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    Re: Salt Blocks for Bee's?

    I was chain sawing wood this weekend and bees kept coming to the fresh cut logs and gathering something from that. I guess the moisture or sap. It was notable how that interested them. I forgot about...
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    Re: What is chewing on my hive?

    I thought about this today at work :). I am intrigued by the mystery:) When the bees get stronger whatever it is may be in for a surprise.
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    Re: suprise for my fiancee

    This is an exciting read. I think if the two of you get suits and go into it together on some level that could be exciting for the both of you. Sometimes it is nice to work on the bees alone but it...
  4. Re: Any problem with soybean oil in beetle trap

    I don't think it will matter because the bees won't get to it.
  5. Re: Electric Heat Gun for "burning" out used hives?

    This is me taking that Harbor Freight torch to a Queen Excluder :) I got a bunch of used stuff when I started. Bee careful with that torch

    I probably won't even use the excluder but I have...
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    Re: smoker question

    The eye hook for the chain and cork is a good idea. I need to add that to mine. Good tip Riverderwent!
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    Re: smoker question

    I have taken green grass and twisted it and folded it and stuffed it in the end of the smoker and that smothered it. I used a clump of wax also and stuffed that in the end. I lost my corks. I need...
  8. Re: anyone else having problems with pop re-directs?

    I'm glad that you resolved the problem. It's always nice to get a computer working properly again.:)
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    Re: 2 new packages - not queened right?

    I'm glad that this is helping. Since I have one with a bunch of queen cells that was a package that is queenless now I must have though that you had the same thing happen. I'm glad that jbraun read...
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    Re: 2 new packages - not queened right?

    Oh, I didn't read it correctly. There is a queen in hive one still. Great point jbraun! Yes if you cage that queen and re introduce her to the queenless hive that would be a solution. The hive with...
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    Re: 2 new packages - not queened right?

    If you have wax frames you could cut one of the queen cells off of the frame that has several of them and attach it into the queenless hive very carefully. That queen cell should re queen the...
  12. Re: Don't ever get to big for your britches or count your chickens before they hatch

    Lauri, what you showed in your picture is what I was trying to convey. I was told to put a queen excluder at the bottom of the empty box then shake some bees from frames into it. Incase there is a...
  13. Thread: epipens?

    by virginiawolf

    Re: epipens?

    My wife got some a while back. She just asked her doctor. The insurance is different now so she said that she doesn't think it is covered anymore but if she was willing to pay for it the doctor would...
  14. Re: Help! Neighbours bees attracted to our Ipe decking

    Tillyandroo, they make beesuits for kids. Maybe this was meant to happen so that your son can meet the neighbor beekeeper and check out the bees up close and see how awesome they are. Honeybees are...
  15. Re: Help! Neighbours bees attracted to our Ipe decking

    I highly doubt that those bees will sting anybody unless you stepped on them barefoot. I am around bees quite often and don't get stung unless I am working in the hives. Cleaning the wood with...
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    Re: Listen to the Music

    I enjoyed the Audrey.

    Here's one from another female.

    and another. I've been watching more of Chelsea
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    Re: Installed package. Pain ensued! Help

    Hopefully your package install will pan out well and when young bees begin emerging they will be very pleasant.
  18. Re: Pennsylvania: first bee scouting or just curious?

    Thanks! It would be nice. The bees were very active today. It was nice to see and hear them all around:)
  19. Re: Don't ever get to big for your britches or count your chickens before they hatch

    I learned a trick to prevent that from an awesome beekeeper but I haven't actually tried it yet. You put a queen excluder over the top of the cell starter that you shake the bees into. Maybe this...
  20. Re: Pennsylvania: first bee scouting or just curious?

    Awesome. I need to set up some swarm traps also. Things are finally looking good weather wise. May is definitely the month for swarms here in PA
    I hope that you catch some bees!
  21. Re: Robbing from old hive/package install

    A couple of days before the packages come I would take a break from leaving frames around for the bees to rob.

    Now that you have that hive closed off the bees will get over robbing it. Once you...
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    Re: Drones Everywhere

    This looks super healthy to me. There is plenty of worker brood and drone cells. That is a sign that they are doing really well and may even be planning to swarm not too long from now. I would guess...
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    Re: Beetle larvae

    I keep a torch on hand when working my bees and when I see that larvae around the bottom boards and what not I blaze it with a torch. I also kill any that drop around the hive with the torch or just...
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    Re: Orientation or Robbing (again)

    I had a hive getting robbed like crazy last year because there was a crack in the box that I didn't catch when I was feeding so I moved it like 15 feet and made the entrance to the size of one bee...
  25. Re: Hive set up correct for new package arriving?

    The second box is used to make space for certain types of feeders that sit above the bottom box. If you are using a hive top feeder than you can start the package in a single box with the hive top...
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