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  1. Re: Photos of my partial sheet of foundation in deep frames -experiment

    Very interesting Lauri. I may have missed it in this thread, but what is the smallest amount of centrally/vertically placed foundation that you have tried? 1/3? Have you tried less than that? 1/4?
  2. Re: Slingers - A Documentary about Small and Local Beekeepers

    Camera work looks nice. The crack in the wood behind the title kind of makes it read "stingers"... I'll be interested in how it progresses. Especially if it says something that isn't in every other...
  3. Re: Should a new beek start with langs?

    I have found that the learning curve is steeper for the new beekeeper who begins with a TBH. I say this because of the lack of standardization, the near impossibility of finding a tbh nuc, and the...
  4. Re: TF For 5 Seasons of More - Please Stand Up

    Agreed Jim. We're all in this together. No matter what approach we take.

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    Re: Bee-z Smoker ... Any reviews?

    The promo video showing the 'veteran' beekeeper 'trying' to light his smoker from the top with a lighter is insulting to anyone with a clue. That would be where I would stop. A company who would use...
  6. TF For 5 Seasons of More - Please Stand Up

    I'm reaching out to those of you who've now been treatment free for at least 5 seasons. I haven't been very active here for the last year or so, and I'm wanting to check in with you. I'm wondering...
  7. Re: How can you the honey you are buying is not adulterated?

    Agreed. Beekeepers have long enjoyed a "good guy" perception in the eyes of the general public. Keep selling poor quality honey under your own "good name". and the public will wake up. After that,...
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    Re: Mating Nucs

    That's my point though, Brandy. If one does as Lauri is doing, and divides a 10 frame deep into twin 10 mini frames, or twin mini 8's with a feeder - then you're still using the resources of two five...
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    Re: How I winterize my nucs.

    Hey Adrian,

    Do you notice any difference in the hives facing North? Do the South facing hives get going any eariler in the morning or anything like that due to facing the sun more?

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    Re: Mating Nucs

    I don't really understand the benefit to the small frames. Is it that much better to have several tiny frames then two regular deep or medium frames? For instance, Lauri, your divided deeps - why...
  11. Re: What is the smallest "winterable" unit for Northern Climates?

    Thanks for the replies.

    Crofter: I think it's both. If a person was raising a lot of queens and wanted to have a ton of them on hand in the spring, it might be interesting to find out what that...
  12. What is the smallest "winterable" unit for Northern Climates?

    I know this has been discussed in the past, but in light of the fact that so many people have been inspired by Mike Palmer and others to focus effort on wintering nucs, I thought it might be worth...
  13. Re: Why a nuc instead of a full colony?

    Are you still working with 5 frame nucs at all now Mike, or are you switched all over to four?
  14. Looking for junk deeps for swarm traps New England

    I'm looking to find a beekeeper in New England who has junk deeps to give away or sell very cheap. I'm looking to build a bunch of swarm traps, and I like to load them with frames. Using old deeps...
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    Goldenrod vs. Knotweed

    Hello All,

    I'm interested in the importance of japanese knotweed in Northern latitudes. I'm in the Toronto area at the moment, and I've been watching bees and paying attention to what flowers they...
  16. Re: scout bees cleaning out a (potential) new siteż

    Yes, they do. I've maintained swarm traps on my front porch in Halifax for 5 summers now. I have observed bees working and cleaning old combs in a swarm trap for up to 2 weeks before a swarm is...
  17. Huge honey bee losses across Canada dash hopes of upturn (CBC)

    Here's an article talking about Canada's losses being twice what they were last year, and the concerns around that.
  18. Re: Open Feeding : Questionable Practice?

    They don't have bees for honey, but primarily for pollination, so they feed just to make sure they bees have more than they need I guess. Their concern is making sure the hives are heavy going into...
  19. Open Feeding : Questionable Practice?

    I want to start this by saying that I open fed last season, so I'm not out to point fingers, but I'd like your opinion on the practice.

    I have been talking with a friend who has a yard near two...
  20. Re: Has anyone ever heard of using Rock salt in a bee hive?

    Bees like salt.
    Old time swarm hunters used to bait bees with corn cobs which had been soaked in brine and then dried out.

    I've never heard of placing it in a hive, though.

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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Saturday, August 31 in Pereau, Nova Scotia.

    Went to a friend's yard, and heard bees above and beyond the yard's bees. Started looking around, and there was a big swarm about 20 feet outside his...
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    Re: Push in intro cages

    What's the procedure to getting the queen in there? Do you shake off the frame, set her on the comb and then push the cage on over her?
  23. Re: I was on the radio today - talkin' bees.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

    I think the call from the woman about bumblebees was actually a good thing, because I hope that people who heard it got a little info on the difference...
  24. Re: repruccisions of using too much smoke?

    Unless you've for a multi-layered suit like the Ultra-Bee or something, don't plan on the suit stopping stings. I was doing a cut out a couple of weeks ago and we got them mad enough, and they...
  25. Re: Vintage Queen Introducer-How is it used?

    I have two or three of those old drone traps. I got them with a bunch of used gear. I figured they could be useful if you got into I.I. and wanted to collect drones.

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