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    Split or add a third deep?

    I'm a 2nd year guy located in Massachusetts. I re-queened one of my hives last fall and it did very well over the winter. Last week I inspected and found nearly no eggs or larva. Lots of empty...
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    Re: Wax Re-Used - From outside the hive?

    Wow, I was just wondering about this. I took a frame of honey the other day and did a crush and strain. I feel that another hive I have may be a little behind, so I placed the left over wax and...
  3. Re: Need advice on bees not using neighbor's fountain

    Research shows...or at least showed, that a certain amount salt added to water is the most attractive.

    If my HS chemistry class...
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    Re: Does this look like a swarm?

    Looks like they are just cooling off. From what I've seen, bees exiting for a swarm play "follow the leader and form lines as they leave the entrances
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    Re: Bee Sting Question

    Well stings are nothing to play around with, you should really see a doctor regarding the situation.

    That being said...After being stung on the wrist earlier this year in the AM...I had little...
  6. Re: Any queens available in the keene nh area?

    Try Alan at He's in CT but I think he will mail to you. I introduced one of his queens to a queenless hive. She was released, accepted in a few days and has been going great...
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    The feelings of Bees.

    Hi all,

    My "I don't believe you're keeping bees" brother sent me this. Enjoy.
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    Re: Hive problems--------help--------help

    I'm not sure I get the problem. Young larva indicates presence of a queen in the last few days. If you're concerned that there are no eggs, or less brood, I gotta think that's normal for this time...
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    Re: Unveiling....

    I like the simple design. Keep at it. I'm sure you will have have several "AHA" moments and wonder where the original mistakes over sites came from. What tools are you using for edits?

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    Re: Extractor sharing protocols.

    I'm not sure I understand the concept here. Are you trying to make money? Did you buy the machine with that in mind? Pardon me for this but a few things come to mind.

    If you earn your living...
  11. Re: Anyone who complains about the price of honey...

    Wow, I'm not going to start (who am I kidding) but I think that there is about to be an economics argument here.

    I'll start with this: Packard had a great product too. The autos were just too...
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    Re: Dozen/case of wide mouths for $9.20

    I think the China jars are labeled Better Homes and Garden.
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    Re: pumpkin field 1-2 air mile away

    I have close to an acre of pumpkins 40 yards from my hives. Th bees don't even give them a glance. Seems as though alot of male flowers, not many females this year. Maybe thats the reason?
  14. Re: Can I get a logic check on my "no larva no egg situation"?

    Although I'm concerned a bit, I'm all for letting the bees handle stuff. I'm going to assume that they know best for now and see hat I find next week. I actually have some people things to take care...
  15. Re: Can I get a logic check on my "no larva no egg situation"?

    I was not able to find the queen, but the colony is currently two deeps, and very very full of bees. Actually seeing the queen is very large task. I would not say for certain that she is or is not...
  16. Re: Can I get a logic check on my "no larva no egg situation"?

    No, what I mean is that there aren't any queen cells, queen cups, swarm cells, etc at all.
  17. Can I get a logic check on my "no larva no egg situation"?

    I have one first year hive that has been doing fine. I noticed a slow down in the queens production last week. Nothing I though to worry about though. Today I find no larva, no eggs with plenty of...
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    Re: Honey so far?

    I'm Happy so far. Looking forward to a bit more honey.....Then making sure My bees winter over. Hives seem healthy. Learning a lot in my first year back
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    Re: bees building queen cells

    I think we need to know more. Supercedure (natural queen replacement) are NORMALLY on the top 1/2 pf the frame. Cells near or at the bottom are more likely to indicate swarming is near.

  20. Re: bees "grooming" front of hive - whats going on ?

    looks like wash boarding to me, but as you pan away from the hive it looks like a lot of bearding too. Are they overcrowded?
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    Re: A sad day for a beekeeper

    I have to agree here one sting tells you you made a mistake, two tells you that you are not listening....Twenty tells you that you need to be someplace else. My sting from the other day is still...
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    Re: A sad day for a beekeeper

    I actually got stung on the back of the wrist yesterday, around 11AM. I noticed the sting, took the stinger out right away and did not even feel it again until 7 or 8 pm. Then it got very sore and...
  23. Re: is it worth it to build your own supers and hive bodys?

    This topic is actually something I wrestled with when I started. The conclusion I came to was:

    If you have the tools it can be cheaper. Lets face it you have tools and saws for SOME reason, and...
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    Re: Need cheap 1x12 wood for hive body's

    Good luck on this one. Lumber prices went up about 20% after the tornado in Joplin....and that was in Mass. I'd take an extra day and glue up some boards to get the right width
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    Question about open queen cells

    Good evening. I have a first year hive, last Sunday during inspection I found no larva or eggs, but I did find three queen cells. All were open on the bottom so I thought the bees were rearing a new...
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