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    Re: Buying hives

    Good advice! Any equipment or bees I sell get an inspection.
  2. Re: Next winter I am storing my hives in the root cellar at the farm!

    They have mites, missed putting it down.
  3. Re: Placing a Hive order toay, but have questions

    5 years ago I ordered budget graded supers and deeps from Mann Lake. I am just finishing with the second coat of paint.

    I started with 8 frame. My partner in bees started with 10 frame. He is...
  4. Re: Next winter I am storing my hives in the root cellar at the farm!

    A variety of things have been killing them off over the years...
    -just disappear
    -not sure, piles of bees

    Just one more idea to try I guess.
  5. Next winter I am storing my hives in the root cellar at the farm!

    I am sick of dead outs.

    Two beekeepers I know have over wintered the bees in the basement. They rig tubes leading to the outside so food and flights can be done.

    My root cellar is at our old...
  6. Re: not dead until they are warm and dead

    All my deadouts were in a big pile on the bottom board. I took all mine in to freeze frames and re paint boxes and bottom boards.
  7. Re: Choosing the right hive for a comb honey super

    I spread my comb honey production between the hives. With 12 supers for the season, I try for 6 with comb honey. I do not sell a lot of BTW....
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    Re: Thin Comb in Medium Frames

    I buy the Rite Cell foundation. Then I cut it into small strips, then nail it into the groove on the frame. The bees have no issue drawing the comb out.

    Walla!!! Comb honey. I do it every...
  9. Re: Bees Died, How to Store Comb/Honey Until Next Year

    I never heard of storing the boxes or frames in bags. They will not rot or grow mold?
  10. Re: How long can I use the same comb?

    Very vinegar used to release toxins, or kill pests?
  11. Re: Hope coffee grounds in the compost pile aren't bad for the bees

    I recently connected with a beekeeper who works bees with a friend from Argentina. Down there they keep bees on the coffee farm. They take the used grounds and spread them around the hives, it...
  12. Re: How long can I use the same comb?

    Thanks for the comments. I brought my freezer to the shop and plan on freezing them for a day or two, just to nuke wax
  13. How long can I use the same comb?

    I have been using the same frames and comb on my deeps the last couple years. The wax is dark, and of course after the bees die, it does have a sweet smelly odor.

    No diseases. The last packages...
  14. Re: Preparing to order my 8-frame medium hives ....

    I ordered MannLake budget equipment 5 years ago. I am in the process of sanding, new paint right now. All the boxes, and frames are in great shape. The top covers are in new condition, and the...
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    Re: Buying Bees in WI

    You may be better off buying bees from the Dadant branch in Watertown. I install my bees in mid April which seems to work out just fine. Typically they stop feeding by early May.
  16. Re: Will these lids fit a mason jar??

    Good, I will call. Thank you.
  17. Will these lids fit a mason jar??

    Mason jar size??
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    Re: New hive bearding...

    Turns out the bees were building comb on the inner cover. I put them down in the deep, and they started moving into the regular frames.

    I am going to guess I will have to cut the comb, and...
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    Re: New hive bearding...

    No, I have a deep with 8 frames, Then a super for a spacer, then inner cover. They are bearding on the inner cover.
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    New hive bearding...

    I put a 2# package in the other day. The next day they were all bearded and hanging on the bottom of the inner cover. No bees are in the deep, that has already drawn out comb.

    I pulled the queen...
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    Bees not storing honey!!

    I added supers to my hives in late July. As of last week, several have not filled the supers with any comb or honey. The supers look the same as if they were added yesterday.

    The hives appear...
  22. Why so packed with bees???

    I have been pulling supers today and yesterday. They hives are packed with bees! One hive I am sure swarmed, but full of bees! Two hives I think they are getting ready to swarm as it appeared they...
  23. Re: Dead and dying bees on the ground?

    I agree with the above comments. Also, if bees cannot fly due to weather, they will clean house.
  24. Re: Third Year Beekeeping kicks off today

    Those ingredients you sprayed sound like a tasty salad dressing! Minus the Honey B. I plan on setting mine in this afternoon.
  25. Re: keeping a package in the house for 2 days?

    I think I see the sun...:pk:
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