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  1. Re: Heating Honey in 5-Gal Bucket for Bottling

    I am borrowing it from my parents who make beer and wine...but i don't think there is a controller on it. I will check it out more closely tonight. Thanks for the link!
  2. Re: Heating Honey in 5-Gal Bucket for Bottling

    i used one of these on a 5 gallon bucket and it maintained a temperature of 95F:
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    Re: First time success with escape board

    Can you please post of picture of your escape board?

    does yours have the wood triangles in the center, or are you using the plastic piece that drops in the oval of the inner cover?

  4. Re: Found a yellow jacket nest. Best way to destroy?

    keep an eye on it. I had a nest that would be dead for a couple days and then come back. It was in a cinder-block (CMU) wall and the nest was probably above the entrance. The Sevin dust was...
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    Re: Does anyone recognize this extractor?

    Earlier this summer I bought a used Dandant 2 frame extractor that is constructed very similar to your images. the cages inside are expanded metal, and the covers and hinged on top are nearly...
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    Re: Sting Home remedies?

    This was mentioned at one of our local club meetings at the beginning of summer. A club member was at a park with some friends and one of the kids got stung between the toes by a honeybee on clover....
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    Re: Winter quilt AND candy, or bad idea?

    last winter, here on the south side of Indy, my 3 hives each had a candy board and a quilt board and made it thru the winter fine.

    My mom's 2 hives, 1/2 mile away, had a candy board only and no...
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    Re: homemade extractor in progress

    if you have a variable speed drill and the router controller won't control it, you have to change how the switch is wired...which requires disassembly of the drill.

    This is the drill i have: ...
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    Re: homemade extractor in progress

    this is the type of bearing i am using both top and bottom:
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    Re: homemade extractor in progress


    Did this work for you? What are you using the router controller to control...a drill?

    If it didn't let me know and i'll tell you how i got mine to work.

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    Re: Harvesting a single frame

    my mom does this:

    uncap with a fork and put the frame upside down in one of the gray plastic "bus boxes" like this:
    she then covers it with...
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    Re: What air compressor do you have?

    why do you want oil-free?
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    Re: How do you spot eggs?

    for some reason, the color of light put out by the cheap $1.99 LED flashlights make the eggs "glow" and easy to see. I started using one on a day that it was overcast and it made a huge difference. ...
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    Re: Reversing Brood Boxes


    For your area, when (approximately) would you start moving the frames around using this method?

  15. Re: I won't be in town when my bee package arrives

    if you punch a hole in the top of the can, all of the syrup will run out the bottom since there is not longer a "vacuum" holding it in there...
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    Re: Can I put fish in a water source?

    if you use a fountain, put it on a timer to only come on at night. That will put air in the water and cool it, but not bother the bees.

    also, i found that using a short section of copper tubing...
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    Re: swarm trap placement

    What is your preferred method for shimming/adjusting the french cleat or boxes to make them level?

  18. Re: Extractor Made from 201 Stainless vs 304 Stainless

    If you have minor rust at the welds, that can be fixed pretty easily

    First, take a product like CLR, apply it to the rusty areas and let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub it off with one of the...
  19. Hive on the shoulder of I-65 between Indy and Louisville

    I'm not sure where to post this, so feel free to move this to the appropriate place:

    I was headed South on I-65 out of Indy yesterday and around noon saw a white single Deep 10 frame hive body and...
  20. Re: What to do with partial frames of nectar/syrup

    I ended up doing a modified #5 on Saturday and did not flip the frames upside down.

    The temps were in the low 40's. when i opened the hive, there were bees up in this deep box. So, i took the...
  21. Re: What to do with partial frames of nectar/syrup

    so by "inverted frames" you mean actually put them in upside down?

    I will do this by putting the inner cover on the deep box, and then flipping it over.

    What is the reason?

  22. Re: What to do with partial frames of nectar/syrup

    Another great idea, thanks!

    What should i do with the wet frames after extracting? I don't have enough freezer space for them.
  23. Re: What to do with partial frames of nectar/syrup

    Thanks for the ideas!

    Any other opinions or idea?

    I'm pretty close to option 5 right now, i just need to put an inner cover between the medium and the deep that is on top of it.

  24. What to do with partial frames of nectar/syrup

    I had a weak hive that was robbed by yellow jackets until it absonded. More on that here:

    Now, i...
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    Re: Yellow Jackets robbing hive how to stop

    Or, should i take the deep box with 8 frames, and put it under the deep and medium...?
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