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    Re: Top entrance size

    I have a 1/2" X 1 1/4" vent on my inner covers, the bottom rim being 1/2" so the vent is flush with the plywood board. I use telescoping lids and have them pulled back to block the entrance in summer...
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    Re: carniolan bee cluster ??

    if they are active and and gathered around the innercover hole i'd lay out some dry sugar or fondant on the inner cover until you get to warmer temps where you can feed then liquid to the first...
  3. Re: Nuc size compared to over wintered hive?

    Depending on when you get the nuc and how well the weather and flora preform for you or if you feed to build them up fast, it's possible.

    I had bought packeges one year that were installed may...
  4. Re: Pertaining to the Pacific North West..nectar and pollen dates

    yes, thats a nice patch of it right there. We had yards that were at the 700-900 meters elevation, the fireweed would start around the middle of july (fraser canyon area). That was through the 90's....
  5. Re: Pertaining to the Pacific North West..nectar and pollen dates

    Yeah, the blackberries are hit or miss for sure, most times a miss though. It seems to be they bloom just at the point where you can get heavy rains here and there which knock the petals off, but if...
  6. Re: Introduce virgin queens of a different strain

    A method which is considered fail proof for introducing mated queens and would probably work well for virgins is the hatching brood above a divide board (above a strong hive). the hive below keeps...
  7. Re: Pertaining to the Pacific North West..nectar and pollen dates

    I'm just east of you in the Chilliwack area. Blooms in your area are usually a week earlier then ours.

    The bloom dates fluctuate from year to year by a week or 2 on either side so I'll just give...
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    Re: Pattie supplements

    I think that's because everyone tries to do whats right by their bees and with respect to their location. Jean-marcs recipe works for him and mine (not much different then Jean-marcs recipe) works...
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    Re: Pattie supplements

    I thought that was top secret recipe Jean-Marc, HA HA, JK.

    I learnt a lot in the years that I worked for you JM and the pollen in the cells was one of the coolest and most beneficial things I...
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    Re: Varroa Still a Major Challenge?

    Since I stopped pollination services I've seen a big decrease in losses. In my pollination years my losses were anywhere from 30% to 80%. I don't necessarly say it was the moving or the crops that...
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    Re: Varroa Still a Major Challenge?

    Or the mismanagement of hives. No one wants to admit to beekeeper error.
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    Re: Running two queen colonies

    For my system, I cull the old queen. The broodnest is 3 standards high. The bottom box has the old queen, a double wood bound excluder seperates it from the 2 boxs above with the new queen. It's...
  13. Re: What is the recommended varroa treatment for spring 2015?

    I'm kinda backwards from what Jean-marc does. Strips in the fall and I use formic in both spring and fall (2-3 flash treatments at both times). The early fall strips after the honey is cleared seems...
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    Re: Apiary Laws

    In BC, It's necessary to register a beeyard, It's illegal not to. Which means there are a lot of illegaly placed hives because I know quite a few who don't register. It's more or less just a paper...
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    Re: Running two queen colonies

    Out of the 27 years of keeping bees there might of been 4 years where I didn't run double queens. For the most part I've usually had between 5 to 30 on the go. For me they produce much more honey the...
  16. Re: How to stay focused for prolonged grafting? Music? Coffee?

    I don't sell queens usually and if I do it either a few here and there or within a nuc. So thats the nice thing about grafting mostly for myself, I get to enjoy the experience. I like to make a day...
  17. Re: Newbie here. Looking for advice on how many and sizes for a hive body

    Stacking 3 mediums gives the same height as 2 standards but because of the extra bee space, bottom bar, and top bar, you lose over 140 square inches of comb.

    3 mediums will likely be good for a...
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    Re: Best State to Be a Commercial Beekeeper

    I think being in a state of partial insanity with a slight touch sleep deprivation and anxiety should do the trick.
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    Re: Fall feeders

    last year I used a friends pails to feed in the fall. I think I had about 40 in use then moved them to a new set of hives after the first 40 were done. I did like them. The syrup has to be very thick...
  20. Thread: utresept

    by chillardbee

    Re: utresept

    Here is a copy/paste of a study result from 2004-

    Abstract: Honeybee colonies were randomly divided into three treatment groups of nine (9) colonies each
    and a control group of three (3)...
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    Re: Viability of swarms?

    It's not worth it for commercial folk who can make increase by the numbers. Swarms, depending on when they issue can still produce honey. An after swarm has it's value in a fresh young queen. When...
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    Re: Question about winter/spring build up

    Our first pollen is in february from hazelnuts and at this point there's a little brood happening. I'll be handing out sub prior to this up until the first flow from the maples and dandilions at mid...
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    Re: Confused about winter feeding

    don't go by site alone when judging the amount of stores in your hives. weigh them by lifting the back end of the hive and you should get an idea of their weight. most of my strong hives that have...
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    Re: Russians or Carniolans

    I've had carnis for most of my life in bees. I tried russians for a a couple of years in a few hives but they are not as good at build up and honey production.
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    Re: First time making a split

    In a situation where you can't find the queen, make your split, whether it be a box split or by removing a nuc size amount of bees on 4 frames (honey, pollen, capped brood, eggs) and then 3 days...
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