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  1. Re: Is it too late to split in Kentucky

    Bee Math has a queen emerging 16 days after the egg was laid or 8 days after being capped. I think what you're referring to is that it takes about a month to get from egg to *laying* queen (hatched,...
  2. Re: Weekend Inspections revealed laying workers in Hive 2...


    *If* I were planning to save the hive, I'd definitely follow Mike's recommendation of adding a new frame each week for 3 weeks. I'm not sure one frame would do it--might depend on how long...
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    Dead white brood but not chalky

    I'm not quite sure what's going on with one of my hives. I'm seeing several close-to-fully formed worker bodies, white but not chalky, littering the bottom of the brood box. The hive sits on a...
  4. Re: How to figure out a queenless hive the easy way

    I had a tiny swarm that happily foraged for about 4 weeks with nothing but a vial of bee lure inside. Got them home, took out the lure, replaced it with a frame of fresh brood, and we're now...
  5. Re: Combined two weak hives success or not?

    I had the same thing happen last year when I tried the newspaper method. Lost a couple of good queens, too, when the newbees decided they didn't like her.

    This year, I've been saturating the bees...
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    Re: Safest Time to Move Q Cell???

    Michael, I came to appreciate your information long ago. Many, many thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

    We actually had some hands-on practice at my queen-rearing class, but my old eyes...
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    Re: Safest Time to Move Q Cell???

    Just got back from moving the Q cell into the queenless nuc. According to the calendar tool, she should be out on Friday, but I'll give her until Sunday just to make sure. Still keeping fingers...
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    Re: what to do after the swarm leaves

    Are you *sure* the bees are from other hives? Can you peek in there first thing in the morning to see if they're clustering?

    I set up a trap and wound up with a tiny cluster of bees from a swarm....
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    Re: Safest Time to Move Q Cell???

    What a great tool! Bookmarked now.

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    Re: Safest Time to Move Q Cell???

    Thanks for the replies & advice. I should have specified this was a naturally raised cell from a donated frame of brood, so I had no idea exactly how old the egg/larvae was. Only had the capping day...
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    Safest Time to Move Q Cell???

    I have a Queen cell that was capped last Thursday/Friday (4-5 days ago) as in Thursday it was open and Friday it was capped. I need to move it into a queenless colony. I can get plenty of comb around...
  12. Re: How often to open hive and check on bees?

    The HARDEST thing for a new beekeeper to learn is PATIENCE.

    For me, inspection timing depend on where the colony is in its life cycle. My biggest hive gets checked once a week right now because...
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    Re: Aggressive Hive

    Is it possible that the queen has failed and she's not producing enough to keep them calm? The reason I'm asking is that I have a trap out with fresh commercial lure and there's a handful of...
  14. Re: Question on frames (med can go in a deep??)

    My 8 year old granddaughter can put frames together by herself. Of course, she's had a lot of those Lowe's Build It workshops under her belt. ;)
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    Re: Whats your favorite feeder?

    I like bucket feeders. I set them on top of an inner cover, surround with an empty super, and put a custom-made screen top to accommodate the height of the bucket. A regular cover goes over the...
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    Re: dearth or flow

    We had an extremely early dearth last year. Imagine my surprise when my formerly gentle Cordovans suddenly turned hotter than a chili pepper. Yep, that's dearth all right...
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    Re: new queen

    Just on the off chance that any remaining larvae is past the right age to become a queen, you might want to toss a frame of brood from another hive in there. They may need some younger brood or you...
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    Tiny Swarm, No Queen

    The nice folks who called me for a swarm last year let me set up a trap next to their house where last year's bees had gotten in. After a few days, a tiny swarm had accepted the nuc trap. Before...
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    Re: Rough Beekeepers.

    One thing I really pride myself on--I do everything I can to avoid disturbing or crushing the bees when I have to open the hive. After all, why would I want to harm my best workers???

    I'm hope...
  20. Re: Disd i use too many frames with old comb?

    I'm in a similar situation re: holding back frames from die outs. I have given my hives enough drawn frames that they can comfortably cover in the center of the brood box, and fill the rest of the...
  21. Re: just looking for a little reassurance

    Queens can be pretty good at hiding. I had a big fat marked Cordovan that "disappeared" for several inspections and then suddenly, there she was. The general rule of thumb is that if you see *eggs*,...
  22. Re: mosquito repellents for yard safe for honey bees

    Pennyroyal & catnip are natural mosquito repellents. Crush the leaves & rub on your skin or clothes. However, I have also gone into the bee house with Deep Woods Cutter on, and it hasn't seemed to...
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    Re: Daddy, do bees Fart?

    My husband suggested looking for drones in tiny naugahyde recliners, holding remotes, and surrounded by empty *really* ripe honey cells. That usually does it for him.
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    Re: Marked Worker???

    Is it possible that the package came from a research facility? The reason I'm asking is my daughter lives near Arizona State, and they frequently see working forager bees with dots of color just as...
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    Re: Question for old pros

    I was advised when installing packages to keep the bees inside the hive for a day or two so they can get adjusted to their new home. I placed the package box inside the deep, and set the feed can...
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