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    Re: Mean bees? (Yes, ANOTHER question!)

    Sounds like you have some mean bees. I like mine to be a little on the mean side. Seems to me a good indicator of a strong hive. The following for long distance I wouldn't out up with. If I was you...
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    Re: 5 gal sugar syrup recipe

    Remember the old saying A pints a pound the world around. I buy sugar in 10 lb or 20 lb bags when feeding. 20lb sugar mixed with 10qts of hot water will give you 4 gallons of 1 :1 syrup. I also add...
  3. Re: Help with Expenisve Breeder queen introduction problem

    This worked for me this past weekend as I split and requeened 6 hives. I had a couple hives after 1 hour of being queen less very defensive towards caged queen (mated). I took a empty hive body...
  4. Re: The difference between retarded and brilliant?

    Honey 4 all is not what I call grumpy. He is what I call a straight shooter. Tells it like it is sugar coating.
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    Re: First Year Split?

    If you want more detail regarding splits buy the book Increase Essentials. Being your first time you will be fired up to make split then open hive get started then loose every bit of confidence.
  6. Re: Ordered my Extractor, Now What Else Should I Get?

    If you run 10 frames in your supers then get a capping punch roller. If 9 frames in supers then a good sharp bread knife or hot knife. The roller is really fast but works better with shallower comb...
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    Re: Summer Feeding

    If u use a boardman I would put it all the way to one side. The place an entrance reducer next to it. That way your feeder is on one side and your entrance is on other. Keep your entrance about 5 in...
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    Re: Educate me on foundationless

    I regret not using foundation from the start as well as sbb . If it works for you then roll with it. Try it a few at a time.
  9. Re: Splitting after swarm cells - how to control re-swarm?

    X3......2 mediums not alot of room for a strong hive. We here in SC run 1 deep 1 med then supers..
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    Re: Bee management plan

    I feel your pain. There is a learning curve indeed. I thought when I first started that because no one around me has bees I shouldn't have any pest issues. Wrong !!!!! The pests come with the bees....
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    Re: Beetles. Frames completely slimed.

    Some times failure is a hard pill to swallow. Don't discount the experience gained. You have seen first hand the damage that shb can do when a hive is weak. Lesson learned is to keep hives strong and...
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    split decision

    I am splitting 2 hives tomorrow. I have 20 frames of drawn comb. Some frames have a good bit of capped drone cells. I froze them to kill before they hatched. These were from my drone laying queen...
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    Re: Screened bottom boards

    I make my own which are similar to the one made by Green Bee Hives. I fill the tray with diatomaceous earth. Doesn't do any ventilation but sure keeps a handle on hive beetles. I personally don't...
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    Re: Smoker recommendations?

    My mann lake stainless steel with plastic bellow never has done that. It has a grate that suspends the fuel from the bottom. I Am Sure THE Dadant Is A Good One also.
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    Re: Only 1 out of 2 splits worked

    I would buy a mated queen and save the split. Follow Harry Vanderpool 's method for installing queens.
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    Re: inner covers

    I use telescoping covers with no inner covers. The inner cover gives hive beetles more room to hide. The covers are not hard to get off. With our heavy rains I like the telescoping cover.
  17. Re: May have sentenced 3lb. package to death by USPS.

    Come on Honey 4 all...we southerners like to share. Hive beetles with Christmas bows on their know we received them as a gift too.
  18. Re: Requeen + 12 days. Some older, open brood, but that's it.

    I think your hive will be fine. I would donate a frame of capped brood from other hive. Shut the box up and not bother them for 2 weeks. You have a new queen you need to give her a chance. Your...
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    Re: Laying worker hive

    Are you sure it's laying workers and not drone laying queen? What is drone brood pattern like? Is it sporadic , and multiple eggs in each cell and more to the side of cell than bottom center? I...
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    Re: Sucsessful Queen Introduction tips.

    Harry it has been 10 days. I have followed your introduction tips to a T. I checked hive today and the queen has been released and is laying like crazy. I found her on a frame while reversing frames...
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    Re: What to do with a swarm queen?

    Well said Harry.
  22. Thread: Beeswax

    by Bkwoodsbees

    Re: Beeswax

    Sugar syrup 1:1 mix is close to nectar and encourages the bees to build comb. Honey is stored food and does not encourage the bees to build comb because it does not fool the bees to think there is a...
  23. Re: Day 14 inspection of two new hives - looking good so far

    Yes capped brood is a light tan on new drawn comb. I would not equalize until early fall if needed. Remember every time you open broodnest you set them back a bit. I would do routine inspection every...
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    Re: Sucsessful Queen Introduction tips.

    Yes I did place cage horizontal. Good idea if vertical place candy down. Queen supplier told me to leave attendants in cage and after few days they would be accepted as well. Thanks for reply....
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    Re: How's the flow going for you?

    Like SNL said here in SC early heavy rains that came often and stayed a week at the time killed our early flow. BlackBerry is about done and gallberry is almost done. I am glad I planted a couple...
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