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    Re: "Keyboard Beekeepers" ?

    Don't forget the 'gotta have the last word' types.
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    Re: Simple Cut out question

    The best part of this hobby is the ability to try out 'new stuff', on your own with no one looking over your shoulder and telling you about how their third cousin's uncle's daughter-in-law's former...
  3. Re: is it ok to use 11/16 instead of 3/4 for boxes?

    Not worth worrying about if...IF you keep INTERIOR dimensions the same, and as has been said, are religious about frame rest depth

    Or make the OUTSIDE the same size, and spread out the frames via...
  4. Re: What are your plans and goals for 2014?

    Catch as many swarms and do as many trap-outs and cut-outs as possible.

    Then split and distribute the offspring to as many new beekeepers as possible...three of my four sons want to get back into...
  5. Re: what's your worst bee sting experience?

    Back in the 80's

    Carrying a double deep

    Thought they were stapled together....WRONG

    40 + stings on forearms, looked like the Michelin Man
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    Re: Best gloves.

    well, that link didn't work as expected

    follow it and then scroll down a bit to

    Model # HD13500/LLCW9
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    Re: Best gloves.

    I was looking around at Home Depot and found these
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    Re: Quick Ground removal

    1) they want the bees gone ASAP 2) no digging is allowed.

    Those are mutually exclusive conditions.

    No, don't walk, from those folks.
  9. Re: Interesting questions you have been asked

    but seriously......

    I've never had a good answer to 'Why did that swarm cluster where it did?' (or similar)

    I tell them that perhaps another swarm clustered there in the past, and the scents...
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    Re: Yeah.... it's hot out here. (pic)

    here too
  11. Re: Does 5 Gallons of water and 50lbs of sugar sound about right for 1.1?

    water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon

    6 gallons = 50.04 pounds

    so use 6 gallons to 50 pounds of sugar

    or 42 pounds to 5 gallons

    or 33 pounds to 4 gallons
  12. Re: How do you move around 50 hives with a shoe string budget?

    May an 'old phart' offer some observations ?

    1) You did not state your age, but don't do long-term damage to your back by heaving full hives around. You may think you are young and invincible...
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    Re: New area for my hives Questions

    Find a paint store and ask them to save any 'mistakes'......wrong colors, bad tinting, etc for you; most will sell you their errors for what they have in it, to avoid both loss and disposal fees.
  14. Re: Capping spinners suitable for crushed comb pieces?

    As long as the load is distributed evenly and the capacity of the machine is not exceeded, what is the concern here ?

    wax mixed with honey = wax mixed with honey, no matter what the source
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    Re: Moving Hives

    My experience is that if you move it and lean a board against the front of the hive, so they have to go around the board and thus are clued-in that something is different, nearly all will re-orient...
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    Re: looking for lost swarms

    around here, it's generally old soft maple trees

    look for where branches have broken off flush with the trunk
  17. Re: Several Swarm Traps - Same Area - Deadlock?

    "The Bees check out and "vote" on all the prospective new homes. It takes time"

    especially if lawyer bees and judge bees get involved

    and heaven forbid any stuffed boxes or hanging chads
  18. Re: Hive inspection - is it important enough to pull all the frames?

    Just pull one of the frames on the sides

    Very carefully

    That gives room to slide the others over one at a time, no need to take them out if you are just doing a quick 'Is all OK?' check; you...
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    Re: First trap out - advice needed

    Are you using the genuine DuctSeal from IDEAL ?

    Some of the imitators don't have the repellant properties of the Real Thing.
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    Re: First trap out - advice needed

    Use DuctSeal®

    Most electrical supply places have it, it's a putty-like compound used to seal the ends of...
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    Re: Hail Mary stump

    Let it be a challenge to your ingenuity....
  22. Mother's Day swarm welcome sight UPDATE

    Got into it today and its totally filled with brood and honey

    Added a second deep, but going back in a day or two to make sure no swarm cells

    If there are, splitting it to three nucs

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    Re: Hail Mary stump

    Are you putting the mediums over the exposed portion of the colony ?

    If so, seal up tight around it, open up a top entrance, and then if there is no other entrance further down, drill as large a...
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    Re: Colorado Trip

    1) Mesa Verde

    2) The San Juan Loop: Cortez-Dolores-Rico-Telluride-Placerville-Ridgway-Ouray-Durango-Cortez

    3) Red Mountain Mining Road:

  25. Re: my version of a Cleo Hogan Trap opinions please.

    "didn't want to have to build a custom female piece on every trap out depending on angle of tree, wall, etc"

    If you carry a few 45's and 22-1/2's 'street' elbows (the kind that is female on one...
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