searches and am now more confused. At first I was thinking of doing the resin and wax finish but...
  10. Re: Check out the new hive I HEAVY :-)

    Thanks again robherc. I sure was worried last night. But today I did find the statutes online and read them, I'm definately in the hobbyist category.

    Here's a couple pictures of the progress on...
  11. Re: Check out the new hive I HEAVY :-)

    phew....I was getting concerned about someone showing up and making me dismantle the hive before I even had any bees in it. I have no intentions of selling anything. More than anything I just wanna...
  12. Check out the new hive I HEAVY :-)

    I've been building a new hive the past couple of days. If you've read the ringing cedars book series you'll know wherer I got the idea from. You can also google anastasia hive and find a couple hives...
  13. How big can I make TBH before comb falls off.........

    How big of a hive can I make before the combs begin to get too heavy and start falling off. It seems that a friend who made a TBH, made his wider than mine and ended up having issues with the comb...
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    Re: Did I harvest too early......

    I don't have any pictures of the hive it came from. But here's a link to the plans I roughly followed to make the hive.

    The biggest difference is...
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    Re: Did I harvest too early......

    Checked my scale and it's accurate. It's a postal scale that weighs up to 5 lbs in 1/2 oz incriments. There's at least that many combs still in the hive if not more. They are also working on a few...
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    Did I harvest too early......

    The one that looks about 80% full weighs 2 3/4 lbs after subtracting the weight of the top bar.

    I took these from the hive...
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    Re: pounds of honey

    I just harvested 5 bars today. The lowest was 2 1/4 lbs and the heaviest was 2 3/4 lbs. I followed the plans on Michael Bush's site, though I used 2"x12" wood that I had saved from some recent...
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    Re: What is this black stuff on the comb......

    I've been doing lots of burning around the farm the past few weeks..... I don't have a smoker per say, but I have put some holes in a coffee can and used it three times in the past 10 months. Though...
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    What is this black stuff on the comb......

    You can see that there's more on the comb in the back. There's also some black stuff on a couple spots on a...
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    Trap out of queenless top bar hive?

    I have two hives, both top bar. One of the hives is queenless or has a laying worker. I still am unsure on which. The other hive is doing well.

    I would like to get the bees out of the dwindling...
  21. Re: Anybody has Jackson Horizontal hive plans or dimensions?

    I'm new to bees this year. I have a tbh like the plans on Michael Bush's site.

    And I am liking the top bar hives, so this idea of a trough hive with frames has perked my interest quite a bit.
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    Re: Top bar questions arranging the brood

    Thank you rmaro

    I've been watching lots of bee videos lately. Looks like you got a zappin fence round your hive so something don't knock it over.

    I'm gonna add another 1 1/4" bar to the center...
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    Re: Two hives, one has a laying worker

    Thanks for the input Ray.

    I feel like a total newbeee running around trying to figure out what I'm gonna do. I believe I have decided to just do a shake/brush out. I really don't know how long...
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    Re: Two hives, one has a laying worker

    I may do the shakeout method.

    I have another question now though cus I would prefer to have two hives.

    I installed a package of bees on the 29th of may. So they've been in there for three and...
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    Re: Split/Combine question

    Hal Mack -
    I'm definitely a newbeee, but I thought if you had a lw colony/hive and then also a strong hive, that you took some eggs that have not been capped from the strong queen colony and added...
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