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    Re: Foundationless Supers

    I've not had a problem adding a full foundationless box on top of a completely drawn box and getting wacky comb. The bees seem to just follow direction of the comb below. I have glued popsicle...
  2. Re: Need advice on supering from those familiar with Tim Ives's methods.

    It's always tough those first years of getting enough drawn comb. I believe Tim only uses one super of Foundation and the rest drawn. That one undrawn he sets atop the 3rd deep. I base that on...
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    Re: Changing entrance location

    I'd just duct tape again overnight and seal the hole back up. It might cause some confusion on the landings for a day or two, but they will adapt quickly and within two weeks they should be back to...
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    Re: Marking Swarm Queens

    Every year I buy 2 color pens, this year it was the standard green and neon green. When I want to mark a queen as special, she gets the neon green. I just use a variant of the year though, that way...
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    Re: Where to get a queen quick?

    The old axiom "You can get good, cheap and quick. Pick 2" holds with Queens. So to get a good queen quick normally means it will be expensive. Your best bet is to reach out to fellow local...
  6. Thread: Liability

    by Karolus

    Re: Liability

    The Collin County Hobby Beekeeper Association had a member who is a lawyer give a presentation on the legal issues of keeping bees in the Dallas Metroplex.

    He also went over the only case he was...
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    Re: English Buckfast mystery

    My understanding of how the Weavers produced "pure" Buckfast bees was artifical insemination and repeating the process on daughters until they believe they had a "pure" buckfast bee. I don't know...
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    Re: Hello, from Texas!

    Heh, well that would be going back about 20+ years to the meetings at the Museum, I'm not sure when they stopped using the Museum and switched to the Heard Craig Center. I just double checked the...
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    Re: Hello, from Texas!

    Since you are new, and located in the city that hosts the Collin County Hobby Beekeeping association, I'd recommend you attend a few meetings and take advantage of their monthly lectures. In fact...
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    Re: Top Entrances and Robbing?

    I've just started playing with top entrances this year. I ran a couple of hives with wide open top and bottom entrances. Here in Texas with the blistering summers I wanted to see if it would have a...
  11. Re: Going foundationless - What to do with the wax foundation from my hive kit?

    The main reason I hear people going to foundationless is to avoid the chemical build up in wax. If that's your goal trash the foundation complete and use a wooden guide, craft sticks work great. If...
  12. Re: Are you trying to introduce more genetic variety to your apiaries?

    Yes, I want to test new lines and after proven success in my yards will incorporate them into my stock.
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    Re: Hive Tracks is still churning

    Very nice site, I just discovered it based off this thread. That said, besides nucs, I know a few of us use top entrances, any plans to add those down the line?
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    Re: Bee Weaver bees....worth the price?

    When I returned to beekeeping a few years ago, I started with BeeWeaver packages, 4 of them. I staggered their arrival over a month, so I could establish 2 hives and move them. The first two...
  15. Thread: TF Bee Sources

    by Karolus

    Re: TF Bee Sources

    I've bought BeeWeaver Queens and I've been happy with them. Hardy bee, splits well, and is a bit more defensive than I'd prefer but not so much that I cannot handle them. The simple reason I'm...
  16. Re: Transitioning from Deeps/Foundation to Mediums/Foundationless

    Personally as soon as it was warm enough to open the hive this spring I'd throw a medium box on. While bees tend to avoid to working a completely empty box of foundationless you can help force the...
  17. Re: Weight of just the honey in a medium frame?

    it will vary based on how many frames are in a box and how far the bees can draw out the comb. For 10 frames in a 10 frame box, it's about 3 lbs for a full frame. For 9 frames in a 10 frame box,...
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    Re: Triple Deeps, Benefits of Larger Hives

    I'm interested in experimenting with the larger hive. I run all mediums, so my base size is 4 boxes, 10 frames. They are all foundationless, started with a bee weaver Queen in one that superseded...
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    Re: beekeeping HOA restrictions question

    I would start with my immediate neighbors, confirm none of them are against your bees. Have them sign something to that affect. If any are against them, you've pretty much lost before you've begun....
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    Re: Would you requeen this hive?

    Patience....I'd recommend watching them, learning from them. Given you hived this swarm just about 7 Weeks ago, it's far to early to know how they will end up. Each hive will develop differently. ...
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    Re: Honey Prices 2013

    I'm getting $12 a lb in muth jars. I'm marketing it treatment free honey. It's gone over well enough that I sold out my crop this year in a weekend. I'm hoping we get a fall flow this year.
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    Re: Equipment Supplier

    I use western bee, and I will be for the foreseeable future. Great prices and good customer service will keep me going back.
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    Re: Small Cell Foundation

    if its truly a shallow, I'd put the frames in a shallow, put it on the bottom and then add a deep on top for them to grow into. then next year flip the boxes, it minimizes the lost comb from having...
  24. Re: Compensation - Grower or Beekeeper (Pollinator)?

    I'd suggest that you try to find an arrangement where you both are happy with it, and agree to revisit it from year to year. You very well could benefit from his bees, perhaps as much as he will...
  25. Re: Any solutions for a queenless hive that rejects new queens?

    I'd give it one more week, and if you've still have no larva, I'd shake the hive out about 30' away, introduce a frame with eggs and larva to the hive. Of course I'm in Texas, so chilling the brood...
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