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  1. Are Japanese Pieris poisonous to my bees?!?!?!

    Well it is spring time and that mean yard work and honey-do lists... First item on my list was to take the girlfriend to Lowe's so she could buy flowers and shrubs for the front area of our house. I...
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    Re: This may be crazy but....

    As a mechanical engineer I have seen (and designed) some very cool and crazy things... That "wild" comb is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen! :eek:

    After the initial "WOW" factor and...
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    Re: Clover Planting Question

    I just moved to a rural area on 3 acres of land. About 2.5 acres of it was grass and weeds. I cleared it and broadcasted white clover the first week of September along with some annual rye. The...
  4. Should I use my dying hive to build comb for next years bees?

    Long story short. I had a swarm catch, it wasn't doing too well, I re-queened, It still wasn't doing well, I added frames of capped brood from a healthier hive, it started doing much better, then I...
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    Re: Ideas for limiting manual labor for beeks.

    I am an engineer and I hate this stereotype... Im not saying the stereotype isnt there for a reason. Im just saying I hate it because not all of us are like this. I am 25 and have been working as an...
  6. Re: Ultrabreeze vs Pigeon Mountain Ventilated

    This was the first thing I noticed about my UltraBreeze Jacket. It was incredibly heavy when I took it out of the box. I felt a little uneasy as it was 103F and no breeze the day I got it. I put it...
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    Re: 2012 Location? MO? IL? KY?

    I am a member of the Three Rivers Beekeepers ( club and there is a guy in our club who I believe is on the board for this. He spoke about it possibly coming to Missouri in...
  8. Re: Will my Spring Swarm catch survive the winter?

    I did not destroy the swarm cells because I could not find the queen and did not want to risk making the colony queenless. Of the dozen or so swarm cells I found 3 of them were open when I opened...
  9. Re: Will my Spring Swarm catch survive the winter?

    Well I checked the hive again today and didn't find the queen. Is is the third time I have opened the hive in the last week and have not find the queen. Being that the hive is only about 8 full...
  10. Re: Will my Spring Swarm catch survive the winter?

    Ok I did as we discussed above in the thread and added another frame of brood from my good hive to my swarm. I also was afraid they were running out of room and becoming honey bound in the brood box....
  11. Re: Will my Spring Swarm catch survive the winter?

    So was my thought that the Swarm's queen wasn't laying a lot because she didn't have enough nursery bees to keep up with supply? Is that why when I added that frame of broom the colony became much...
  12. Re: Will my Spring Swarm catch survive the winter?

    You are correct on the configuration that is set up. I know it is odd. My dad started it this way and I inherited it from him. I would have done it differently but too late now.

    My dilemma is...
  13. Thread: Bee Suits

    by bullitt02797

    Re: Bee Suits

    I have an Ultra Breeze Jacket with zip on veil. I opted to just get the jacket instead of the full suit because of the price. I just bought a cheap pair of white painters pants and my snake boots and...
  14. Re: Will my Spring Swarm catch survive the winter?


    Thank you for your response.

    I knew I would end up leaving out important info. When I say two mediums what I actually have is two medium boxes with only 10 frames in the top box. Most...
  15. Re: Will my Spring Swarm catch survive the winter?

    I just saw I put this in the wrong section. Please move it if need be.
  16. Will my Spring Swarm catch survive the winter?

    Sorry if this is long but I dont want to leave any info out that may be important. I am a new beek and am trying to learn.

    My dad caught this swarm late May/early June (not sure specifically...
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    Re: Hornet Predation on Honey Bees

    I was under the impression that bees can sting other insects multiple times without the ill side effects. I seem to remember reading something about its our flesh that the barb hooks into and with...
  18. Re: Got stung twice but why the different reactions?

    Same thing happens to me. I have been stung about 20 times this year. Until last wee the only reaction I would have is a little bump that itched just like a misquito bite.

    However while working...
  19. Re: Video: 30 hornets vs. 30,000 bees. WARNING!!!: Violence

    While the video above may depict the Asian Giant Hornet, I have 100% certainty that the what I have is European Hornets. I have killed dozens so far and have compared the bodies to many different...
  20. Re: Video: 30 hornets vs. 30,000 bees. WARNING!!!: Violence

    I have a bad problem with European hornets in my area. They are absolutely huge. I was afraid for the hives that I am planning on moving to my backyard next week so I did some research on them.
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    Re: What are these black bees??????

    I would be interested if anyone knows about the black bees. I too have seen these in the swarm I recently re-queened. I assumed they were just the new genetics but I could be wrong.

    As for the...
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