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    Re: lotion

    I like this one:

    1 lb beeswax
    1 lb coconut oil
    1 lb shea butter
    1 lb cocoa butter

    We also include an infusion (used EVOO) with fresh herbs of about 3-6 oz: comfrey, bergomot, chamomille,...
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    Re: new swarm ?

    Saw a couple of drones in the swarm I picked up today in Rocky Ford, Colorado. It hadnt been out of the hive but a few hours....
    A good 3 pounds.
    I also have a question: since this was a very...
  3. Re: How small can a commercial operation bee?

    Does BeeSource have a specific forum for newbies to go find out regs for their own state? I don't know where to go to review Colorado's regulations....
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    Re: Dandant-evaluation of service

    Dadant. I said earlier today that I didnt get my entire order. That was wrong. When I got back home this PM, UPS had been back by and left my last box.... So I did get all of my order w/in 3 days.
  5. New - Santa Fe Trail, SE Colorado

    Well, I've read a lot here and started posting so I thought I had better introduce myself.

    I am a third year keeper with 15 hives with more to come, and have much still to learn. My bees were...
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    Re: Dandant-poor service

    Dadant. I ordered some stuff from the Souix City office via email thursday evening since I had moved & had a new address. They called back Friday morning. I have a bunch of woodware to work on,...
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    Re: Do bees have a conscience?

    Quote from StevenG:
    Is it conscience, or consciousness, that separates animals, including humans, from plants? While I readily affirm that humans have a conscience and a soul, I am not so readily to...
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