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    Re: Open feeding: pollen vs syrup

    I avoid open feeding syrup because of the feeding frenzie, fighting, and tendency to set off robbing. Open feeding dry sub doesn't have these issues.
  2. Re: A couple of fun days watching open protein mix feeding...

    If it's left out overnight, you'll get critters in it. Once the bees have identified the forage location they can clean up a good amount in a few daylight hours. I've found it easier to use in the...
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    Re: A problem..

    I put some dry pollen sub out for mine when we get warm snaps this time of year otherwise they won't leave me alone in the woodshop and will go after the sawdust on my clothes. The sub will have to...
  4. Wanted: Brood frames mid-March in Texas

    Looking for 60 - 100 brood frames with bees. Flexible, depending when they are coming out of almonds. Will be timing with arrival of Hawaiian queens from a friend. Pickup in Texas. Send me a msg.
  5. On choosing a wax foundation and an appropriate frame

    I want to build three hundred medium frames with wax foundation this spring and am looking for the least hassle. I like the frames from Mann Lake and if the grooved top and bottom frames fit...
  6. Re: Packing organic honey without certification

    "USDA Organic" is more or less a marketing logo that is licensed for a fee. Some consumers want to see it on a label.

    Years ago at a farmers market, I saw a woman picking up oranges, stamping...
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    Re: Comb Containers

    The hard plastic boxes are what I was looking for. I had a bunch of cut comb last year and couldnt bring myself to use the clamshells.

    We ended up using it for pints of chunk honey which sell...
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    Re: Painting hives with Tite bond III

    The bedliner comes in just about any color now but, the stuff the consumer can buy is junk compared to the 2 part cartridges professionals spray. And it's expensive for the good stuff.

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    Re: Top bar nuc size

    I've got a bunch at 16 1/4 (based on Lang width) that work well for me, next batch will probably be 14" (8 frame Lang). This allow top covers to just be langstroth telescoping lids. I worked with...
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    Re: New to site...1st ?

    The 1x material for legs works fine. We've been running it like that for several years on a bunch of hives. Entrance should NOT be in the middle, the issue will be in the winter when they move into...
  11. Re: From Post to Hive. Is There a Gentler Way?

    Use a small piece of cardboard to cover the top hole on the package as you remove the syrup can and remove the queen cage. Put the queen cage between the middle frames of your hive box, if it's just...
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    Re: Hot Hive Re-Queening?

    Don't attempt in an urban area as they'll be looking for someone to take out there anger on. As said, split into 3 or 4 hives. If it is anything like the one I did, they will be runny with 3 bees...
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    Re: Bee Brush Alternatives?

    I carry a brush but a lot of times I just prefer a bundle of tall clump grass (especially if I've laid the brush down somewhere...). I grab so there's about 8 or 10 inches of grass sticking above my...
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    Re: Online Master Beekeeper course

    Sitting on the sidelines, my take-away from the video and subsequent discussions was to find what works for you and use the same consistent method.

    For my wife with a degree in education, 20+...
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    Re: Online Master Beekeeper course

    My wife just finished the Journeyman program at UM and says the Master Beekeeper program won't be available until this fall or later. Many of her fellow students had impressive credentials already...
  16. Re: Lost Hive, Reusing Frames and Reserves

    Yeah, I'd agree... busy working in the wood shop, enjoying our 70 degree day. Freezing old comb likely doesn't need a freezer for the OP.
  17. Re: Lost Hive, Reusing Frames and Reserves

    I suspect what you are seeing are wax moth eggs. Throw the frames in a freezer until you need them or at least 48 hours. Reuse.
  18. Re: installing 1st pkgs in used top bar hives

    At install, I'd give them 4 drawn comb and I'd be inclined to leave an empty within that configuration (though I'd freeze it before hand). More than that and I see it as a challenge for a 3# package...
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    Re: hives on someone else's property?

    As a hobbyist, I pay rent on my outyards with a quart or 2 of honey. Deals are sealed with a handshake. I have people every week offering space and a friend at the local club just found 10...
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    Re: Cutting-out Malathion poisoned bees

    Malathion has a LD50 of less than 2 ug/bee and a half-life of 17 days.

    In other words, it's at the top of the list of highly toxic nasty stuff and it hangs around killing bees for a long time.
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    Re: 10 Nuc Increase

    Your approach for increase should depend on your plan for queens. For my increase this spring, we will be using 8 frame deeps. Weather is an early factor but once they are at 4 or more frames of...
  22. Re: When to add 2nd brood box for spring buildup?

    Early March is likely the best timing. By April local commercial queens are available and swarms are in trees. The empty frame going into the bottom box should likely not go into the edge of the...
  23. Re: Top Bar Design Questions (The Bars Not The Hive)

    I make mine at 1 3/8. We started with 1 1/4 in the brood nest and 1 1/2 for honey but we and a lot of the people I help don't keep up and everything ends up off center. 1 3/8 on all the bars and a...
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    Re: The harvest of pollen: bad business?

    I'm running the Brushy Mountain pollen traps on selected hives in 3 outyards as part of a University study. We only need a little for the sampling but, I'll harvest any excess.

    We did a test run...
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    Re: what is a 10 frame slotted rack for

    Curious if you ever see the foundation get drawn out on that bottom box?
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