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    Re: Honey Bound?

    You have a hive started six week ago. One deep brood box is full of brood etc a super is filled with honey and some drone brood
    What is the problem? Sounds good to me. If you want a larger brood...
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    Re: Swarm is at outside of entrance

    Take one of your drawn combs out and fill one side with syrup. Make a one to one syrup, then poor it into the comb. Do this slowly, it will seep into the cells. You can thump it a bit to dislodge...
  3. Re: What are the benefits of feeding syrup?

    Feeding syrup can be used to stimulate the wueen to start laying.
  4. Re: All kinds of craziness, hoping for advice.

    I would have cut and removed combs on frames. Put in new box. Then filled out with new frames. I would then put package box above that. I would take box and remove screen and cut away any parts...
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    Re: two hives, totally different

    If there are frames of just capped honey I would move them up and put empty frames or drawn come a couple of frames over from center.

    Ie move honey up and put empties at 3 and 8 if its ten frame...
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    Re: Trying the "snake oil"

    I have managed to buy bees that were trained to make all of these actigve ingredients and mix them in just the right proportions and apply them correctly.

    When I get a hive that seems week in this...
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    Re: Killing The Bees

    Perhaps more important than local bees are local queens.
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    Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    Don't want to be the only one not to post this thread. LOL

    I am amazed at the emotional connections people are making about this product. If this was a new, game machine, kitchen appliance, sex...
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    Re: Brood Boxes

    Some people feel the deep frames make for better laying patterns and such.

    Another benifit is that most people use deeps for brood boxes and its easier to aquire a frame of brood or buy nucs from...
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    Re: Hive from package bees - overcrowded

    I would not switch things back. The productive queen is in a box somewhere, and will likely get to work. The queens are where they are give it a week or so and check to see which hives have eggs or...
  11. Re: fixing a colony's microflora/ecosystem (practical experiences/studies)

    It makes sense that a frame from a strong healthy hive would innoculate a weak hive with microbes that might be lacking.

    The next question would be what negative microbes were present and will...
  12. Re: My experience with 9 frame extractor from Brushy Mountain.

    What keeps it from rolling away from the honey tank?
  13. Re: Dadant Ranger Hand-Crank, out of balance right out of the box

    Is the bearing in place? Sometimes they stick to the bottom of the stump under the basket and end up in the packaging, or on the floor or something.
  14. Re: Noticed a gap in between top feeder and broodbox.

    My first woodware was homemade and who knows how old when it was given to me.

    I used mud to fill gaps. Just poor some water on some red clay I had loosened up and stuck clay mud in gaps.
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    Re: Two deeps or one...?

    Depends on the strength. I run 1 or two. Its nice to have some with two, I can rearrange the frames in them and help weaker or new boxes.
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    Re: New queen laying and tasted honey

    You can always take honey the first year. You just have to use common sense. If that super is looking good in a couple weeks, or if the brood box starts filling with lots of honey, give them an...
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    Re: removing bees from supers

    I used a plastic queen excluder with paper towels taped to it. I then sprayed with some of that almond smelling stuff.

    Worked great. put it in the top super a minute or so, then lifted it off amd...
  18. Re: My experience with 9 frame extractor from Brushy Mountain.

    As long as I can sit and hear honey rain while turning the crank, I think I can stand it. Of course im inside with a cold beversge, and a nice flat screen. That raining sound never got old this...
  19. Re: Is it time to add a second super? HELP!

    Its not uncommon for bees to neglect the outer frames in a box, especially a 10 frame box.
  20. Re: Having a Hard Time Getting Hive Started

    Maybe you are not queenless after all. You have both drone and worker brood on the pics.

    If you have another box perhaps you can start another hive with the new queen, or put a divider in that...
  21. Re: Nuc is slimed....Can I save the queen?!

    Bees looking great, lawn mower inspection.

    Was doing some mowing after sun was back out long enough to dry thing up enough.

    It was interesting to see the bee activity increase and liven up as...
  22. Re: Any idea what this plant is, and if it is good for honey?

    Looks like what we call ligustrums.
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    Re: Anybody know what this bee is doing?

    Mine do that when they drop a contact lens. I really hate putting them back in. "No, I meant 3 eyes up and two over to MY right"
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    Re: Extracting without extractor?

    If your combs are well attached all around or mostly at top and bottoms of frame, they will likely make it through extraxting with out wire, or you can our rubber bands in place for extra support. ...
  25. Re: My experience with 9 frame extractor from Brushy Mountain.

    It was cleaned to remove wax flakes and sticky residue. A plastic pastry scraper had been used to get the sides and bottom comepletely clean down to the touch of sticky.

    We got almost a pint by...
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