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    Re: Top Bar Nuc = Swarm Trap?

    Well, I'm surely no expert, but it sounds similar to what I've read. I'm trying out the 12" deep version myself. I also slapped a roof on it that is secured with a couple of bungee cords. (quite...
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    Re: Top bar hive questions for newbie

    I am a first year top bar hive person, too. I read Wyatt Mangum's book : . I think his designs and methods are pretty solid, but I don't really have much experience. I...
  3. Re: Sold off frame equipment, going to Top Bars

    Wyatt mentions queen rearing, nuc production, and selling packages with TBHs. Of course I am new TBH beekeeper and have NO experience with such things. I did model my two hives and feeders off of...
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    New Top Bar Hives

    Just figured I'd post in here since I've read almost everything here (well.....maybe).

    I started my two hives with packages last week. One is doing well; the other no so much. Of course this...
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    New Top Bar Beekeeper

    Hello, I just put two packages in new top bar hives last week (not sure one is doing too well). Figured I'd introduce myself since I've been browsing the forums.

    I'm brand new to beekeeping and...
  6. Re: First hives put together and set up! Now all we need are bees!


    The hives look great. I actually just built two top-bar hives and will be getting a couple packages tomorrow (though the weather is making me nervous). I look forward to hearing an update...
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