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    Re: Two nucs cannibalizing brood.

    I live in Iowa too, and I have some nucs that just haven't taken off when the queen started laying. Upon inspection I noticed that they had honey left from the frame I gave them,but the pollen was...
  2. Re: With no mouths to feed , honey is simply increased !

    This does happen that way, but it is not something for nothing. All that extra honey will be used up to make new bees when the new queen starts to lay to reestablish the hives numbers as the older...
  3. Re: Returning a queen to her original hive

    As a person who spent 15 minutes yesterday trying to find a big fat queen on a frame that I JUST SAW (I wanted to mark her, I never did find her again, finally gave up and put the frame back.) I can...
  4. Thread: ABJ Update

    by green2btree

    Re: ABJ Update

    This is a topic where everyone has already made up their minds. I don't see much point of even discussing it here.

  5. Re: Suggestion for Ultra-breeze suit owners or buyers

    Beekkirk, I would like to see those pictures! What fabric did you use?

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    Re: Dead Out a possible swarm trap?

    Could go either way. I have had swarms move into deadouts, other times they can just sit. It's a roll of the dice. Personally, I would leave it as a swarm trap, unless you really want your duck...
  7. Suggestion for Ultra-breeze suit owners or buyers

    As I was stitching up another rip in my Ultra-breeze suit today it occurred to me. I'm rough on suits. Nothing wrong with the suit, it has generally held up beautifully, but crawling on shingles,...
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    Re: Using a Blacklight to see eggs

    Interesting question. I have no idea, but it is nice to see someone thinking outside the box. I have a hard time seeing eggs, even with reading glasses now a days, so I will be interested in the...
  9. Re: The flower I recommend for you. Rich Pollen/Nectar source

    Sounds like something I should avoid, my property is right next to a prairie reserve in Iowa, and I would not want to introduce a non-native (for Iowa) to that enviroment.

  10. Re: The flower I recommend for you. Rich Pollen/Nectar source

    Dave, when you say "everywhere", how far away from the original planting were you finding it?
    The info I found on it say the seed needs complete darkness to germinate, is the seed very fine?

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    Re: Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome! Remember, "ignorant" questions are what we are here for. Better 20 newbee questions than a dead hive.

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    Re: My recipe/method for sugar blocks

    My nucs are plowing through these as well. I also was glad that I popped some more in the warm day that I had about 2 weeks ago. Most of my full size hives haven't touched them, but they have...
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    Re: How to hold steady at a hive number...

    Alternately, you can get her on board with some aspect of beekeeping. Selling honey, or making beeswax candles perhaps.

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    Re: How to hold steady at a hive number...

    I took such a financial bath trying to breed and sell horses, that my husband is very happy with my new bee obsession. Still have a couple of horses, but no longer spending money like water trying...
  15. Re: Is there a consensus on Screened bottom boards ?

    Hey JW, who uses that kind of pallet? The ones I have always seen just nail boards on top of a shallow box or three runners.

  16. Re: Is there a consensus on Screened bottom boards ?

    Concensus? :lpf::lpf::lpf:

  17. Re: USDA applies for OA registation, Feb 4, 2015

    Just a comment, then I will drop this as going off topic. For nothing to do with patent law they have 4 patents
    And it...
  18. Re: USDA applies for OA registation, Feb 4, 2015

    They didn't patent the drug, they patented the formulation in 2002. The profit margins at the time for existing formulations were so slim that no one wanted to go through the expense of challenging...
  19. Re: USDA applies for OA registation, Feb 4, 2015

    An example - look at Mucinex. Guaifensin is the active ingredient. Guaifensin used to be sold by presciption and over the counter in a fast acting form and a slow release form. It was cheap, and...
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    Re: Northern Spring Feeding

    All my hives have sugar blocks in them, I have had to restock some nucs I have twice now. I will be putting on pollen patties beginning of March, I was mainly curious about syrup feeding early on. ...
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    Northern Spring Feeding

    Question for Northern Beeks - do you feed syrup in the spring to buildup your colonies? So far (I live in Iowa) I find that the window seems narrow, it goes from too cold to feed syrup right to...
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    Re: Boy was i wrong!

    The learning curve is really steep, even when you read as much as you can. I had a year when I put the mouse guards on too late, and I had a few hives with trapped mice. What a mess!

  23. Re: A dearth of knowledge on the knowledge of dearth

    Question to those with observation hives, can you see the workers passing nectar and filling cells? I can hear it now - "I HAD to get an observation hive! How else can I be sure if there is a dearth...
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    Re: Viability of swarms?

    I do swarms and cut outs if they are not too far away. Don't do to many cut outs because I will not do them for free, the people who want it done for free usually have already sprayed them anyway. ...
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    Re: Accidental Beehive

    I would also leave the top hole alone as long as it is small. I would put some rigid foam insulation around the box, and otherwise leave them alone and cross your fingers. If you do put an open...
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