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    Re: Make Nuc Entrance Disc

    I use plastic closures from sea salt tubs .They are 65mm diameter and have a central swivel closing mechanism with a hole approx. 20 x 10 mm wide which you can close to a smaller gap as required. I...
  2. Re: Uh Boy... Moved the Hive Fifty Feet; Thinking of Moving It Back

    The rule for moving hives is no more than 3 feet , no less than 3 miles .Its no wonder you had a problem.
  3. Re: How many boxes do you winter your bees in ?

    We keep our bees in British Nationals in the UK midlands. We use 2 deeps but with wide dummy boards to reduce the space to give 9 frames in each. This is not just for the winter , we have this...
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    Re: 4 week old split no eggs. Suggestions?

    Bee patient ! Don't go ordering queens. Last year we had to wait at least a month before we saw any eggs / new brood and it was along time after that until we saw the new queens. They don't do...
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    Re: Cleaning Frames from Previous Season?

    That's the way I do it . It helps a lot if you put washing soda (sodium carbonate) in the water at a 20% level. It cleans them even better and dissolves the propolis and wax. Then wash with clean...
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    Re: Why or why not Carniolans?

    We have Carnies. They are a good bee - they are very gentle, are good foragers and overwinter really well being frugal with stores. - Spring build up can be very rapid as we found this year - we...
  7. Re: What's the best way to get bees out of supers for extracting?

    Get a rhombus bee escape . screw it to the underside of a cover / crown board with an eke underneath and leave it for up to 24 hrs by which time almost all the bees , apart from a few stragglers,...
  8. Re: Looks like I got took on my first set of nucs...

    I'm sure you have some official guidelines in the US , but you may find this useful - best practice guidelines 5 & 8 of
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    Re: Washing Gloves

    I use the same stuff that I clean the hive tool with between inspecting hives ie washing soda diluted 300g to a litre of water. This will get rid of the propolis and kill any bugs. Rinse it off with...
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    Re: What are your plans and goals for 2014?

    This is my first year beekeeping so my immediate concern is to get the bees through the winter ok. I have left them with full supers of stores plus whatever is in the brood boxes. I have the...
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    Re: Sugar syrup with fungus

    My book says get some thymol and dissolve it in surgical spirit or denatured alcohol at a concentration of 30g thymol to 150 ml of solvent. Add 10 ml of this to each 4.5 litres ( 1 imperial gallon )...
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    Sticky: Re: Bulk honey prices and market outlook

    I wouldn't know about bulk wholesale prices but here in the UK single source honey from a producers own hives retails at 5 per pound and it's worth it !
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