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    Re: New Queen Expectations?

    A good queen in a hive that has bees covering every frame in a decent nectar flow should easily lay out a single deep and maybe more in a month.
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    Re: Confessions of a first time grafter

    Don't give up on grafting. In the end, grafting will serve you better. The key is the starter hive. It has to have a lot of bees and be well fed. That said, any queenless hive can build four or...
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    Re: Confessions of a first time grafter

    When I am grafting from old comb I just pick a spot and break down cell wall on one side to get a better view and angle. Once I start in I keep breaking them in the same direction. The bees don't...
  4. Any theories on why there is such a discrepancy between mating success

    in small mating nucs and mating success in hives? At best I get 75% successful mating in mating nucs. Queens appear to successfully emerge but disappear sometime after the cutoff for the mating...
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    Re: A lesson in schedules

    You may have grafted larva that were in their second day and not their first day. Temperature makes a difference. Warm temperatures can advance maturation by a day or so while cool temperatures can...
  6. Re: Bayer Spokesperson Talks about Pesticides and Bees on r/science

    Even better, I would like to see the numbers in europe since they banned certain products. My bet is that there is very little difference.
  7. Re: New Swarm Not Filling Out Correctly. What To Do?

    If they are bridging between the frames you need to remove the crooked comb down to the foundation but leave any that is correctly drawn. It might take a couple of times over a few days but they'll...
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    Re: Bee Die Off Story

    My guess is that the dought in calif and the unusually long and cold winter in the north had more to do with the increase in hive mortality than insecticides.
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    Re: Small Hive Beetle Damaged comb

    re use them.
  10. Thread: Queen flew away

    by Tim B

    Re: Queen flew away

    They will return to the place where they were lost. She is probably in the hive. I have found them on the outside of their hive. I have also found them on the outside of the neighboring hive. If...
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    Re: What are your thoughts on queen excluders

    A lot of the time I'll break off a stick about 3/8 or so in diameter and prop one of the supers up giving them an entrance above the super. Some hives use those entrances more than others. A lot of...
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    Re: What are your thoughts on queen excluders

    Excluders are a tool that have multiple uses in the beeyard. I usually start without them and begin adding them below supers with eggs. I also add them when I am within three weeks of the end of...
  13. Thread: demaree ?

    by Tim B

    Re: demaree ?

    Don't know what walt meant but it does cost....but not as much as letting half or more of your bees fly away never to return. Hives that experience the demaree method will have a definite reduction...
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    Re: Two Queens in a Hive

    In beekeeping it seems that almost anything can happen. I have seen a mother and supercedure daughter co exist for some time. I have seen swarms with as many as seven virgin queens. I have seen...
  15. Re: Any problem with adding brood to a finisher with cells?

    [QUOTE=beepro;1255370]Are you sure the bees can move an egg to their choice of location?

    Folks can debate the mechanics of whether bees can move eggs but I have seen queen cells in supers above...
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    Re: 1 frame nuc start ?

    In my area a 1 frame split with a queen cell will have no trouble building to a five frame nuc by the end of june. At that point it takes a lot of feed to build them up beyond that but we don't have...
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    Re: what just happened? The queen is dead.

    They were not balling her based on the photo's. You have to pry bees off of a queen who is being balled. They will hardly leave her even after she is dead. Usually balling doesn't lead to the...
  18. Re: five for five introducing newly hatched virgins

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    Re: Queen Cells? Just how fragile are they?

    If they are shaken or bumped at a certain stage their wings can get damaged. I had half a bar in my incubator with bad wings probably injured during transportation maybe on day eight nor nine after...
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    Re: Made splits a day early.

    Folks do it different ways. Putting them in at the same time usually works. If you wait two or three days the'll be trying to raise their own queen and sometimes are not as friendly to the foreign...
  21. Re: five for five introducing newly hatched virgins

    These queens were so fresh that they weren't ready to stretch their wings. You could probably release them in the top. I think the timing was probably the difference in that the nucs were confused...
  22. five for five introducing newly hatched virgins

    Sometimes folks wonder how to introduce virgin queens. Some of my queens started emerging in the hair roller cages as I was drawing bees for mating nucs a few days ago. I had enough cells but I...
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    Re: walk-away-split, end with cell builder?

    A cell builder has to be full of bees. It can be five frames but it has to be full of bees. So full that bees will be hanging off all the cell bars nearly down to the next bar and all the way...
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    Re: Do you use your JZBZ cups more than once?

    Saw the beatingest thing yesterday while working through some hives. I hadn't removed plastic cups in many of the nucs I started last summer. Noticed one hive was drawing a queen cell on their own...
  25. Re: Demaree or 2-queen method - has anyone done this?

    If you put the queen and brood on top of the stack with an excluder underneath, leaving a deep with eggs on the bottom and a few supers between and if they are not already in swarm mode they'll raise...
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